Does having unprotected sex automatically lead to HIV/AIDS infection?

Does having unprotected viginal sex with someone who has HIV positive mean that you are absolutely going to become infected? If no is the answer, what are the chances/percentage/probability to get infected and what are the things that increase the chances to get infected by having unprotected sex?

Response from Dr. Brondi Luciana

Dear Yuna,

The answer is NO, it is not sure you are getting HIV, but you are at risk. The chances of getting infected during one (1) single episode of unprotected vaginal sex is not very high, around 1 to 2 women in 1000 can get infected in this case.

Nevertheless, this chance can increase if the you have more sexual intercourses, or if the person are having sex with has a high number of virus in their genital secretions, how susceptible you are to HIV infection( depending on your resistance) and the virus type. Some factors can increase the chance of getting HIV during sexual intercourse:

  • Having a Sexually Transmitted Disease (either you or the HIV infected partner)
  • Not using condoms (like you said).
  • If you have bruises, ulcers or cuts in the genital tract or a cervical ectopy (some women have it)

Remember that having unprotected vaginal sex can also put you at risk of other Sexually Transmitted Infections as well and using a condom can help to protect against all these. So, it is better to be sensible and practice safe sex.

Response from Parkhurst Justin (D.Phil)

Dear Yuna,

Having unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive is risky but it does not mean you will absolutely get it from a single sex act. It is hard to say, however, what the chances are. The chance of infection is based on a number of things, including whether each person has any other sexually transmitted diseases (which can increase the chances of contracting HIV), whether the man is circumcised (which some studies have shown reduces the chances of the man contracting HIV), and also the amount of virus in the persons blood at the time of the infection. The amount of virus in the system (called the ‘viral load’) will change over time. When someone recently catches HIV, they have a lot of virus in their system, and are particularly infectious – the risk of transmission from a single sex act at this point is much higher than it might be at another time. This is why it is so risky to have multiple partners (like having 2 or 3 boyfriends or girlfriends). If the person catches HIV, they may be with other partners while their body has this high level of virus in the period after transmission. This means it can spread much more rapidly. So I can not give you a simple answer. Of course if you use a condom correctly at every time you have sex, you will greatly reduce the chances of infection. If people reduced the number of partners as well, this would help break up the networks which see HIV spread so much in many countries.


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  1. i think that there should be a law that oblige the porno web sites on line to have some sort of information on this subject they don’t care about this

  2. I completely disagree with Megan altogether, what does online porn have to do with AIDS? Anyone that does 10 seconds worth of actual research would learn that all people starring in a porn flick are tested on a regular basis; and that in the last decade of produced porn there has been only one porn related AIDS scare. This was due to 2 male actors that went overseas to star in a film, contracted the virus while there, then came back and continued with thier works while they were unaware of thier condition. When it was discovered that they were infected, the entire North American legal porn industry shut down for 5 months for extensive testing on all it’s union actors and actresses. So they don’t care about the AIDS issue? Could have fooled me. Here, I’ll do ya a favor and reword your post for you

    “i think that there should be a law that obligates (i assume this is the word you meant to use) the porno web sites on line to have some sort of information on this subject because i’m a fan of fascism and oppression and hate both porno itself and the first amendment (since that’s the RIGHT that i want this law to violate unfairly)”

    There ya go.

  3. I recently had unprotected sex with someone. Come to find out they have been H.I.V. positive for 5 years now. I also found out this person has been on medication for it for almost 5 years. How long should I wait to go and get tested? Does this mean I’m automatically going to be H.I.V. positive?

  4. Hi Craig, you can never be sure. I suggest you have an HIV test to get clearer results!

  5. hi i have sex with a girl without condom i am very much afraid …. it was only for 30 seconds and there was no complete sex …. i am very afraid that HIV spreads in such a little time or not …. plz do reply

  6. please help rock, i am in same situation. I had unprotected sex last week and her husband died 6 months back with some general disease, so I am suspecting that she might be HIV affectes and made me to. I went for PCR DNA test suggested by my counselor after 72 hours and waiting for result. This was my first ever intercource and which last for few seconds.
    I am having pain in my kidney and Urinating frequently.
    Please tell me
    1. If taking the PCR DNA test after 72 hr’s is ok as said by my counselor that in 99% after 72 they can detect but in websitesi found that after 28 days the PCR DNA test is 99% sure.
    2. What should be done for kidney pain as doc asked me to wait for 4 days for result to arrive.

  7. I recently made 1 minute sex with some one iam not sure if is Hiv or not.
    The person was really good bodied, and not seemed to have any weightloss.
    Iam really became very nervouse and even i cut the relationship after that night. Now i dont know what i do.
    What i need is the onle rsik of that single sex.
    Please if you have any idea please let me know right now.
    Cheers me

    • help both….
      I m also facing the same situation.
      how could we know only by seeing that a woman is Hiv infected or not..
      please Help…it was my 1st time…

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  8. Hey my PCR DNA report came negative but I am having flu and niddle like pain in kidney.
    Anyone anyidea on this

    • testis and kidneys are different n many indians call testes as kidneys in their slang..anyway it might be an infection..take analgesics n antibiotics from ur doctor

    • Hi , you may have chlamydia . I also had it and had very bad kidney pain and pain urinating. This can make you sterile if you do not get itecked out as soon as possible. Don’t worry it’s treatable.

  9. Is this active blog. Can I get help?

  10. I had unprotected sex on 24 Aug 2008 with one widow lady (my maid) (#worst mistake). I never had sex before in my life. This lasts for only 10 minutes (including oral from my side). Now I became afraid and got PCR DNA (Qualitative test) after 72 hours on 27 aug. I waited till 2 sep for my result it came negative. I took my maid too for test her Elisa for HIV1 & 2 both came negative. But from 27 Aug I started some pain in my lower abdomen and penis a needle like pain it wasn’t persistent not very high. It was a mild pain and I my urination frequency also increased. On 2nd sep I visited 1 doctor for STD checkup due to that little pain. He asked for urine analysis (microscopic examination and culture and sensitivity test). And gave me two medicine for Anxiety ( Trypomer – Amitriptyline Hydrochloride tab) and for pain in urine (Syrup Citralka – Disodium Hydrogen Citrate syrup). I gave my urine on 3rd sep for examination. Next morning on 4th I got very high fever and huge headache. I informed this to doctor he gave me 2 more medicines (Azithromycin antibiotic 500 mg for 3 night, dolo 400 mg morning and night for 3 days) and asked me to stop Trypomer as that was causing high Dizziness. I had continued fever till 7th sep 4 days) and I visited him in meantime on 6th sep with my urine analysis report , which came clean. He asked me to take 2 – 500mg of Azithromycin on 6th night as my fever was still there. He also added tablet Doxycyline (morning and evening for 7 days) ( Doxycycline Hyclate and Latic Acid Bacillus Capsules).I toll medicine and my fever was ok next morning on 7th Sep. Before 7th also I was passing motion (stool) little loose (easy) but once in a day. Now on 7th I passed 2 times and on 8th sep I passed more than 3 times. I was having nosia (vomiting sensation) and fatigue (this was there from the day fever started 4th sep). I called doctor again he asked me to take martozyl 400mg (for diarrhea). And he asked me to go for all STD blood test. Today is 9th Diarrhea and fatigue is still there, waiting for blood report.

    Is this is any STD or HIV ? Can these symptoms relate to something? What should be the next course of action. How long will be these sufferings?

    I don’t take drugs, alcohol etc.

  11. Raj, from what you say it looks like you contracted some STD. I think what you are experiencing are side effects of the drugs you were given. I hope your results come out well!

  12. Hi Lillian Thanks, MY STD test report on 10 sep came all negative (VDRL, TPHA, HB Ag) except HSV-II IgM came as 0.44. My doctor suspected that as I was on antibiotic that time the test is skewed. Its 5 weeks after exposure and now I am running with high back pain and serious pain in my kidneys and testicles. Today 1st oct I experienced huge pain while urinating though I am taking lot of fluid intake. Again I gave my blood test for (TPHA, VDRL, HSV-II IgG IgM, HB Ag and PCR DNA (qualitative). I dont know what to do. Should I change my doctor but then its not easy to expalin every one regarding these issues. Should I see some urologist too. My reports will come on 3rd.

  13. I had an unprotected sex with a girl who has HIV for about three rounds and would like to know if i will automatically have HIV?

    • malime micheal

      Ooh dear ,Terror you need to go for an HIV blood test for at list three times. At an interval of one month each time you go.
      However you may not or you may have got infected. But you stood a high risk of getting infected.

    • I sleep with an hiv girl with at least 3 rounds an now i am afraid am i affected?

  14. after 3 rounds? more then likely yes

  15. Sir/madam
    I am thirty five years old .I had sex with a man who had multiple sex partners two years back.We had sex for almost seven months from april to october each monthly twice. On december i tested for hiv.I turned negative.He said he is hiv negative too.Can i believe this result.We did not have contact later. I am married Is it safe to have sex with my husband.Waiting for your reply.

    • malime micheal

      Dear kutty,
      I be leave you must have thanked God,Other wise you need always to have protected sex with your men,this will help you to have protected sex.
      but there was need for you to go for HIV blood test before getting married.this would help you to know your status before having sex with your new man.

  16. hello, i want to know something i had a risky relation eith a trevesti whose job is prostitution, then 3 days afeter i took him to an elisa test and negative, after that i wait 3 weeks )20 days exactly) to make me a pcr dna qualitative test and receive negative should i be calm down now, i ask you this because i suffer of depression and taking my medications but i feel nearly to a crisis thenk you for your help

  17. helloo!!!

    i had sex with a prostitute 5days ago ,i was wearing a condom , will i get hiv pls help iam scared ,,,the very next day i got a flu ,today i feel better ,are they signs for hiv.. i dont think the condom broke ….pls help pls i am sooo scared


    • Dear sir/madam i had receive an oral sex from a gay 2 weeks ago whom i didn’t even know well. He put on condom to me, coz i even don’t know how to put on n it was dark too. I dont know was the condom used was perfect or not n it was dark , the place where it happen. Now i got fear on hiv/aids .can i be infective by a single oral sex which last for just 2 minute? Please send me reply on my email id

    • i too i also scared

    • I Had Unprotected Sex With Somebody Whome I Dont Her Status But Later After 2month I Realised Severe Headache & Cough And Flue I Went To Test For Hiv Blood Test It Was Rct Negative , Malaria Was Not Also There & Typhod As Well But I Stil Have Cough And Skin Ache Which Constant What Cud It Be Help Pliz.

  18. my questions may look childish but iam very serious

  19. I had unprotected sex for about 2 minutes with a girl that has HIV. does anyone know the odds of me having it?
    i also gave her oral

  20. had unprotected sex with a guy 2 months ago and now he tells me that he tested positive.what are my chances.really afraid to get tested

  21. Chrisitan Myers

    If you have sex with a person that has HIV, it doesn’t mean that you will catch the disease. Having unprotected sex with a person that is aware they have the virus and have been taking their meds is much safer then having sex with a random person that claims they don’t have HIV, and very well may have it. Studies show that people that have sex with HIV aware people have a lower chance at EVER catching HIV, then a person that has unprotected sex in general.



  24. i have sex with one of my student.Know i got some pain in my pennis.Tell me what it could be i am afraid.This is first time i did.She is my first lady

  25. i recently had sex with someone who has plently of partners and he didnt use a condom with me but he also didnt finish in me but i feel terrible because i was drunk and i feel its the worst thing i had ever done in my life, and now im scared so is there a chance of anything?

    • Hey! I know your post is from 2 years ago, but I am actually going through the same thing right now. I recently had unprotected sex with someone while I was drunk, and I know he has had multiple partners. Just as in your story, he didn’t finish. I felt terrible the next day so I asked him if he was clean (which I should have done in the first place) and he said yes. I’m still scared though and always paranoid about my health. Did everything turn out okay for you?

      • I see that these posts were from long ago, but I’ve done the same thing. I was at a bar, got drunk, don’t know what happened, remixer this guy was on top of me and we were having sex. I told him to get off me. I started freaking out, and I asked him if I should be worried about STDs or any diseases. He said no, but I’m so worried. Can u guys give me any feedback of whats been happening since ur buyers incident?

  26. i had unprotected sex and after that one hrs times took antibotics tablet.i want to know if this will help me stopn any infection.pls advices.

  27. My girlfriend did a terrible thing behind my back and performed oral sex on a guy who claims to be disease free. She told me he ejaculated in her mouth and she immediately spit it out.. The question is about a half hour earlier, she accidentally bit the side of her cheek that created a cheek sore. Should she be concerned about catching anything such as hiv.

    As far as I know. The sore she has on her cheek from her accidental bit did not bleed when it happened. Thanks for your help.

  28. think you should let medical doctors answer most of the questions

  29. i’ve had unprotected sex with 2 boys….both of them not infected.
    but during my intial times i felt dry and friction was created.
    is there any chance that i’ll get aids ????
    please please help me !

  30. 2 weeks ago I had unprotected anal sex with an uncircumcised person. I recieved a message from that person telling me about a positive HIV diagnosis they just found out. How likely am I to be infected if he did not discharge?

  31. Feeling all alone

    I was sexually involved with this man for 2 years. On Dec 2005, I learned he was full blown AIDS. He was at death door. I have tested negative for HIV since 2005. What are the chances in the future that I might be positive since all my tests have been negative? I’ve also met this great guy. We have been involved for a year now. I just told him. Is there a chance that I am a carrier and I gave him HIV? I really don’t want to lose him.

    • Feeling all alone,
      There is a very very good chance that you are a carrier. HIV is a hidden virous if it is disable in your body, that’s why your body cannot show it. If I were you I would be honest with the guy and make him aware about the situation;therfor, there is this chance for him to have protected sex with you and you both enjoy, however there is this possibility for you to loose him because of his lack of interest towards you.
      one more thing you can do to avoid all misundrestandings is to make an appointment with your family doctor about this particular situation and then letting the doctor aware your b/f of the situation ,and how low his risk will be with you having unprotected oral sex and protected formal sex with you.


  32. I had three unprotected sex with a girl when i was 17 and she was 19. now i’m 24 and still healthy, never had any problem. am I at low risk?

  33. i have never had unprotected sex, however, i had oral sex as the insertive patner four times, but i am quite sure my partners had no bleeding gums or sores in their mouth. i also was the receptive partner once for about 10 or so seconds and on another occasion i just licked around the penis. I also had a completely non casual contact(no sex) just kissing and licking with another guy. problem is i suspect he is a drug user.I am scared of going for a HIV test. I tested negative last year. what are my chances for having HIV?

  34. I had unprotected anal sex with a HIV + guy, just once! How likely am I to become HIV +???

    • you should get an HIV test but don’t be afraid because If he is taking it’s medicine you should be fine SO NEXT TIME YOU HAVE SEX WITH SOMEBODY TAKE CARE OF YOU’RE SELF USE A CONDOM OR MAKE SURE THE OTHER PERSON IS CLEAN

  35. Hi everyone I’m a little CONCERN because on2004 I had SEX with my best friends GIRLFRIEND and the night we had SEX I asked her if she ever had sex with my BEST FRIEND and she said NO and then I asked her if she was VIRGIN and she said YES so we had UNPROTECTED SEX TWO TIMES and after a few days I went to my friends house and I asked HIM if he ever had sex with it’s GIRLFRIEND (THE GIRL I HAD SEX WITH TWICE) and he told me that he actually did MANY TIMES and I got freaked out because he has SEX WITH ALL THE GIRLS HE CAN so after 7 months I GOT MARRIED with a lovely GIRL and after having sex for more than a year she started to have an INFECTION and BACK PAIN and me I feel VERY HEALTHY


  36. what does 3 rounds mean

  37. i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend was just for around 3o seconds….
    about 3 months back i knew her very well….she didn’t have hiv neither i do have any disease coz we both were virgins and this was our first time……
    could i be hiv positive

  38. Sorry to hear about so many fears and misconception about the risks.IT’s around 1 in 1,000 for woman and 1 in 2,000 for vaginal,oral etc. so woman are twice as likely to get infected than woman.Did much research on this but when you have anal sex it’s like 1 in 34 if your receiving it’s 1 in4..So woman please make the men wear a condom and gay men please always wear a condom.Not saying aids is a gay disease but obviously it much more riskier..Sorry to hear som many young people having vaginal intercourseand are so worried about hiv exposure when their risk is very low.But please wear a condom unless you both are negative and are in a monogomus relationship.I have had sex with many woman and not worn a condom never had any symptoms ie,flu like symptoms,wasting,sores etc.Anyways tested negative thank God but stay away from anal sex even with a condom it’s just not worth the risk period..Unless your both are negative and just have to..I am not a DR. but just knowledgeable about this and wanted to share my thoughts.I got my test from the local drug store and it was anonmous had my results emailed to me and like I SAID NEGATIVE.It was such a relief to get that and didnt have sex for a longtime so there was doubt about the results.Well worth the approx.40 bucks.Than you have that info to show your partner.Anyways hope my input is worth something to someone sorry to hear so much stress about it sex can be scary thing no a days.. wrap that penis if your going to sleep with venus.Remember ladies your twice as likely to get infected than men.Also gay men really have to be cautious due to the risk..thanks for reading this announcement..


  39. Is it possible to test pos elisa and NOT carry the virus? Testing pos on elisa just means that there are antibodies ready to put up a fight…right? I tested pos elisa2x and neg western 2x blot and will retake.
    No symtoms. I am low risk, (hetero, no drugs) Only took the test bc a friend wanted me too.

    So is it possible I was exposed but not infected.

    • Having the antibodies means youve been exposed to the virus and your body is attacking the virus.It doesnt mean you have aids but are at risk.You stated you had tested twice to the antibodies and negative so it could be a false positive or negative only a health care professional can make it for certain.Meanwhile I would be taking vitamain c but not over do it.People who are exposed early on can beat it with high dosage of vitamin c.I use to be a first responder and if they are exposed to blood or poked with a nedle thats what they do.Give a serious of vitamin c and treatment.I am sorry to hear about your struggle but definitely see a dr.if you are positve medical science is better than ever than to treat and cure aids.I had a friend who married a guy and six months later ne died of aids.She tested positive but got proper treatment and never developed aids and is negative remarried and now has a baby.The human body was designed to fight these nasty viruses off natarualy.I whish you the best and pray that you dont have it and get good news that is was a false positve or get early treatment and dont get infected.Best whishes..

  40. can the H1N1 shot have anything to do with fooling or creating antibodies?

    also, my biggest exposure was a few years ago in Brazil when the condom broke inside the girl I was with. I did not know her…and never got tested.
    Is it possible my body created the antibodies at that time and they’ve been with me ever since?

    thanks for the reply chris.

  41. Have you had the h1n1 shot?I had the vaccine for hepatitus my dr told me that you could get a false positve from the vaccine.It’s possible Cris the incident you desribed with the brazilian girl sounds minimal exposure evan if she was positive the risk is like 1 in 200,000 for a girl it’s twice as likely 1 in 100,000.Unless were talking anal sex which is 1 in 43 for the top 1 in 24 for the bottom.You didnt say it was anal sex so I assuming it was vaginal.I knbow Brazil has a high rate for hiv in their porn industry and citizens due to unprotected anal sex.I cant stress this enough to everyone anal sex is so risky it’s not worth it period.My advice Cris is to follow up with the test and seek advice from a physician.I’ll be honest I have done risky behavior in the past unprotected anal sex with live in girlfriend and exwife.I got tested in 07 havent any sex prior to that at least 6 months and was negative.I have had unprotected vaginal sex but never anal sex since the test it’s too much of a risk!!I suggest more testing and protected sex until you know for sure..

  42. Yes I had the H1N1 shot about 7 weeks ago…..

    The anxiety is eating me up. I cant focus on much else…I am usually a very outgoing, positive cheerful person but I have been heavly depressed and people are beginning to notice. Sometimes I feel like all is good…and other times I keep thinking what if….

    I never would have got this test….no symptoms…and no reason too, except recent unprotected sex with a girl who I know pretty well….and who has 2 kids. But an old gf is in town and she wanted me to get the test ……so I did. I did the online test… came back elisa pos western blot neg. The next morning I went to a local clinic…and tested neg. That same day I went to a physician and tested elisa pos western blot undet…..(no hiv proteins found).

    Thanks again for your replies…they do help some.

  43. Cris I think u may have been exposed and your body fought off the virus.Having antibodies meens you were exposed and your body fought off the virus.Could be a good thing meaning you may have developed an immunity to the virus.I had a cousin got h1n1 fought it off now he has the antibodies.The dr said now he has the antibodies and wont get reinfected again unless it mutates and he is rexposed to a new strain.If you were negative at a clinic a medical clinic i would think they would have the best test adminastred compared to an homekit test that sounds like you used the first time.I would follow up at that clinic or your dr.and go with their advice or results compared to a private company selling homekits.Think about the clinic has a huge responsibility civilly to adminster the best test to protrect the patient and future partners.So does the private company to give the best test possible.I am sure your going through a stressful time but it’s helping your health and immune system.I HOPE Cris that this halps and you get good news..

  44. ….thanks again for your words….

    I was thinking the clinics are as good as a physicians office since they do receive federal/state $ and do have a HUGE responsibility to the community. I am a pretty healthy person….always eat healthy, exercise, dont drink too much.

    But is it common for one to be exposed to HIV, develop the antibodies…but not carry the virus.??? I guess this would depend on the health of the individual, the strain of the virus, etc.

    I have told only 1 person; my roommate, who is actually a counselor….he has been there for me..thank God.

    The initial test was not an at home test. I ordered an appt online and went to a lab…they took my blood and a “doctor” called me saying I was hiv+..even though the western blot was neg and no hiv proteins were found.

  45. Cris I have found some good news on Anyways the elisa test is faulted and can give false positives maybe on to something with h1n1 shot.Can you imagine if that gives false positives for hiv.Many thank that h1n1 and hiv are created crisis by govts.Ok enough of conspiray theories.The western blot test is the gold standard in the health industry you stated you tested neg.2x’s with that test.Well I would accept that test over the elisa test due to false positive for hiv and negative when your positive sounds like a coin toss with those tests.Go to the webside read it just enter the address above or elisa test pos. western blot neg. and see I think it will ease your mind.I am sure the exgirlfriend would be skeptical and your probably not get some bro.But if you were neg.with the western blot the gold standard in the med industry.Than I would go with that results.Trust me if you hiv positive the health dept would be calling and all kinds of drama.I have friends who went through that.Good luck and again hope this makes a differance…Chris.

  46. Ok reading on that website mentioned above is that in 1991 the flu vaccination shots gave false positives using the elisa test.So they would follow up with the western test and find that it’s negative.The elisa test was designed to screen blood for hospitals etc.Many false positives were detected following up with another elisa test a few weeks later discovered a negative.I dont believe your positive due to the western being negative.Check out that site vary informative and thanks for this education on this topic and a warning to people using rapid tests getting a false positive due to h1n1 or flu vaccine or allergy shots or etc…Always get a second test/opinion before making any irrational decisions like suicide.Thats my biggest fear is someone taking their life due to this test and it was a false positive or being positive and not getting treatment that can treat/cure hiv/aids…

  47. Get a second opinion I believe if the western was negative than hiv antibodies are not present.I definitely have found cases similar to this resulting in false positives dr’s telling patients they are positive and later found they were negative and sued and won malpratice suits..Good thing that person got second opinion and that dr found fault with that incident..I am not an md or claim to be just informed and question the sytems in detection of hiv and other diseases.When their seems to be some inaccuracies and fda approved.1 in 100 false positives is just unacceptable..Hope they just get a vacine and cure soon..My heart goes out to the people suffering from this illness and the strees of testing process…

  48. Ihad a unprotected sex with h.i.v.positive last 6 days the exposure just last less than one minute and we are all standing and we did it shap shap because we are fearing coming of someone in my whole life ihave never had sex outside my family the way the sex took place is like this my dick is just stand when i approache the vagina and put just the circle and released ithink is just last under 30 seconds what are the chances of contracting H.I.V ?

  49. I had say minimal if you look at it statisticly.I believe it’s around 1 in 200,000 if shes hiv positive.How do you know that she is for sure did she tell you or are assuming.You didnt have sex vary long and you didnt ejaculate.Hiv does live in the vagina and saliva but it’s a minumul exposure,but are at risck of others like gonareah,syphlis,herpes,warts these you can aquire even at a vary quick exposure.Are you circumsized?Circumsized men are less likely to get infected as well it helps prevent bactaria,germs,aquiring on foreskin,etc.Google the statistics for your self.In the future be more cautious and wear a condom mate..

    • im worryed i was in the same sititutation having sex an the condom brook then geting to find out she is hiv positive tel me wats my chances christ an im not circumcise

  50. anytime you have unprotected sex with some one you don’t know well. you put your self at risk. if the the person is taking there meds and is undetectable your chance of getting infected is lower but there still a chance . having sex with some once unprotected does not mean you will get it but does not mean you might not. know your stats if u like to have unprotected sex and having oral sex i believe if you have a cut in your mouth and may you dental hygiene is not good then yes your at risk also not every one with HIV looks the way you might think some dont like sick or anything . so what i trying to say all ways use protection and get tested the faster you know the better. the meds to fight Hiv has improved alot and you can live a happy and productive life .

  51. hi im gay and i want to know what happen if you having sex with guy and you cum on him when you having sex with him

    • Well cum can have hiv but you would have to cum on his cut or open source of some way to enter into the bloodstream. The human skin is s great barrier for protecting the human body against diseases.The risk would be minimal if you were hiv + but it still has some risk.If you were +..Hope this helps you question was somewhat vague..

  52. I’ve had unprotected sex with HIV+ girl once and with condom once for a short period of time, there was kissing. After some time, i have gone to test for hiv and i am negative. i have a practice to be tested every 3 months and i have been always neg till that moment.I told everything for the physician. and he gave me hiv treatment medicine that must be taken for 28 days at the time of 44hrs after the sex and i have started it soon. and i am taking it. I am sorry that how much is the probability to be infected by HIV. How much is the probability of the medicine to cure me?

  53. Well after multiple times testing negative my guess is that you are.The tests are vary accurate now can test the antibodies really quickly within a few weeks.The series or drugs for exposure to hiv is really good being a first responder copc,firefighters,paramedics,nurses,dr’s.Take this if there is an exposure.The work really well.Statisticlly for men it’s 1 in 200,000 for risk of hiv for one expsosure but the risk goes up if your uncircumcised have a sore or anything like that or if she does or has her period.I understand you concern only your health care provider can truly answer all your concerns but if you tested negative multiple times in the past few months i say things are looking pretty good.Good luck if the test comes negative again than you are quit stressing over it and thank God you avoided that bullet..You didnt state how you found out she was positive or how long before you took the meds.TTYL.Chris.

    • no sore. i’m circumcised before 25 yrs. she is not in her period. i have obliged her to be tested soon after we make sex in the next day.

      • Well having been circumsized and one exposure reduces you risk tremendously google it for yourself..Good luck mate..

  54. im a heterosexual male on June 11th2010 I slept with a girl, a one night stand (unprotected) and she phoned me 1month in a half after we had slept together and told me she tested positive! So I went down to the clinic and tested negative for everything !!! My 3 month test will be mid september !!! Im circumsized and Im very worried !!! In April of 2010 All my STD tests came back negative !!! I did test positive for Mono though and my Mono syptoms have never really left and the Mono symptoms are much like HIV symptoms !!! what are my chances do most people test negative after 6 weeks !!! If some one would please give me some helpful advice I would appreciate it !!!

  55. Sorry to hear about the situation.The currently Hiv test are vary good.They can detect the antibodies within a few weeks.So I say it’s looking pretty good you are ok I know you wont relax or calm down from my own experience.Statiscly it’s like 1 in 200,000 to get it per exposure from female to male and 1 in 100,000 for male to female.Check the statistics for yourself.You didnt say you had anal sex than goes ways down to 1 in 43 chance yes anal sex is vary risky.That is why it’s transmitted so frequent between gay men.Also pornstars who do gangbang and lots of anal.I am not saying hiv/aids is a gay disease but it increases it dramiticlly for the receiver partner it goes evan more to 1 in 34.As far as mono symtoms you said you had mono but you are vary stressed right now and that will make you immune system weaker.I have heard of pornstars doing a hardcore seen and doing there monthly testing test positive so it can show up in a few weeks after what they call the incubation period.I would follow up at 90 days than 6 months to be sure.I think looking at the statistics and that you tested negative after 6 weeks is a good sign.Just try and be calm and get through this and count your blessings and have safe sex or know your partners status..I whish you the best and God Bless..Chris

  56. Ive never had so much stress my mom has cancer and is going threw radiation and now this !!! Im guessing stress and hiv have simular symptoms !!! the thing that worries me is the girl that had hiv tested inconclusive after 3 weeks of being with me which makes me think that the virus was strong in her !!! ive heard statistically that most people show up positive after 25 days of exposure is this true (if they do have HIV) ??? I really appreciate the feedback because I have no one really to talk to !!! Thanks Chris and God bless to you !!!

  57. Ok B so she was inconclusive not positive.So there could also be a chance that she is negative also or is going into the incubation stage of getting the antibodies.If you read my other post you can research this through wikipedia and other info that if a person has had a flu shot recently or swine flu shot it could cause a false positive.Makes you wander whats in those flu shots maybe ask her if she had one .I refuse all vaccines they are unsafe in my opinion.Sorry to here about your Mom battling cancer definitely pray for her for a quick recovery.Be sure to google what I said about flu shots etc causung false hiv positives.Try the home testing kits they cost around 50 bucks ate rite high school pharmacy thats what I did and they are vary accurate.Now I know for sure I am negative and my friend with benefits is also negative it really gives some peace of mind.

  58. Home > Prevention > Ask HIV InSite

    My partner’s HIV test was inconclusive. What does this mean?

    Answered by Nicolas Sheon, HIV InSite Prevention Editor


    I took an HIV test in June which came back negative. Recently I started a new relationship and after two espisodes of the condom busting we both decided to get tested. His test came back unconclusive. What does this mean? He has to take the test again in 90 days.


    The term “indeterminate” is used more commonly. An indeterminate test means that your partner probably had one or more reactive ELISA tests. Whenever this happens the ELISA’s are then confirmed with a Western blot test. As you see in the diagram below, the different results of a Western Blot depend on the lab technician’s interpretation of how visible the bands corresponding to each HIV antibody are.

    Some people have an indeterminate result for reasons that are unrelated to HIV infection and these are outlined in the CDC fact sheet I have quoted below. However, having an indeterminate result may mean that your partner is in the process of developing antibodies to HIV, i.e. still in, or just coming out of the window period.”

    If you or your partner has had unprotected sex or shared needles with anyone else in the last few months, he should get tested using alternative testing method. I would recommend that your partner see a doctor and get a viral load test and a p24 antigen test as soon as possible. If these test results are undetectable, repeat the antibody test in 3 months as planned.

    Since you have been potentially exposed to HIV through your partner, assuming he may test positive in the next few months, you should also get tested. The sooner both of you know, the better, both in terms of prevention and treatment.

    Q. What does one do if a test result is “indeterminate?” What causes this?

    A. The term “indeterminate” relative to HIV testing usually refers to the HIV antibody Western blot assay. The HIV antibody Western blot assay is used on two or more specimens found to be reactive by an HIV antibody EIA screening assay. (6) Persons who are not at high risk for HIV infection and do not have symptoms, and yet continue to test indeterminate, usually have a very low probability of being infected with HIV. (7) There are many possible reasons for an indeterminate HIV antibody Western blot assay. Some of these reasons might be:

    Prior blood transfusions, even with non-HIV-1 infected blood

    Prior or current infection with syphilis.

    Prior or current infection with malaria parasites.

    Autoimmune disease (e.g. diabetes, Grave’s disease, etc.).

    Infection with other human retroviruses (e.g., HIV-2, HTLV I/II).

    Association with “large animals.” Animal trainers and veterinarians are sometimes exposed to viruses which do not cause human disease but may interfere with HIV antibody tests.

    Second or subsequent pregnancies in women.

    Whether or not persons who test HIV antibody Western blot indeterminate should be retested depends upon their clinical presentation at the time of testing and what risk factors are present for infection. If a person has an indeterminate Western blot assay for HIV-1, several things can be done. These include:

    Run an alternate HIV antibody “confirmatory” assay on the indeterminate HIV antibody Western blot specimen. The FDA has approved an HIV antibody IFA (immunofluorescent assay) procedure as an equivalent confirmatory test to the HIV antibody Western blot.

    Consider running antibody tests for other human retroviruses (HTLV I/II and HIV-2).

    Run tests to identify the presence of the virus. These tests could include HIV DNA PCR, HIV p24 antigen, and HIV culture.

    Re-test at 3-month intervals for 6 months.

    Q. What is meant by a stable indeterminate result?

    A. “Stable indeterminate” is a term used to describe a situation in which an individual consistently tests indeterminate 6 months or longer from their last possible exposure. The person should be considered HIV negative unless clinical conditions determine otherwise.

  59. I appreciate the great advice Chris !!! Also the prayers for my mom !!! Thing Ive also been trying to find about hiv that I cannot find anywhere is if she came back indeterminate after 3 weeks of being with me and then showed up positive a week after can HIV be passed on if it is indeterminate ??? I enjoy reading your advice if you have facebook you should add me !!! thxs B

  60. Thanks for the invite B.The question to your answer is yes,a person in the developmental stage can.It’s hard to say the risks for sure like viral load etc..Keep in mind I am not a health care provider but a certified first responder.I know there is drugs you can take if you believe you are exposed and most recommend high doses of vitamin c.Did she have partners after you during this time?I have heard of a pornstar doing a large anal gang bang scene and she tested positive only a few of the male actors came infected and thats real risky behavior.It’s a weird disease to try and predict but serious one time sex with a possible positve is low risk.But still one in 200,000 is just that one time you can or not at all with many exposures.Put to you this way I saw a documentary in Africa 60 minuts on hiv stats.Well they interviewed this couple who was pregnant she tested positive.He didnt so figure that one obviously they are married having sex many times he doesnt get it.So think and believe your negative and unless otherwise you test positive.Ok so try and get through this difficult time..

  61. well thanks alot for your advice !!! I hope everything goes well !!! Im a little scared to go back in the next couple weeks but I know I have to sometimes the anticipation of death is worse than death itself !!! I know that sounds bad and for all i know Im negative but for some reason I have read some information that puts my chances down !!! Such as the size of her flow and the fact that she had just been infected by it !!! I hope for the best and if you have anyother information I might like to look into you can e-mail it to me and It would be greatfully appreciated thxs Chris !!!

  62. Well B in my opinion 6 weeks is enough time to test positive i would be really worried if of course I was positive or inconclusive.Yeah when someone is recently infetced the viral load can be much hire and she wasnt taking meds.In regards to her flow was she menstrating when u had sex?I would just be a liitle leaning u might be negative vs u might be positive understand?.Aids is not an easy disease to transmit as most people think.It doesnt live outside the body vary long at all.Honestly straight guy/girl vagina sex is vary low risk.Evan oral sex is less riskier yes some hiv can be in semen and vaginal fluid.But statisticly it’s vary unlikely unless I mentioned you had anal sex with her.I;ve seen case between gay men one had hiv other negative and had many unprotected encounters and it wasnt transmitted.This was a study done in San Francisco.Again not saying hiv/aids is a gay disease but it does put you more at risk.Check the statistics of new cases in your area.Most likely high percentage gay men..Try the home testing kit I recomended vary acurate 99.9% it’s 50 bucks it’s even anonomous.I think the more testing you do obviously will help your emotions.I would do it every 30 days out to 90 after that if your test is negative.Than that is what u are.I just hate to see that your negative put yourself through the worse time of your life etc..It’s called aids phobia and people just assume the worse and evan when they test negative the continue the testing over and over again.I feel your going to be ok and in a few weeks you’ll update us with good news and be able to help others educate,etc..Take care.TTYL.CHRIS

  63. When Should I Be Tested?

    After a possible HIV exposure:

    An HIV test will not detect the presence of the HIV virus immediately after exposure. Statistics show that 96% (perhaps higher) of all infected individuals will test positive within 2 to 12 weeks.

  64. hey chris my ex girlfriend and me were hooking up she came to visit me and she missed her period her breasts are growing ,,, she is aware of my scare with hiv and thinks im crazy and over reacting !!! but are those symptoms of hiv i know its symptoms of being pregnant but are the two related ??? I really appreciate the advice and think that everything is allright but know you can see my life is a bit of a nightmare and im out of town for work and shes living at my house etc etc and ya shes dealing with that !!! very hard but i have no one to talk to all my friends dont listen or are very judgemental??? thxs

  65. and no the girl was not mensturating but i rarely have seen a girl come that much which freaks me out :S

  66. Hey,B no thats a symptom of hiv at all.Swelled breasts,missing period,possiblilty of a pregnancy maybe have her take a pregnancy test to be sure.But yeah to asnwer your question not a sign at all,hiv symptoms swollen glands,severe diahria , severe flu like symptoms.I mean you get really sick for several days.Some dont develop any symptoms but usually severe sickness signs occure.I think you should relax some and take heed to your girls advice.Sounds like a keeper to me.Take care..

  67. phheeeew and ya her pee test ended up showing positive for pregnancy !!! And dealing with HIV wooow do you have any advice for me on how to deal with this stress ???

  68. hey Chris one last question ,,, If your a male with HIV i heard its hard to get a women pregnant which would be good for me in a sence considering my girlfriend is !!! Do you know much about this ??? thxs B

  69. No hiv will not affect your ability to get a girl pregnant or a girl to become pregnant.There is drugs that a mother can take that will not transmit hiv to the baby.I know they are using the drugs in countries like Africa.They adminaster the drug before birth and mother will not transmit hiv to the baby.Have you thought about the idea of home testing kits?TTYL.CHRIS.

  70. hey chris this is what i read : Are women more likely to get HIV than men? … A man with HIV can get a woman pregnant. A man’s ability to cause pregnancy may be somewhat reduced if he has HIV. Still, a couple that wants to avoid pregnancy needs to use family planning.

    and ya i live in Canada so healthcare is free i dont think i would need to go payfor a kit !!! I dont think i would be able to deal with bad news by myself either :S !!! what do you think about that sentence up there is that true or no ??? I might think about the kit system how does it work ????

    • christ um so scared i had sex with an girl recently the comdom brook an she told me she is hiv positive wat should i do only one time i had sex wid her an im not circumcise but i did ejaculate in her but as soon i finish an notice the condom brook i wash my penis off with soup an wash it but yet i notice an bruse whts my chances of geting infected

      • Well had to say exactly but would estimate the same as others at 1 in 200,000 for a first time brief exposure.It would be a lower risk if you were circumcised.But you said you washed off your penis quickly so that helps.I would get tested to be sure and keep wearing condoms and be safe..Chris

      • Hey Anonymous,
        Have been going through the stories on this site and am sure they are really encouraging most people.Am really sorry what happened and me too am in the same situation as you.My story is i have this girlfriend we are serious together.
        There was one time that we got drunk and had un-protected sex……..we later decide to go for a hiv test a month later after our un-protected sex to find out she was postive………you can imagine the shock i was in been just 23 n her 28.
        My test came out negative but waiting for my Elisa test results comes Friday 6th Jan.I just want to know how your situation went so to put myself in your shoes.We did just some oral and vaginal sex for about 2minuets and am circumcised.

  71. hey chris this is what i read : Are women more likely to get HIV than men? … A man with HIV can get a woman pregnant. A man’s ability to cause pregnancy may be somewhat reduced if he has HIV. Still, a couple that wants to avoid pregnancy needs to use family planning. …..
    and ya i live in Canada so healthcare is free i dont think i would need to go payfor a kit !!! I dont think i would be able to deal with bad news by myself either :S !!! what do you think about that sentence up there is that true or no ??? I might think about the kit system how does it work ????

  72. Yeah the above statistics is my post that a woman is twice as likely to get hiv tha men.Makes sense because obviously the opening of the vagina is a lot large than a mans peehole.It’s like i sad 1in 200,00 for men and 1in 100,000 for woman. Evan better odds to not get hiv if you are circumsized due to hygiene etc.I only suggested the home kits for some privacy issues etc.The are vary indescrete and like 50 us dollors at the local pharmacy.Also they are 99.9% accurate.I would suggest doing one than a follow up 30 60 90 days.They say up to 6 months but those kits are so accurate and they can detect antibodies in a few weeks.Thats why I think your ok since you already tested neg at 6+ weeks.But need to safe and make sure and do some more tests.What did your health care provider tell ya?

  73. my dr told me to get checked at 90 days and after that i should be good…. he thinks im safe now but wants to make sure !!! But what that article said was that men have a hard time getting a women pregnant whom have hiv have you not heard that am i wrong ??? and ya i might get the home kit do you have to take your own blood how does it work ??

  74. Yeah I have never hear of hiv affecting reproduction.Frankly look at Africa with all the babies born to hiv parents.So my answer would be no on that one.The kit is simple it has all the needed stuff a liitle poker like diabitics use to prick your finger and than you put the blood on a card and mail it.Than a lab checks it you get a receipt than after a few days you call the # and get ur results.I’ll be hoest it’s nerve racking but than you can hace your results emailed to you and have a copy that you are indeed negative.So now that I know my status is negative i have my girlfriend have it done to so we both know for sure.I think it’s great..Well your Dr. sounds pretty hopeful about the testing it’s just so accurate and they can detect those antibodies within as little as 2 weeks..

  75. your advice and good vibes have done alot of help for me !!! I really appreciate your time going threw some of my questions because last week my mind was in a maze it still is but ive calmed down alot !!! Im to nervouse to go get the test done right now,,, i think ill wait a little bit and when the time is right go and get my blood work done !!! if you run into anything else i might be interested in give me a message… thxs B

  76. Your welcom B maybe in the future you will be able to help people too with this experience.Like pay it forward.I whish the best and believe everything will be ok.Like I said the home test are a good alternative maybe wait a few weeks get it done and it will close the window of doubt..take care,Chris..

  77. its weird now that my stress has settled down im starting to feel better more energy at work and having better sleeps its nice to feel some relief !!! And yeah I will help people as well thats the way the world should work pay it forward !!!

  78. hey Chris I was gonna ask u another question,,, The girl that I was exposed with I asked her if they started her treatment and medication yet and she told me that her HIV level in her blood is very low and that they arent going to give her medication untill it starts spreading more is this a good sign for me ??? or does it even matter ???

  79. I would say B that’s is good because it means her viral count is low.Less risk/exposure.If her viral load was really high than the risk is increase so that is a good thing.It also could be good for her on her treatment etc.Since she can start immediate treatment sometimes some people just kick it on their own.The human body was designed quite well and can fight off viruses on their own.I would suggest she eat a healty diet have plenty of vitamin c.I know this co worker her husband died of aids and she had it for a bit now she has noe traceble hiv aids.She now is remarried has a child and everything is fine.I hope info helps..Chris..

  80. if her viral level was high would they start medicine and treatment rate away thxs chris

  81. Yeah if her viral count was high she would be really sick and have developed aids not just hiv.She would be in a bad state.I would think they would start her on treatment etc so she could get better and healthy and maybe evan kick the virus.I guess that social health care for you.

  82. so… when you first contract HIV your viral load would be low ??? and if you are unaware of Hiv and you go months or years without getting checked in the meanwhile your viral load would higher and higher with time not treating it???

  83. Basiclly yes it rises as you become more infected but remember it is lowered or stabalized through medicine,treatment..So some infected many years ago could have a lowered viral through their medication.Als medicine technology is always advancing I believe as well as others a cure sometime soon.I know vitamin c/homeopathic treatment can fight off the infection or slow it down..

    • i had sex with a girl and the condom broke… the next day i found out the she is hiv carrier, i want to know whats the chance of me getting it please help

  84. well chris im goin to the clinic next friday,,, that will be just under 90 days !!! Give me a prayer if u can spare thxs for your help and advice !!! B

  85. I just did B.I pray it will be ok and than u can help others also..I pray you have a healthy baby and a happy life bro..

  86. thxs alot my man muchly appreciated !!! Im starting to feel better for sure !!! Ill keep you posted !!!

  87. Over 3 months ago I did somethin very stupid. I had protected sex with a sex worker two nights in a row for a prolonged time. This happened after me and my wife splitting up. I have been very stressed about the divorce and have high anxiety about a std. I have had syptoms but i know syptoms do not mean anything. I smoke about three packs a day and drink about half a case a night. I also recently got put on wellbutrin because of my divorce. My symptoms which have happened more than 100 days after possible exposer have been mild fever, soft stool (I think caused mainly by the beer I drink) and muscle pain all over. Can someone tell me how risky my exposure was and weather or not i should just move on? I think most of my problems are stress and anxiety related over my divorce… Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

  88. Well you wore a condom so the risk is probably low.I would recomend a hiv/std test.Well drinking that much and taking anti depressants are a bad idea.Also the smoking so much plus the stress is a dangerous recipe indeed.Try cutting back some, the symptoms could be the meds check if those are some side affects..But would recomend a check for std’s just to be safe and put you at ease.Good you used a condom reduces the risks dramaticly but still some risk.Sorry to hear about divorce but sex worker not a good choice.Well good luck and hope you take it easy some bro..TTYL..CHRIS.

  89. Hey Joey, If you got tested 3 months after your exposure and you didnt know she had it your chances are more than likely good you have a 98 % chance of not havng it and thats if she even had it more than likely she didnt!!! See I slept with a girl HIV positive almost 3 months ago my first test came up negative after 6 weeks,,, I have to go get my 3 month this friday and ive heard my chances are pretty good !!! As for symptoms I started freaking out I read everything and took it to heart and thought I had it for sure,,, I drank booze and didnt eat for 2 months after finding out the girl had hiv,,, I was soooo sick man I had sore throat diahrea i couldnt eat I was pretty much fucked i was drinkin about a 26 of jack and a case a night ,,,maybe eat a piece of pizza once a day… I smoked and smoked couldnt stop… As of right now i havent had a drink in 3 weeks im starting to eat again and all those symptoms as i said i thought i had have gone away !!! I thought for sure I had it no if ands or buts but now im thimkin it was all in my head !!! not sayin go sleep with girls because you dont have hiv and the risks for heterosexual males isnt high !!! But as far as im concerned the symptoms you think your having is the booze, the stress and the smokes !!! I gurantee your fine I hope that helped a bit

  90. oh ya and it was protected ??? your laughing I wish I could say the same,,, But never again will i ever sleep with a random girl unprotected again in my life !!! Your fine !!!

  91. Hey Chris My Girlfriend was telling me not too worry about this anymore she was saying that if I was positive that I would of showed up inconclusive do you agree with that ??? I really dont want to go friday but shes forcing me or she said she would leave me :S,,, I need some good advice she said she would go with me but man im scared too death:S

  92. Yeah,B sorry to hear been ther myself it sucks.Yeah she does have a good point because of the time frames involved.If you were positive it might show inconclusive because you would be developing the antibodies.As stated in previous posts it’s 96% chance that you test positive if exposed in 2-12 weeks.I mean if I told you had 96% chance you were going to win tonights lotto.You would buy a ticket and start shopping..Yeah I think I understand how she feel’s. Get the test done and know for sure that it’s ok and have a good life with her.It’s got be driving your relationship too the breaking point.Be strong and have faith that it will be ok.The fear anxiety etc doesn’t help at all.I believe you will be ok and let us no and help others like the other guy earlier..TTYL.Chris..

  93. thxs bro !!! Good Vibes

  94. Me and my girlfriend were about to have sex. I started to ‘poke’ at her but didn’t penetrate before realizing I didn’t have a condom on. I immediately stopped and put one on.. What are my chances of getting HIV?

  95. I would say slim to none..First off anonymous your girlfriend would have to be hiv positive.Secondly there was signifacant bodily fluid exchange.You would have to have had a huge cut on your penis and her fully on her period for a significant risk bro or full ejaculation in her or her vaginal fluid getting in your pee hole..Glad u are having safe sex though.But obviously your girlfriend would have to have hiv/aids for any risk present.A vary brief contact like that is a vary minimal risk.Continue protected sex until you know both your and her status.I recommend the home testing kits and the pharmacy.Statisticlly vary few of the population is hiv pos. But I always lean on the side of caution.Have a happy healthy life bro..

  96. oh i forgot to mention she IS HIV positive.. But thanks chris

  97. Well answer still the same.Hiv thankfully doesnt live outside the body at all.It doesnt survive like say Hepatitus or other viruses that actually can survive.Evan if you penetrated her vary briefly vary minimal exposure.Obviously knowing her status she is taking meds and her viral load would be load.Ive seen studies in San Francisco between gay men onw who had hiv the other negative where they had brief sex encounters and evan unprotected sex and the negative partner didnt catch hiv.Also in Africa a woman who is married was pregnant by here her husband they both got tested she was positive and she was negative.Obviously I am not telling you to have unprotetced with a positive person but the risk can vary greatly.I would continue to have protected sex but would be resreved about performing oral sex on her and be cautious some forplay as well.Be cautious of any cuts or openings on fingers if you are penetrating her with fingers etc.I hear they have hiv vaccines etc and in the works for so really advanced medicine.I also have one story where I friend of mine got married and within a few months her husband died of aids she initially become hiv positive but now is negative and remarried and has children now.So there is always hope for good future.Take care mate,best whishes..Chris..

  98. so Chris went and got my test done last friday and they said they would call me back if something was wrong havent had a call back yet and they usually have my results back after 3-4 days cuz i go rate in the lab where they check the blood rate away !!! i waited 85 days Im still worried i could get a call monday !!! they ended up taking 4 viles of blood what ya think things are looking allright eh

  99. Well B so it’s been eight days since they drew blood.They said they would call you if there was a problem.They havent called I’d be relieved so far.Kind of strange they would only let you know if their was a problem not if you were negative as well.But I guess thats how other countries do testing I guess.In the states they let you know either way.I would call them monday and find out the good news.Remember they are not as concerned as you are.Medical professionals can act so impersonal sometimes.Thats I suggested the home kit you know either way within 2-3 days depending on the kit you buy.I think things are ok otherwise you would of hear differently.Remember her levels were low and statisticlly 1 in 200,000 so odds are in you favor,but I understand your thoughts completely.So how’s the girlfriend doing as well?Try to relax and enjoy the weekend and believe it you will get good news and put this behind you.I believe if they tested you againg and found a problem they would of called you in and started you on treatment.Just my thoughts mate.TTY…CHRIS..

  100. hey chris im reallly worried my girlfriend is hemorging pretty seriouse big blood clots i dont know what to do this wouldnt have anything to do with hiv would it shes pregnant is this a possible hiv thing or miscarriage really scared bro

  101. Yeah,B if she is flowing heavy blood with clots etc. Need to get her to the hosp. poss call 911 if it gets worse.Me and my exwife had the samething and we lost our baby at around 4 months.This isnt realeted to any hiv issues.But a pregnancy problem..I pray she and the baby and yourself is ok.I would go to Dr. asap..Dont wait or put it of..Keep me updated..

  102. Hey,B how are things going?I hope your doing good…Chris.

  103. ya we lost the baby,,, and i guess my 3 month test came back negative they never called me back so thats a great thing !! I guess i have to go back in three months tho what a pain :S and things are goin all right i guess anonymous !!! what a stupid disease tho if you have it u should know rate away another 3 f’in months of the waiting game wooow

  104. Hey,B sorry to hear about the baby.I been through that myself it certainly was difficult ask Jesus to comfort you doing these times.He’s always seem to make things better.I would be vary happy about not hearing the dreaded news about the tests.As far as a follow thats up to you.Two negative tests within the antibodies phase.I believe if you had it or developing the antibodies it would of been inclaclusive.I think at this point a breathe of relief should be in order.You will need to comfort you woman during this too.When I went through this my Dr. said that my wife would grieve harder and deeper because she was carrying the baby.It made sense when he told me.Just be compassionate towards her and also allow yourself to grieve too.If I was you if I felt absolutely needed to take another test I would do it on my own and buy the home testing we talked about before.But if two negatives that far apart I would be jumping for joy I missed that bullitt.Take care mate and your woman sounds like a keeper.Warm whishes from the states..

  105. hey thxs alot for the warm wishes I appreciate it alot !!! Its hard my girlfriend is at home and ive been out of town for a while now because of work i work in the oil fields right now so i cant see her which is hard but i need to be out here !!! I kind of understand that 2 negatives are fantastic but ive been havin diahrea occasionally and my glands are sore !!! I dont know if this is due to my bad eating habits and drinking or what not !!1 But these 2 syptoms kind of have me a little scared !!! i have had no ther symptoms that im aware of!!! I dont know what to think Im still worried and stressed !!! any advice ??? thxs alot to both of you guys its great 🙂

  106. Yeah,B I wouldnt worry much about it.I know easy to say but you would be really sick bro like the flu like you never had it.Drinking and eating unhealthy than working hard and not getting any sleep could cause your current symptoms.Enough time has passed since your first test that you would of had a positive or inconclusive tests.Do the home testing lits I highly recommend them.Keep on keepin on it will work out bro..

  107. Ya ive just got to drop it !!! Thanks alot 😀

  108. The symptoms might also be stress you been through a lot these last few months.Ever hear of the secret? The Secret is what saved me..The secret behind the secret is of course God.It’s the belief that we manifest what we attract.Our thoughts and mindset can bring both good and bad things in our lives. The bible says what believes he is he will become.A good example, ever call in sick to school or work ?Werent really feeling sick and than later feel ill?Check it out and get the video and believe.Believe things will get better and get through this and let this experience make you a better person.Loving life, felling good,

  109. I will totally look into the video !!!
    I do have one more question if my immune system is really weak from poor eating and drinking wouldnt it take longer for the antibodies in my system to show up in my blood ??

  110. Hi
    I have sex with someone who does not infected with the virus.
    we did it many time but not like 10x or more,
    I deliver oral sex with her
    can i possibly get infected?

  111. Well taxi thats an easy bro.No having sex with someone evan great kinky sex etc.Does not create hiv/aids.They partner would have to be infected by someone who is already positive.I am guessing your a teenager?It’s a good idea to wear a condom unless you know she doesnt have anything else.But if your engaged in a committed relationship thats obviously your call.

  112. Hey,B.The answer is no.If your immune system was weak from your diet etc.It would be shorter to get the antibodies due to a weaker system.I believe that your ok due to the time frame of your negative results.I believe your current systems are due to stress and diet.If you were sick with it you have extreme nausea,flu like systems I am talking gravely ill for several days possibly weeks.Not everyone develops systems but a great number do.Also they would of also tested your girlfriend at the hospital thats pretty standard.So she never got a letter or call.Something to also talk about with her and start having a normal life with eachother..TTYL B…


    I am in the same situation as Anynomous, my bfrnd poked at me, he didnt penetrate, when we realized he didnt have a condom on, i dont know his status, so i have been very scared since, we recently broke up and going for the test scaring me, oh and i tested negative before i started dating him.

  114. Hello Ndeutala first thing your boyfriend would have to be positive.You stated there was now penatration just rub his penis against your vagina.The answer you definitely have nothing to worry about hiv does not survive outside of body at all.He didn’t ejaculate obviously so I wouldnt worry about it.Good for you on insisting condoms though.You already no your status is negative and will keep it that way being safe.Dont worry about the test I believe it will be negative again.Well hope you feel better you definitely are not at risk with described incident..

  115. Hi all. I’m really worried and appreciate the help. I had unprotected sex 2 years ago in which he came in me. I wasn’t aware of HIV/aids then
    And had no symptoms. This year, I learnt more on HIV and it’s symptoms and started
    To get sick frequently. Like cough, fever, flu. No swollen nodes/rash. Do you think I’m safe after 2 years? I should still get myself checked rite?

  116. Well Cyrene unless you know that he has has hiv/aids than your chances are good that you dont and just are getting the flu/common cold.Evan if he had hiv/aids it doesnt mean you would get it on one exposure etc.For a woman it’s 1 in 100,000.Men 1 in 200,000 unless your talking about anal sex than it drop to 1in 43 for top 1 in 34 for receptive partner/bottom.If you feel necessary recommend home testing kits vary reliable and can be purchased at your local pharmacy etc.Next time tell the boys if they want to sleep with venus they better wrap that penis..No that you are aware and know some statistics/risks.Have protected sex until you know yours and theirs status..TTYL..Chris..

  117. Hey Chris I’m still working on the road !!! And ya buddy getting nodes in the neck and the groin area there aren’t killing me but they hurt if I push on them hard is this common ??? U have any recommendations ??? Like even my armpits hurt from time to time :S

  118. Hey Chris I’m still working on the road !!! And ya buddy getting nodes in the neck and the groin area there aren’t killing me but they hurt if I push on them hard is this common ??? U have any recommendations ??? Like even my armpits hurt from time to time :S

  119. Hey,B.Well basiclly the lympnodes are the filteration system for the body.Ihad a swollen lymphnode for a long time finally went to an ent Dr. I had surgery and they removed it. It was benign.Mine was from a long infection from an abscessed tooth.So your last result was negative?? They never got in touch with you if I recall.But said if there was an issue they would call you..I would have your physician take a look to make sure.It also could be a number of factors too stress,diet,simple cold or allergies.But always be on the side of caution.Probably something general..ttyl..

  120. wollen Lymph Nodes

    Topic Overview

    What are lymph nodes?

    Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped glands throughout the body. They are part of the lymphatic system, which carries fluid (lymph fluid), nutrients, and waste material between the body tissues and the bloodstream.

    The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system, the body’s defense system against disease. The lymph nodes filter lymph fluid as it flows through them, trapping bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances, which are then destroyed by special white blood cells called lymphocytes.

    Lymph nodes may be found singly or in groups, and they may be as small as the head of a pin or as large as an olive. Groups of lymph nodes can be felt in the neck, groin, and underarms. Lymph nodes generally are not tender or painful. Most lymph nodes in the body cannot be felt.

    What causes swollen lymph nodes?

    Lymph nodes often swell in one location when a problem such as an injury, infection, or tumor develops in or near the lymph node. Which lymph nodes are swollen can help identify the problem.

    The glands on either side of the neck, under the jaw, or behind the ears commonly swell when you have a cold or sore throat. Glands can also swell following an injury, such as a cut or bite, near the gland or when a tumor or infection occurs in the mouth, head, or neck.
    Glands in the armpit (axillary lymph nodes) may swell from an injury or infection to the arm or hand. A rare cause of axillary swelling may be breast cancer or lymphoma.
    The lymph nodes in the groin (femoral or inguinal lymph nodes) may swell from an injury or infection in the foot, leg, groin, or genitals. In rare cases, testicular cancer, lymphoma, or melanoma may cause a lump in this area.
    Glands above the collarbone (supraclavicular lymph nodes) may swell from an infection or tumor in the areas of the lungs, breasts, neck, or abdomen.
    Common sites for swollen lymph nodes include the neck, groin, and underarms.

    What does it mean when lymph nodes swell in two or more areas of the body?

    When lymph nodes swell in two or more areas of the body, it is called generalized lymphadenopathy. This may be caused by:

    A viral illness, such as measles, rubella, chickenpox (varicella), or mumps.
    Mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr virus), which results in fever, sore throat, and fatigue, or cytomegalovirus (CMV), a viral infection that causes symptoms similar to those of mononucleosis.
    A bacterial illness, such as strep throat (caused by the streptococcus bacterium) or Lyme disease (a bacterial infection spread by certain types of ticks).
    Side effects of phenytoin (Dilantin), a medicine used to prevent seizures.
    Side effects of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination.
    Cancer, such as leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
    Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), which develops after contracting HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). This virus attacks the immune system, making it difficult for the body to fight off infection and some disease.
    Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease.
    How are swollen lymph nodes treated?

    Treatment for swollen glands focuses on treating the cause. For example, a bacterial infection may be treated with antibiotics, while a viral infection often goes away on its own. If cancer is suspected, a biopsy may be done to confirm the diagnosis.

    Any swollen lymph nodes that don’t go away or return to normal size over about a month should be checked by your doctor.

    How long will lymph nodes remain swollen?

    Lymph nodes may remain swollen or firm long after an initial infection is gone. This is especially true in children, whose glands may decrease in size while remaining firm and visible for many weeks.

  121. That’s good info thxs.chris !!! Somethings wrong though I can feel it !!! The only thing that I can think it could be is my nodes haven’t fully went down after I had mono in may but that seems like a while maybe the mono is still lingering in me !!! I would think tho at 3 months it should of showed up !!! 4 viles of blood they took that’s quit a bit !!!

  122. Also possible it could be an std.I have read that syphlis is vary common and could cause those symptoms also.It’s easily treated with penacilin.Did they check for other std’s or just hiv?Anyways hope you feel better bro mono could also be the culparate..TTYL..

  123. Ya I was checked for everything the 1st time the 2nd time all they tested for was hiv !!! I have a feeling its just not showing up !!! There’s no other reason my nodes would be swelling up !!! You and I both know people over react when it comes to life ohhh well I had 10 second intercourse with someone do I have hiv??? Lol come on I slept with a girl newly infected without a condom and she came !!! Its not looking good my man :S

  124. I’m tellin you even my damn collarbones are in pain bro my groins armpits neck glands !!! and they all have nodes I think I can’t feel any in my pits or collar bones but I just have bad feeling my 6 month test is on dec 11th!!!

  125. Well I believe you will be ok mate.I believe you would of been inconclusive than pos.Not negative two times,Dont put yourself throuh all this waiting until Dec.Try the home testing kits..I think it would help can get em online or at your pharmacy…

  126. i had sex with a girl for almost 30 sec , im not sure if she have hiv or not but im so freaking out , can i catch hiv ?!!!!

  127. Hey, Kob the answer is no.Not a significant exposure at all..Relax take a deep breath.First of she would have to have hiv.Second thirty second penetration wouldnt cause any significant exposure.Obviously you didnt come just penetrated her momentarely.Next time were a condom or know the others hiv status.

  128. does that mean if i didnt cum inside so there is no possibility of me catching hiv ????? coz i did for between 30 sec. to 1 min as i said i didnt cum inside i knew her for like 2 month or maybe little more she looks healthy and fine i guess we had 1 intercourse just 1 so that means i cant catch it even if she has it right !! ?

  129. Well the risk is vary low.The chances if she has hiv are like 1 in 200,000 for a one time exposure.Thats will full intercouse ejaculation etc. so the risk is not zero with a quickie 30 sec to 1 minute.But I wouldnt freak out about just wear a condom next time..

  130. I had unprotected oral sex with callgirl onmefirst time in my life.she sucked my pennies less than min and there is no visible blood in my pennies.idid not notice any cut in his mouth but seems healthy.after one month igot tested for hivtest it comes to negative but told me it would require 3month test. after one month i confirmed with callgirl wether she suffering from hiv she says no imy and she says iconducted no of test and comes to hiv negative.i still sacared and doubt his hiv status. what are chances of getting hiv negative.ineed your help.reply

  131. Well Raheja the risk is low.If I understand correctly you received oral sex from a sex worker.First off many sex workers will lie and even fake their test to show negative when they are actually positive.Even if this persons has hiv the risk is vary low.Experts say not enough hiv lives in blood for a high risk exposure.Basiclly in simple terms you would have to have a sore or cut on your penis and they would have to have a cut or sore in their mouth.So relax bro.In the future no your partners status and practice safe sex from now on.I would follow up with the 90 day tests.If after one month your negative is good if you were probably exposed it would ne inconclusive than pos in 90 days.So take care and live a long healthy life..


    I have been a -ve faithful guy for a very long time but last nite had nice sex a very beautiful professional sex worker. She was insting we use a condom but she did not object my penetration even after she well knew I wasn’t wearing one. She admitted that I was her third cleint that night, i didnt ask whether the others use a condom or not(may be I did not want to hear the answer). It was near someone’s compund so when the watchman came we stopped but I had cum already. My dick is not soo big (about 5 inches when erect) so I did not penetrate her too much but first I started by fingering her and she was complaining I was being too aggressive with the fingers. Now I am very worried may be I excited the virus with the fingers and when my circumsised dick came they passed onto me like osmosis, What are my chances of having contracted the vrus?. I wiped myself thouroughly with tissue after the act. How long should I wait before I go for testing(is ELISA reliable?) I guess I can blame that moment of weakness on Guiness, I had taken like 6 bottles. Please help!!!

  133. Well doesnt sound like great judgment was used.With that said you going to have some worrysome days ahead.First off the risk of getting hiv from 1X unprotected sex is like 1 in 200,000.These are solid statistics from extensive research for a woman it’s like 1 in 100,000.So she would twice as likely as you.Lets assume for a moment that she is positive because of her profession.With that said statisticlly odds are in your favor but you always have the risk.I recommend waiting at least 30 days than get the elisa blot test.It’s the gold standard for testing.The tests are extremely accurate if your developing the virus during that time you test positive or inconclusive since you would developing the antibodies.Also other disease like gonn,syph,herpes,warts are vary common in sex workers.So I recommend going to the clinic and getting a checkup.Sorry mate but you have to sure and if you have syph,gohn. Than a simple antibiotic would be prescribed.Until you know your status you should have protected sex.Hopefully it all ends up ok.Maybe track down the girl and ask he, obviously sometimes they lie,but sometimes they dont.She may be going through the same anxieties as you about the same things.Well hope this was hopefull good luck mate maybe only a couple guinesses next time and go home alone..

  134. Thanks Chris for the advise and the encouragement. I actually asked the girl her status and she told that she was -ve. However, due to her profession I seriously doubt that. I also do not want to go back to the same street because may be this time around she will lure me to redo(as she has a very stunning body). My only hope is to wish that I did not contract HIV from that one “short stay” act. Fingers crossed until Jan 2011 when I go for Elisa things should turn out okay, otherwise ……..
    However, a new development has just happenned in my life since last weekend. My wife and the kid both have this strong flu and my wife has started sleeping with the kid in the next bedroom. She has not said nor does she behave as if she is suspecting anything but she says that she does not want to infect me with it. She never did this all the 10 years we have been together. Do you think her 6th sense is telling her that i am already infected and that she should avoid me?. This is not helping to ease my worries!!!!!

  135. No I dont believe so it’s your conscious thats making you feel this way.Probably just Motherly instinct to take care of the sick child and not want to get you the flu than pass it back.I have been sick with the flu as well it’s that time of year.Most sex workers are going to know their status they have same fears as all of us.So it may be possible she is negative.Hiv is a lot harder to get than people realize.Also you stated that you had a circumcised penis google the facts having a circumcised penis helps reduce the risk even more.My guess is the other clients wore the condoms also.Sounds like you both got carried in the moment.I pray that everything works out ok mate take care..God Bless..Chris.

    • Hi Cris,

      I thought I’d let you know that I went for the test today more than one month after the encounter and I tunred out -ve. It was a pretty harrowing experience because lately I have been feeling some funny pains in my lymph nodes ( the right armpit, had use the right hand midlle finger while fingering her) so you can imagine how scared I was. But the test turned out negative and I breathed a sigh of relief. However, the nurse said to be 100% sure I need to keep clean and go for another test 3 months after the encounter, i.e. March. Do you think this is still necessary(to go for another test?)

  136. i had sex with a a friend a while ago it wasnt for a long time i posted it before , i read what chris said and i actually took her to test for hiv , and she tested negative , that was after 4 month or almost 4 month i knew her do you think she might be still in the widow period ?!! which is 6 month ?!!! iam circumcised i didnt have lots of time penetration , should i take that test as granted and go on with my life or what should i do ?????

  137. Well Kob the new testing is incredibly accurate within a short window of time.If she was positive within the 4 month time frame it would of showed it in the test or at the least inconclusive while she could be possibly developing the antibodies.I know how it’s to worry and honestly the only thing that will totally put your mind at ease is do get the test done also.I know med prof say it can take up to 6 month.But the current elisa test is just so good.It’s the gold standard of tetsing.Sounds like your doing things right Kob.Like getting her tested and such and your concerns.Having a circumsized penis helps out tremendously.It help keeps bacteria,germs,disease from contracting a virus.Umm have you had many partners or she? I am just curious of your concern?Like I posted in the past the stats are 1 in 200,000 for males, 1 in 100,000 for females.So females are twice as likely to contract it than males.Makes sense they receive the actually penetration.It goes to like 1 in 43 and 1 in 34 for anal sex and receiving partner.I personally would get the test done to know your status 100%.Than you can state to this friend hey were bot negative and maybe pursue a relationship?Sounds like she’s a nice girl and worth your time.I believe things are going to be ok.Obviously it’s your choice to further test I always recomend the home testing kit.It’s cheap fast,reliable,anonomous..Take care mate..

  138. well i tested like 2 month ago after 8 days from sleeping with her i tested negative and actually it was my first time at all , i slept with her once , no anal sex at all . we did have oral sex , im freaking out and dont know what do to do more than that to feel safe ?!!!

  139. Ok Kob just relax bro.So it was your first so you have no past partners.She tested negative after 4 months.So why are you freaking out?I understand your young your first time etc.But there is no risk of hiv if she’s negative.You can only contract hiv through an infected person.Also 8 days is not long enough after sex to accurately test but if she’s negative theres no cause for alarm.You were a virgin you were at low risk exposure and she’s ok = u ok.Now you know she’s negative maybe have a healthy realtionship.I understand your concerns but the anxiety fear is unwarranted.It’s an aids phobia,I understand totally, better to be safe than sorry.But sounds like you putting your self through a lot of punishment.

  140. Well thats great news you were negative.I would do the 90 day follow up to be certain.If you were positive in that window you would probably be positive or have an inconclusive.If you dont do it again and get the second negative it will also be in the back of your mind.I would say to breathe a sigh of relief.Just be safe with those workers or stay away it’s not worth it.In the states we have some beautiful escorts that for the most are using safety measures.I know Costa Rica sex workers is legal and they have cards and are tested regulary.Good news though great way to start off the new year mate.!!! TTYL…Chris..

  141. hey i have a quick question plz , i had sex with a girl but i was doubting she might have hiv so so she tested for hiv after like 4 month and she tested negative is there any way that she can be +ve and we dont know ????

  142. Not vary likely 4 month is plenty of time some medical staff say 6 month.But todays test are so accurate and they can usually test within a few weeks.They have to be to not contaminate our blood supplies etc.Now that you know she’s hiv- maybe hit it some more..I would…lol….Good luck ttyl..Chris…

  143. am in a relationship with a married women we use to have sex 2 times in a month(without condoms) aside she also have sex with her husband… but i never had sex with anyone before,is there chances for HIV… she done a family planning…please advice…

  144. Well you would have to know her status to be certain.Having sex with a married woman is not a good idea.Is this woman also seeing another guy I would get tested and end the relationship .What if he finds out and goes pshyco on you and his wife.?Get a test done find yourself a nice girl…

  145. Hey Rosy,
    You should probably get tested immediately and if you find yourself to be -ve end it there and then. This is because may be you and the generous madam are faithful to each other but what about her husband?, may be he’s also boning some other chick outside and this chick is also having other guy(s) and those guys are having other chicks and the chain goes on and on so even if you are -ve now and you dont stop it, the chances that you will one day get infected are far much greater than you think. Quit and run and find some nice chick e.g. the one you saw at the supermarket the other day and you were too shy to say hi 🙂

  146. hi i had sex with prostitute with condom. i had text pcrdna after 72 hours
    results -ve. its enough or not plz tell me . i have lot of ides to sucide.

  147. i am happy now bcz i use condom but she is road side girl thatsway i fear about my future.

  148. Well Johny lets look at the use of condoms and the percentage.They are 99.9 % accurate to protect from pregnancy and std’s.So if you used the condom properly,it didn’t break ,come off,etc.Than you should be fine.Obviously having sex with sex workers not a good idea.72 hours is not enough time to know for sure.I would just calm down a bit take a breath let it out.You covered your johnson with a rubber,rain gear etc..So your weiner had no contact with her vaginal fluid.If your still freaking out wait a few weeks later get tested than obviously leave the sex workers alone..Anyways good luck mate..

  149. Hi, i am a gay and had anal sex with a guy 5 months back & he ejaculate in me. I am not aware if he was HIV positive or negative. I had my blood test 15 days back and its negative. Do i have to go for test again after completing 6 months of sexual act or i can rely on this test report.

  150. Also i am facing some problem in my arse since last 20-25 days, earlier it was itching but now i feel pain & its increasing day by day. At times i feel very uncomfortable while sitting. Does it have to do anything with HIV?

  151. I would say after 5 months and you got a neg. report I would be happy.The tests are pretty accurate.But I would do the 6 month follow up to be certain.As far as the discomfort in anus it may be an std,herpes,warts,etc.Have an std check to be certain.It could be nothing or something to worry about.Syphlis Gohnarea is vary comin in gay men straight too for that matter.Next time make your partner wear a condom.It’s just not worth the risks..Good luck mate..TTYL.

  152. hi i had sex with a girl and the condom broke….then she told me she was hiv positive ….i think i was inside her for no more than 5 minutes…when i realize about the condom i pull m penis out and washed..i didnt see any blood…i am on pep medication….what are my chances of getting hiv?
    im really scare…

  153. Hey,Juan sorry to hear about ur incident.Well if she knows she hiv she’s on meds and her viral count would be low.I’d say your risk was low but not a 100%.Did you ejaculate inside her etc will also determine risk factors.I dont know what u mean by pep meds?? I would recomend a hiv test at 30-60-90 than 6 month to be certatin.The tests are really acurate these days.Nice of her to tell afterwards and not before about her status.If you look at the odds some say i in 100,000 but not o so some risk.Just get the testing least you were wearing a condom even though it broke still not as much exposure..Take care..

  154. Ok google pep med post exposure meds well according to an article I just read that reduces your risk by 79% so sounds like your doing the right choices..

  155. yeah i hope the pep medication works…..
    and also people that has hiv should tell the other person before having sex, that way at least we have a choice …
    i m so scared.. i reallly really hope i didn get infected 😦
    thanks anonymous for the reply

  156. Yeah I think you will be ok.Minimal exposure and than pep meds treatment.I am a former police officer and the give those pep med to emergency personell from blood,needle sticks etc.I know I guy who got stuck from a junkie who had had aids he got on the pep process is ok and negative.It works quite well.Good luck bro.. Anomous aka Chris..

  157. Please help. I am going crazy over this situation I have put myself in. I am 21 and had my first one night stand with a woman age 25. I was under the influence of alcohol walking home from a bar. I met this woman outside of a bar ( a total stranger). We went to her house and had unprotected sex for almost two hours. Im so ashamed. This was my first time and I am worried sick that I might have contracted HIV. I have had no symptoms yet (however it has only been 14 days since the event). This is the biggest mistake of my life. Somebody please tell me the likelihood I have of contracting aids form this encounter.

  158. Please help. I am going crazy over this situation I have put myself in. I am 21 and had my first one night stand with a woman age 25. I was under the influence of alcohol walking home from a bar. I met this woman outside of a bar ( a total stranger). We went to her house and had unprotected sex for almost two hours. Im so ashamed. This was my first time and I am worried sick that I might have contracted HIV. I have had no symptoms yet (however it has only been 14 days since the event). This is the biggest mistake of my life. Somebody please tell me the likelihood I have of contracting aids form this encounter.

  159. Hei Dylan,

    I did a similar mistake sometime in early December but luckily even though I was drunk, I was so scared of prospect of contracting the virus and also a night guard came & spoilt the party as we were using the green matress. I would give you the same advise I was given that, for a man, the chances of contracting the virus with one sexual encounter even with an infected partner are 1 in 200,000. I went for the test after 30 days and all was well and planning to go again after 90 days though I am not worried at all since I feel absolutely fine. Now for your case my friend, I doubt that statistic applies due to the level of exposure {2hrs, damn!!!!!, it must have been some party!!!!}. However, if all you did was normal vaginal penetration then I guess your chances are still similar? {but I’d wait for the opinion of the experts}. But if you ate both sides of the fish (so to speak!!!) and tasted the side where things get much tigher your odds have gone down the drain my friend but still not to zero and I’d recommend to find the girl if you still remember the house and go for the test together right away. You can tell her that you really enjoyed the experience and you’d like a redo but you want to go for the test first to protect her as well and I’d bet you she wouldnt refeuse and if she refuses its a bad sign and you just have to wait the 4 weeks and go for the test and then after 90 days just to be 100% sure. Good luck!!!!

  160. Hello,
    Please help. I was played recently into thinking I was in the new stages of a relationship with a 35 year old african american male. We had unprotected sex only about four times and then the player antics stopped, the quasi relationship was over. I asked him if he was clean and he confirmed that he was. The first time I asked that he use a condom and then he inserted me that same day without one. I now have no contact with him and am worried about his truthfulness. I know that typically african americans have a higher std rate, so am more worried than usual. Besides feeling used emotionally and physically. .. I am going to get tested tomorrow as the first encounter was in late January which should leave ample time for the antibodies to appear if I was exposed. I don’t have any symptoms and haven’t had any since late January, the time of the first sexual encounter. We only had vaginal intercourse, nothing else. I was probably just played really bad, but on top of that have this worry alone about hiv exposure. How worried should I be?

  161. christopher davis

    Hey,K sorry to hear about your experience.It’s true that african americans can have a higher hiv rate.With that said the odds for a woman have vaginal sex with an hiv male are like 1 in 100,000.IT’s less for men 1 in 200,000 evan less than that if they are circumcised.U didnt mention if he was or not so assume he was.So sounds he’s a player and players lie thats just the facts.Umm i would recommend get the test asap.Ample time to test since todays tests are vary accurate.So u said u havent had any symptoms which is good and u havent had any std sypmtoms.So sounds like you were lucky to not get an std,in that regards ie. no herpes,warts etc.Hiv positive people will have a weakened immune system and have other std’s.So in future make ur partners wear a condom unless u know their status or are in a committed relationship.U are in control demand they stop if they dont it’s rape!!.It’s a matter of life and death now adays..Good luck and lessoned learned….

  162. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the fast response. You helped me a lot. To my knowledge he is not HIV positive. I am just worried, because I was lied to and have to assume the worst because live in a metropolitan area and stats are high. I have learned to not fall for players for sure. I really thought we were in a relationship…Will get tested tomorrow morning and hope to bury this issue for good. Thanks for caring and your support!

  163. christopher davis

    Yeah,K I believe it will be ok.I saw a while back wher in Africa a married couple was tested and the woman was pregnant and she testive positive and he was negative.So obviously they had repeated unprotected sex and he didnt catch the virus.Also in Africa the men there like dry sex where the woman uses a native leave to dry out her vagina .So it dries up the lubrication and creating rough sex etc.Just an example been through it myself it’s nerve racking to say the least.But once u know ur negative what a relief..

  164. The nurse said it was too early to test, but she agreed with me that his intentions were to use me for sex, rather than spread a disease. I told her I had no symptoms and said to come back in a month and a half. She also said what you said, that when one has hiv they have other stds which cause the spread of the virus, the openings and sores. She said the chances are slim but to come back in a month and a half to be sure. She said the most common std is chlamydia and that I can test for that on Wednesday. I think I am associating the guilt and shame of being used for having an std, assuming the worst for my destiny since something really bad happened. In other words, the risk of getting played is out there too. There are many who are duped into thinking they have met someone serious who is a complete liar. This relationship lasted for over three months, the sexual part just a month and then it was ended, changed his phone number and everything. I think he was married. I have become very well educated on these issues from reading the forum correspondence above and You are so helpful! Thank You and god Bless you!

  165. Yes,thanks God Bless u too.Sorry to hear about ur experience.Sounds like your a nice lady and deserve a gentleman.Everything will work work out and chalk it up to life experience and help others..

    • Hey Chris, got my results back after 95 days, was negative for everything, all stds including hiv, thanks for your support! Much appreciated.

      • I am so glad to hear K..What a huge relief lifted off u huh?So it’s great to know and not just let me mind race and stress out..Great news hope u find a great guy who will make u happy and be loyal and not a player..TTYL..

  166. yes, that is what I have gained through this, would like to help, educate and comfort others with similar issues. I’ll keep you posted when i get my results back 🙂

  167. hello, im 19 i had unprotected sex with a prostitue, i licked her vagina .just the outer bit…not fluids though…she seemed fine…no physical problem ….then while i was lyinh on bed she jumped on my penis for a lil over 2mins…thts when i ejaculated inside her ….following which i quickly went and cleaned so did the prostitue.she told me she is clean and gets tested regularly to stay in business,the pimp also assured me.kidnly advise on the chances of getting hiv, im circumcised.thanks

  168. hello, im 19 i had unprotected sex with a prostitue, i licked her vagina .just the outer bit…not fluids though…she seemed fine…no physical problem ….then while i was lyinh on bed she jumped on my penis for a lil over 2mins…thts when i ejaculated inside her ….following which i quickly went and cleaned so did the prostitue.she told me she is clean and gets tested regularly to stay in business,the pimp also assured me.kidnly advise on the chances of getting hiv, im circumcised.thanks

  169. Well I class this as a signaficient exposure because u ejaculated inside her.Doesnt mean if she is hiv positive u will be too.But would still consider testing not only for hiv but other std’s.The statistics are low for one exposure but still a risk experts vary between 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 200,000.Still at risk so would recomend getting checked dont rely on sex workers and pimps to be honest mate.Good luck and next time were a condom or know ur partners status.

  170. Hi,
    Like some of the people here, about 18 days ago,I had a drunk night and had unprotected sex with a bargirl. I ejaculated inside her mouth once and inside her vagina another time. After 3 days, I had a very bad sore throat which lasted 4 days. After two weeks, I had a runny nose which lasted for one night and a sore throat for another 4 days. These seem like the symptoms of HIV. I am really afraid now, I feel guilty for what I did, (I’ve abstained from sex for the last 5 years prior to this encounter). My gut feel tells me that I am infected. I’m getting a blood test in 2 weeks. If I’m +ve, I cant tell my family. Honestly, I do not know what to do..I wish I hadn’t gotten drunk. . From what i read hear, chances are 1 / 100000 or something like that, but I’m really terrified. It’s like I’ve convinced myself I have it..

  171. Hey,Jonesy sad to hear ur having such troubles.So if I reading this correctly you came in her mouth did you also cum in vagina?In regards to oral sex it’s a vary low risk some expert say none but also factor if u have a sore on penis or the receiptive partner has a cut on his/her mouth.Again i wouldnt put it at zero but vary low risk.Woman are twice as likely to get diseases as men.Obviously they are the receivers so makes sense right.It’s like 1 in 100,000 for females and 1 in 200,000 for males.If you have anal sex that were it goes down to 1 in 34 for receiver and 1 in 43 for insertive..So chances are you are ok but a risk for exposure a low risk but a risk none the less.You stated you have a sore throat and some other symptoms.But from what i know you will be real sick for several days but cant just go with sypmtoms.Did the girl act the same too was she upset and regretful too about having unprotected sex with a stranger??The only thing that will convince your negative is a test so recommend one.Good luck mate next time wrap it..

  172. Hi Christopher, thanks for the quick reply. Cant get the worry out of my head. And no, the girl didnt seem upset or anything, I met her at a bar, she works there…I think this increases my chances further of being +ve. It’s gonna be a terrible wait , the next two weeks!

  173. Well so she’s kind of slutty than.Well like i said low risk for hiv but need to get tested for other std’s too.Yeah just got to get through it Jonesy I believe your ok but understand been there myself and the onlything that will put you at eas is seeing the negative results from the tests..Let me know when your ok bro..Must people never follow up here..

  174. Yes I realise that most people do not follow up, perhaps coz they tested +ve? +ve or -ve, I’ll post here. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll never stray again. I hate how alcohol clouds judgement!

  175. Yeah actually most people are negative i believe.But just dont think about letting you know that they are negative after all the drama.I understand but nice to hear the good news hiv is a lot harder to pass than people realize. like yourself they just assume the worst and dwell on it.It’s call hiv/aids phobia.I understand have some of phobia myself..

  176. Ok found this Jonesy hope it’s helpful… IT’S FROM A WEBSITE ABOUT HIV/AIDS PHOBIA..

    Back story…I dated this guy for a little while in 2000. I knew his wife and child died during child birth in 1994. He didn’t take any medication. I asked him how his wife died, and he said she was week. Being a mom myself, I thought she may have died of toxemia or placenta previa or something. Well fast forward to now. His kids are now grown and talk to me frequently. I just found out how their mom died: SHE HAD AIDS. According to his son, she got it via a blood transfusion. Both of the kids and my ex were tested negative according to the kid. HOW CAN THIS BE?

    What is more, I had a baby in 2002. I have always had an HIV phobia. I am scared of getting HIV. Even when I slept with this guy, I asked him his status, and he said “I’m not going out like that! I get tested every six months.” He was fat too! But I digress, when I was pregnant, my doc asked me if I wanted an HIV test, I declined because I would spend the next couple of weeks panicking about it. When I went to my next appointment, she told me that I was HIV Negative. I guess she tested me anyways. I told her “I asked you not to perform that test” and she just kind of shrugged her shoulders and said “Well, there you go.” Like, don’t sweat it, you are negative. Do you think she tested me at all?

    I have no HIV symptoms other than sometimes I wake up sweaty when the air is turned off, but I don’t know if that is a night sweat. I hardly ever get sick. I have gained 35lbs since I had my last baby. I have been in a monogamous relationship ever since. SO WHY AM I STILL HAVING A FLIP OUT PANI ATTACK? How could his wife have died of AIDS while she was pregnant, and her two children and husband all be HIV negative? I am so scared you guys! Please don’t make fun. I don’t think I can go through another HIV test. If the result was ever positive I don’t know how I could live my life without being afraid every single day. Be honest though, any way I could be positive ten years later? If I am positive, wouldn’t I be sick by now with no treatment? Please help.


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    Posted by godchild1514 on Nov 28th, 2009 at 9:26PM
    im going through the SAME thing.
    i make a big deal out of lil things and that makes my phobia worse.
    i always had this phobia but now it getting worse.
    ok. hunnay your fine you are stressed out. stress and cause WAY more to the body so you need to calm down ok.
    you half the have FAITH.
    your test is neg lol you are ok.
    its apart of the phobia i been through the same thing
    even before i was sexual active i had this phobia.
    having sex made it WORSE. lol
    but your ok just just have to relax..
    i notice MANY people is going through this then just us..
    i hope i helped not only you but more people.
    -God Bless

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    Posted by bumoffthestreet on Jun 2nd, 2010 at 1:30AM
    You have nothing to worry about. It is entirely possible for that guy’s wife to have died of HIV/AIDS and not passed it to the baby. If a pregnant woman with HIV is put on ARV (anti-retroviral meds), there is only a 2% chance of the baby being infected. This probability is further reduced if she has a C-section. The husband does not have to be positive. HIV is VERY difficult to transmit from female to male; if the female is HIV+, then there is only a 0.4% chance of the male getting it from her. Even less if he is circumcised. If he and his kid have repeatedly tested negative for HIV, then those results should be considered definitive and conclusive. Since you yourself have also tested negative, forget about it and move on with your life. I used to and still do sometimes struggle with the paranoia of being infected myself, even though I have repeatedly tested negative. Doing several research papers and presentations in college finally helped me to overcome my irrational fear and ignorance of HIV once and for all. Perhaps talking with your doctor about HIV and obsessive thinking may help alleviate some of your anxiety. BTW, I am also mentally wired to be obsessive about things and have had a fear of HIV since my neighbor died from it when I was 8. Best of luck to you.

  177. I see, tell me about your story Christopher, if you don’t mind that is.

  178. Yeah have had unprotected sex with lots of girls and was worried about.I had sex with like 10 girls since i got divorced and would have sex with girls i met online on dating sites.I like yourself was freaked out about it got tested in 2007 and was negative than gain in 2010.I only had sex with a girl was negative who had testing and oral sex with a girl i dated received and gave.Vary low risk for hiv by the way.Some say zero but again some factors like cuts sores etc.Now am in a commited relationship so dont feel i need to get tested again.But have the fear phobia like all of us and manage it some through this site.I believe helping others through their experience helps me as well.

  179. Im glad that you tested -ve. All the best Christopher! Thanks and I’ll see how my test goes! THanks again!

  180. Ur welcome Jonesy good luck..TTYS..

  181. Hey everyone. I’m a 25 year old male. I writing this today due to the fact that I’m freaking about HIV. A couple days ago I took an STD test, and everything (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis) came out negative. Thing is I didn’t take the HIV test. Later that day, I called the last 4 girls that I hooked up with. All of them told me that they were clean… I just recently found that one of the girls is pregnant now with her boyfriend. I asked her if she was clean… and she said ” Ur fine, I don’t have anything, not only have I been tested but I had so much blood work since I’m having a baby” and she would have told me if she had something. The girl that is pregnant, we hooked up last summer, and she have me oral sex and I ejaculated in her mouth. Prior to last summer… I did have vaginal/anal sex with this same girl in 2009. Am I at high risk?! 😦

  182. Hey,Adam well now adays when the girl is pregnant they do lots of testing for hiv.They do this because they have new drugs that will prevent the baby from getting hiv from the mother during pregnancy.A good example would be Africa where hiv/aids is so rampid.I would take her word on the results unless u believe she’s being deceptive.Well the anal sex is definitely risky.I am assuming you didnt wear a condom.But she has to be positive in order for you to get hiv.Also not if she was not a 100% but like 1 in 43 and 1 in 34 for insertive partner.If ur still worried get the test done..Next time wrap it or know ur partners status..

  183. Thanks for replaying Chris. What does it mean when you say 1in 43 and 1 in 34?

  184. Hey Adam it refers to 1 in 34 for receptive(bottom).1 in 43 insertive (top).But u have to have sex with an hiv infective for these risk factores.Obviously other std’s could be passed.I hope this helps..

  185. I had unprotected sex with a guy but he never come nor secrete his semen, so will I get HIV? I dont know if he is positive or not but just curious.

    Thanks for replying back.

  186. Well Okajaki precum can contain hiv virus vut depends on viral count load etc.I would say not a significent risk but definitely not zero.For woman it’s 1 in 100,000 risk for hiv per exposure.It’s less than that for a guy 1 in 200,000.Obviously the would have to have hiv for the risk of exposure.I wouldn’t worry too much about but make ur partners wear a condom our know their status.But u at higher risk for getting other std’s from unprotected sex so tell those boy’s if they want to sleep with Venus they better wrap that penis…lol..Take care..

  187. Hi,
    First off, i’m sorry for my english i really speak english.
    I had sex with a prostitute (i don’t know if she has hiv or not) on February 12th, the condom brok for about 3 minutes before i realized it. Exactly a week after (the 19th) a had a litte flu that lasted about 3 days nothing really big no rash … i went to work and even went to a protestation on the 20th , i have 2 question :
    1 – can the signs of early infection show up as early as 1 week after possible exposue ? i read that they generaly appear 10 days to 6 weeks later.
    2 – do you think that 3 minutes of unprotected sex can be suficiant to transmit hiv ?

  188. Hi,Adam well 3 minutes of unprotected sex due to a condom breaking wouldnt in my mind be a significant exposure.But an exposure non the less u didnt ejaculate inside her right?I wouldnt rule the flu like symptoms an hiv exposure.The odds are 1 in 200,000 for unprotected sex for a male to female vaginal intercourse.So take those statistics into consideration.So obviously a 3 minute exposure with a condom breaking would be better than those odds.Now if u were having anal intercourse than yes it would be dramaticlly less like 1 in 43.So only a negative test result will make u at ease so just get one done.I recommend the home testing kits at ur local pharmacy they are safe accurate and discrete..Next time be safer mate..

  189. thanks for your answer Chris
    no i didn’t have anal but i ejaculated inside of her, i guess that increases the odds ? i live in Morocco , i don’t know if home testing kits are available here.
    but i will certainly get the test done before i think about having sex with anyone.

    thank you very much

  190. Sorry Hicham mistakingly called u Adam.But yeah still going by the 1 in 200,000 stats for hiv exposure.I am not familar with the hiv rates in Morroco but guess better than here in the states.I just recommend the home testing kits because they are discreet and accurate..U could always order one online and have it delivered to you.Anyways take care mate..

  191. HIV/AIDS Statistics for Morocco
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    Estimates from 2001 and 2007

    All Infections Over Age 15 Under Age 15 Age 15-24 Women Over 15 Total Deaths Living Orphans
    2001 Estimates 13,000 12,000 0.1% 3,300 500
    2007 Estimates 21,000 21,000 0.1% 5,900 1,000
    Additional Statistics

    Population: 29,680,100
    Percent of Population Infected: 0.07%
    Percent Change Infection 2001-2007: 161.54%
    Percent Change Deaths 2001-2007: 200.00%
    Women 15 to 24 2007 Rate Estimate: 0.1%
    Men 15 to 24 2007 Rate Estimate: 0.1%
    Female Sex Workers HIV Rate Recent Estimate: 2.6%

  192. So Morroco is relatively low 2.4 % of sex workers..Hope this helps..

  193. it certainly does Chris thank you very much
    but i need to get tested in order to make sure and to forget about that, not only for hiv but for all STDs to avoid transmiting that to anybody.
    what freaks me out the most is those flu syptoms that i had a week afer that.
    since i had that incident i have been dealing with a great amount of stress both from that and work, not one hour passes by without me thinking about it.

  194. Yeah I understand completely.Been there myself but ended up fine,statisticlly odds are ur ok..Take care mate..

  195. thank you so much Chris.

  196. Hey! I’m having a similar problem to a few people earlier in this discussion. I stupidly had drunk unprotected sex last week, and now I am freaking out. I know the guy has had multiple partners so I asked if he was clean…twice in the days to follow. He said yes and that he got tested 5 months ago. However, I don’t know how many girls he has been with since the last test. Also, as a side not, he did not ejaculate at all. Anyway, I am super paranoid about everything regarding my health. Three days after the encounter I had a sore throat, swollen glands, a cough, and a white tongue. I had mono earlier this year, and have had a couple relapses so this could be one of those I guess, but the same symptoms show up for HIV. I’m wondering if symptoms could show up that early and should I be worried…. Help? I honestly can’t even sleep I’m so upset…thank you.

  197. Hey,anonomous..Sorry to hear about ur encounter.I havent heard of symptoms within 3 days before.White tongue is it just plaque on ur tongue.I suspect like so many of us on her have hiv/aids phobia.Well i tested neg twice so doesnt look like a significant exposure.Ie he didn’t cum.But the risk factors are for a woman twice as for a man 1 in 100,000 compared to 1 in 200,000.I would recomend getting tested just to be safe and put ur mind at ease next time make them wear a condom it’s not worth it.

  198. Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it! Talking to anyone on here is better than me freaking out or discussing it with my friends ha. As far as the tongue…I don’t know. It’s been like that for 4 or 5 days. Hopefully it will go away soon. Also, I read all of the statistics, but for some reason numbers do not cure paranoia because you never know when you are that one in one hundred thousand. I will get tested, but I’m guessing now is too soon. As far as the condom, yes, I will never be unprotected again. I acknowledge that it was very irresponsible and this is teaching me a great lesson! Thanks again!

  199. I red that those early syptomes d’ont show up until 10 or 14 days after exposure sometimes 3 months after
    is it possible that they can appear after 3 days or 1 week ?

  200. Well it’s possible but not likely so quickly usually it’s a few weeks.Kets be clear about those symptoms also u will be really sick diariah,flu,vomiting just feeling really bad.Not just a tickle in the throat or mild flu.But not everyone develops symptoms..

  201. hey anonymous, i read what you been through and believe me when i say its the worst feeling ever to be afraid that you might have hiv and your not sure if you have it or no , and the only way to be sure is to wait for 6 month at least 3 , iam saying that coz i have been through it and i just had my confirm negative result yesterday after 8 month of suffering , i did the same mistake with a girl having drunk unprotected sex and the next day it started hitting me the hiv thing ,i tested 3 days after and the result was negative but i started reading about it and foud it takes min 3 month max 6 month to find out ?!!! it took me alot of pain and suffering coz when ever i get think i say its hiv , wen i get flu i say its hiv and thing happen i say its hiv but the real thing hiv doesnt have real symptoms you just find out after 6 month and pray god to be lucky, my advice to you is do like what i did i went to the girl i had sex with and asked her if she has anything she said no and i asked her to test for hiv , she understood my situation and how serious it is and she did it , she tested negative and i had to wait for 6 month just to be sure that she is not in a widow period or anything , and thank god iam negative, my advise is even go ask him to test and if he say yes then you will find out or just check with a doc and go test after 6 month and between all this time just go on with your life coz what ever the result is you will still be alive

    wish you the best

  202. I had unprotected sex with a girl who had HIV, and I have turned up negative for 3 years now.
    I dodged a bullet I guess.

  203. Yeah you did i bet it was stressfull.So if u tested negative after all this time i wouldnt worry anymore about it and count ur blessings..

  204. hey kob! i appreciate you posting to me since you went through pretty much the same thing. i’ve been thinking a lot about being scared lately and i’m starting to no longer worry as much. i’m not quite sure why but i guess it’s a good thing. i don’t want to be stressed all summer when there is nothing i can do right now. the guy told me he tested negative 5 months ago for everything, and i’m just hoping he did not have unprotected sex with a bunch of other girls from that time up until now. i will definitely get tested as soon as it’s been 3 months then again at 6. as far as the symptoms i may be having, i still don’t really know what it is….ive been sick for a little over 2 weeks, but since it started like 2 days after the unprotected sex, i don’t think it can be hiv related. as for everyone who posts on this forum, thank you because you are all getting me through this when i have no one else to talk to.

  205. dear anonymous, about the symptoms dont worry i almost had the same thing after i had that feeling that i might have hiv i started concentrating about every thing happening to me , how many times i go to the bathroom how many times i cough how many times i sneeze every thing , even about rash around my body , it is just you trying to investigate every thing to make sure you are ok i even started going to doctors and taking medicines in if i feel cold which was wrong , and believe me i read almost every thing about hiv every symptoms they have lots of studies even if you have hiv “god forbidden ” and you want to have kids how you can do it , nothing is helpful coz it all just get you more stressed than you already are, just try to enjoy your time dont get involved in relation and if you do try to be safe as much as you can coz you dont want to hurt some one in case god forbidden you got anything which im sure you will turn out to be negative and always think positive any it would be ok and when ever you need support or help you can ask me and i would be here to help as much as i can , been through and would love to help you through it as i know how much it hurt to be alone in such situations

  206. Hey Chris….
    i have had unprotected sex only once with a girl of unknown hiv status (not a prostitute)…i took a hiv(elisa) test after around 7 and half months and it was (-)ve.didnt take any test afterwards.
    am that correct mate??

  207. Hey,Am yeah if you tested negative after that length in time ur good wouldnt worry about it anymore.Continue to be safe and know ur partners status good luck mate..Chris..

  208. Hey again! So…all of the past symptoms I described in an earlier post are gone, but I went to the doctor yesterday and found out I am anemic…which came out of nowhere. I was wondering if that could be a symptom of hiv? Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve had unexplained weight loss…my diet has changed a bit, but I still don’t understand it. I seriously need to stop being so paranoid. I am getting tested for all stds this coming up week, which will be exactly 1 month since I had sex. Is it possible for hiv to show up positive in that length of time? AH. sorry. still freaking. Thanks!

    • Well aenemic would explain some symptoms.Well some say 30 days is too earlier but some say no with testing today.The new testing is that good recomeend getting one and than at 90 days.The home testing kits work good too.I hope all is good ttyl…

  209. hey Chris dont know if you remember me but just wanted to pop in and tell ya i ended up going for an 8 month test and it came back negative !!! ill tell everyone right now with a real experiance 20 mintues of pleasure aint worth 8 months or a lifetime of illnes and stress,,, so wrap it the fuck up !!! I slept with an HIV positive girl unprotected and with the help from god didnt contract it !!! If you HAVE NOT slept with an HIV positive dont worry and stress the stress is harder on your body than the actual HIV,,, I thought i was so sick waiting for my tests to come back positive I had every symptom you could imagine dry throat ,flu, swollen lymphnodes, bad diahrea !!! My tests at 8 months came back negative !!! and the thing is all my symptoms have gone away because im less stressed !!! So all of you calm down and take a deep breath !!! Cheers B

    • Well that’s is great news am so glad to hear thanks for the post.Now u can share ur experience and help others too.Take care mate..

  210. hey chris, i just want to say i been through the worst 9 month of my life for 10 min of unprotected sex with -ve hiv girl , but just having the feeling she might have it made me go for test for 9 month to make sure im ok

  211. Chris..
    Thanks man..u r freaking awesome!! 🙂

  212. hi chris
    allow me to say that your website and these dialogues are very very helpful and i hope it will continue for a very long time.

    my name is andy, live in the philippines. i had an unprotected sex with a massage girl for about 5 mins or even less (i didnt cum) but this was way back in august or september of 2008. i am circumcised by the way. A week or 2 after i had cough and the base of my penis (seemed like onthe inside and along the urethra) was itchy. had myself tested for bacteria in urine but came out negative and clear. after that, coughing and itch disappeared. i did communicate with the girl and she swore that she was clean as the company she works for requires them to have test done every month. btw, that was only a 1 encounter.

    its almost 3 years come august 2011. don’t remember any episode of me getting sick in those 3 years and my annual check up shows am in good health.

    question is, should i still worry about hiv?

    please help. the only reason why i didn think about it as much as i do now is because i didnt think of risks a that time. didnt think of hiv at that time since hiv rate was very very low during those times here in the philippines and was not aware. stupid me. anyway, please advise. thanks.

  213. Well i would get tested to make certain and eliminate your fears.Iwouldnt say a huge risk or exposure but a risk none the less.Iwouldnt just a sex worker she could also fake documents or bribe someone..Just get the test done u will be ok..

  214. Hey Chris lol sorry to bug ya again !!! I just know you know alot about this subject !!! The doc told me at 8 months I was 100% ok but is there still a risk that the hiv didnt show up after 8 months ???

  215. hey hiv test in conclusive after 6 month from exposure so thr date you had unsafe sex in and caculate 6 month and add another one to be sure and get tested , if u are -ve then your free

  216. it was negative after 7 in a half months !!!

  217. Yeah wouldnt worry anymore about it bro at 7-8 months if test was negative than ur good.Just know ur partners status or wear a condom in the future.Best regards…

  218. I’ve had unprotected sex with 4 girls and I’ve only had sex once with each of the girls what are my chances of having HIV

  219. Alecks u need to just get tested the odss are 1 in 200,000 per encounter.So get tested to be sure,next time wrap it dude..

  220. I need to know stats and figures and honest help here

    Ive been dating my girlfriend for almost 2 months now and in may we had sex about 20 times. Im uncircumcised and today shes tested positive.

    Am i screwed? PLZ HELP

  221. Sorry to here Shaun.Well it’s a risk but not a 100%.I have heard of married couple having a baby and one of the spouses didnt get hiv after many months or evan years of marriage.You need to get tested right away and than u will know your status.Again sorry to hear about your situation will pray your ok and your friend can beat it.I know of a girl who got married her husband had it and died after a few months of marriage.She tested positive but got rid of it through treatment and that was in the early 90’s.Modern medicine is always progressing..She now has remarried aa\nd had a baby all hiv-..

  222. SHAUN

    chris need help asap

    ive been dating this girl for 2 months now and 2 days ago she tested positive. Ive been getting mad diarrhea and fever but that lasted for a day, i even got a sti frm her but thats cured aswell, im not circumsized and we did it 20 tyms in may witout protection.

    am i screwd?

  223. Chris im still waitng for my tests but my question is since she was the one who had the virus all along(i was negative before i met her), wat are the chances that im also positive?

    is it possible to be negative and still get the symptoms?

  224. It’s hard to say your staticstics but yes u are at risk.I wouldnt go by symptoms alone wait for the test results and hopefully you are ok.Good luck mate..

  225. hie,i am 23.I recently met a girl,i didnt get inside her but i was brushing my penis on her vagina.she later told me she is positive.we were kissing too.wat are my chances

  226. Well hard to say exactly but vary little but would recomend getting tested..No penetration or exchange of bodily fluids..

  227. hi chris i had sex with a girl and the condom broke the next day i found out she’s hiv carrier. i want to know the chance of me getting it… i did a test 3 days after the espouse and i was negative…. please help

  228. Sorry to hear James.I would get tested at 90 days and 180 days.Did you ejaculate inside her? Well some risk hard to say exactly.But it’s a risk non the less.

  229. chris i tested negative….its a miracle but am i still in danger? mayb i should wait another 3 months and get tested again…its so weird since my partner tested positive and we had unprotected sex for a whole month….im pleased at my resylts but confused at the same time

    • Well thats good news bro.Usually the recomend testing at 90 and 180 days,just statistics and lucky.Definitely wear a condom with future partners until you learn their status.God bless..

  230. chris i tested negative….its a miracle but am i still in danger? mayb i should wait another 3 months and get tested again…its so weird since my partner tested positive and we had unprotected sex for a whole month….im pleased at my results but confused at the same time…wat should i do

  231. no i think i did not ejaculate inside of her….. is it 100% i will get it… and does this situation HAPPENED BEFORE AND THE DIDNOT CATCH IT

  232. hey if you had sex with her in les than 48 h ago , go to a doctor there is a medicne they give its related to hiv , it should help in case you catch it dont remember the name exactly but if you take it now , in less for 48 h for like a week it would help to prevent hiv , but your chances i guess kind of high , but you have to check as soon as possible about this medcine

  233. James it’s not a 100% more like 1 in 100,000 and 1 in 200,000 unless u had anal sex it drops way down to 1 in 34.So calm down some and get tested i believe you will be ok.Kob’s post is accurate they have medicine for a poss exposure but it has a short window period also dr.’s recommend vitamin c and immune boosters.Also a healthy diet and avoid alcohol drugs so ur immune system can fight back.But try and calm down and get tested soon…

  234. yea as i said 48h after exposure if you miss that period it will be totally useless and no one will subscribe it to you , you do have to get tested too , they have now accurate and fast tests that will make you feel little better, but you cant be sure in less than exam in 30 days and another one in 6 month , been through it and know how it feels , and for your own good dont drink , drugs or even have sex at all you dont want to espouse any one else to this , you never know when your condom may break
    i have been reading about it alot that i couldnt sleep , just stick to vitamins , check with a doctor for the medicine , stay away from stuff i told you about and eat healthy , beside that you would never be able to know anything coz that thing doesnt have any signs what ever you may read or think or feel NOTHING wish you best of luck mate


  236. shiiiiiiiiiit, ok so you can hold it for more 5 days , act sick and you cant have sex , mmm go on a bussines trip , you just cant have sex with her coz yes if you have it she might have it the chances are much higher for women , if you do that and she catch it you wont forgive your self or she wont forgive you , or you can be straight forward and tell her that you had an affair ?!!! i know its not easy but you can fake being sick for more 5 days or just hope she would forgive you and respect that you told her and why you didnt want to have sex with her and forgive you


  238. if you say so but as an advise think first what should be done , and any way wish you the best


  240. there nothing called how accurate when it comes to hiv , but i think more than half , but its conclusive after 6 to 9 , thats why you have to check with a doctor all the info i knew i read on 8 month time period when i though i had it after having unprotected sex with a girl but i was lucky i asked her to test later after and she was negative , you have to check with a doctor that the best way



  243. hi!! i recently got a hand job from a girl i really didnt kno. she told me she did not have HIV, and had recently been tested. after 30 days i went and got tested.and tessted negative/ im really worried that iv gotten infected because when we were together i felt a little bit of her fluids goin on top of my penis. i am not sure if there was any penetration because i was drunk. and ever since i have been gettin this tingling sensation on my penis. i have no warts, ulcers or anything. just a lil rash that my doctor thinks is from an allergics reaction. i tested negtive for Syphillis and as a preventative measuer my doctor gave me a shot of some anti biotic and doxycyclin… any one help,., because i am very suicidal right now!!

  244. hi!! i recently got a hand job from a girl i really didnt kno. she told me she did not have HIV, and had recently been tested. after 30 days i went and got tested.and tessted negative/ im really worried that iv gotten infected because when we were together i felt a little bit of her fluids goin on top of my penis. i am not sure if there was any penetration because i was drunk. and ever since i have been gettin this tingling sensation on my penis. i have no warts, ulcers or anything. just a lil rash that my doctor thinks is from an allergics reaction. i tested negtive for Syphillis and as a preventative measuer my doctor gave me a shot of some anti biotic and doxycyclin… any one help,., because i am very suicidal right now!! comment on this thread..

  245. Bob what you described to me sounds next to impossible that you would get hiv from a hand job and her rubbing her vagina on ur penis.It sounds like you have a good doctor whot tokk extra precautiions.I would see a counselor,therapist,pschologist for possible depression.Suicide is not the answer and only hurts the ones we love.I hope this helps and you can relax some.

  246. uhmm anybody know if u can catch hiv if u get a blowjob from a positive person?

  247. uhmm anybody know if u can catch hiv if u get a blowjob from a positive person? just got a bj from my positive partner…should i b worried

  248. Well Bob there was a scientific study done in San Francisco.Research it and look at the data.My understanding is there hasnt been a case of hiv transmission through oral sex.They will not put the risk at zero because their is some factors like a cut on your penis and cut in your partners mouth.If on a girl she’s menstrating and you have a cut on your mouth etc.Me personally i would get tested to be safe but the exposure is considred minimal by some experts but not o.Hope this helps..


  250. Well James ur just going to have to get tested to be sure.It’s a risk and an exposure.But not a 100% or any where close to that look at prior post’s on statistics..

  251. hey Kob u say 6-9 months ??? what are the reasons it would take over 6 months for your body to develop anti-bodies to fight off the hiv ???

  252. ohhh ya and this is what the doctor at theThe answer is NO, it is not sure you are getting HIV, but you are at risk. The chances of getting infected during one (1) single episode of unprotected vaginal sex is not very high, around 1 to 2 women in 1000 can get infected in this case.!!!
    and men are less likely to get hiv !!! So for some of the people whom are worried about hiv from blow jobs and hand jobs ,,, give your head a shake do some mental therapy and put your energy and focus into something positive rather than negative!!!

    beginning of this thread said :

  253. the body can develop anti bodies in less 3 month but the reason is that the only reasons to be conclusive in 9 month as some people might have stronger bodies than other so it would take more time ,

  254. well i slept with a girl hiv plus a year ago tested negative !!! and the websites ive read and doctors i have talked too said the average person develops antibodies at 25 days, by 3 months its 95-99% that you will have developed anti-bodies and by 6 months if you test negative you are a 100% HIV free, unless u had contact with someone with potential HIV during the 6 month period !!! Maybe im wrong and the websites and doctors are wrong ?? i dont know but this is the information i have received!!!

  255. chris will the mouth test show that i have hiv if i have it in 30 days after the espouse

  256. i am not sure with saliva test.But if you were positive it could show inconclusive during that period if you were exposed.

  257. the doctor site is totally true but how would you know that you are from this percentage ?!!! you are not dealing about a flew or anything you are talking about HIV no treatment yet for that thing , so you would like to be sure or just have a clue !!!!, 30 days are just to know your chances, 3 month your half the way 6 month to 9 congratulations you are free and you dont have anything , go back to your life but remember you already got your free pass never happen again only once in your life , i gave you my advise coz i been there my self and i waited for the worst 9 month in my life and no oe who ever he is and what ever he say will make you feel better even me , you can think if it as experience, or that you are making up for what you done before just hope for the best and when ever you want to ask for something just text k.o.b i always answer who ever want help coz i know how it feels searching for advise and help and dont get it , and i got it here from some one so im returning the favor

  258. oh and the only conclusive tests are blood tests

  259. i tested negative today, 4 weeks does it mean anything

  260. Well thats good James.Some say that month or 4 weeks isnt soon enough to show the antibodies etc.But others will say that you could be inconclusive and than later be positive.So i believe a negative test is good news but would follow up at 90 days and 6 months.I hope this helps ..

  261. can i catch std and not catch hiv

  262. I had unprotected sex 3 times with a guy who claims he doesn’t have HIV but everyone says different .well I’m scared and I want to know what are the risks .the only symptoms I had was a fever and a night sweat but I don’t know if I really was sick though .so can you please help me out

  263. go get tested. thats the only advice, if you do come positive, having HIV is not a death sentence. im kinda goin through what you are going. hope for the best be prepared for the worst.

  264. one other thing, you are just anxious. RELAX!!!!!

  265. about 4 months ago I had unprotected sex with a guy who is HIV pos.we had sex 5 times I didn’t have any symptoms and wasn’t really worried till now .what are the chances I caught the virus?

  266. thanks bob34

  267. wanted to share this found it recently..
    Portuguese to English translation

    H1N1 influenza vaccine can give false positive result for AIDS
    By Marcio Claesen on 23/05/2010: 22h42

    The H1N1 flu vaccine can cause false-positive HIV tests. The warning was given by the Sanitary Vigilance Agency (Anvisa). But remain calm. The vaccine does not contain the AIDS virus. That may be because the vaccine increases the production of an antibody that fools the Elisa test, the most widely used in Brazil to detect infection by HIV or not.

    However, doctors caution that no positive results in testing anti-AIDS will be delivered before a rebuttal. The false-positive result may appear in up to 112 days after the flu shot, according to experts.

  268. Dear Chris

    Ive just gone through the whole blog/website above and found that its 1 out of 200,000 chance of contracting HIV for men but its still at risk. Like everyone else, im getting really paranoid and stressed out coz my condom broke and ejaculated in her and this was my 1st encounter. I was at a party and was drunk coz i dont normally do this kinda stuff. shes a sex worker and has been in the industry for 1 month now and will go back to her country in another months time after her visa expires. I asked her if she was clean and she said yes (but u said they would lie about it). It has been 3 days now and im not having any symptoms. When would you recommend me to do my 1st check at the doctors?

    PS : I will nvr F%#$% do this again!

  269. Hey,scared sorry to hear about ur incident.I would recommend getting tested at 30 days but if it was recent they have medication at the hospital for exposure but it’s a small window like 72 hours or so.So at 3 days you may want to go and see.Explain what happened.But the statistics are good in ur favor..God Bless…

  270. can i catch std and not catch hiv if she have all those

  271. Yes cause a std like herpes,hpv,syphlis etc is much easier to get than hiv..

  272. I had unprotected sex for about 2-3 minutes with my ex boyfriend but he did not ejaculate i asked him if he has any illness but he said no but i’m still scared…how likely is it for me to get hiv from a 2-3 sexual act?

    • Omw Shana I went through the same thing. We used a condom for 16mins then I asked him to take it off, don’t know what the hell I was thinking. His penis is cut and he said the last time he didn’t use a condom was 2 years ago. Still feel uneasy now I have to wait 3months to get tested.

      • Yeah gen 90 days can be done at 60 days.Some say too early but usually if you were infected in early stages antibodies can be detected and it would be inconclusive.Also diabeties and other medical conditions can make the test inconclusive.Just an fyi..Best of whishes..Chris..

  273. from a 2-3 minute sexual act i meant

  274. Shana not vary likely but good get pregnant,std’s from precum..Next time make him wear a condom..

  275. can i get std from receiving oral sex

  276. I had unprotected sex three weeks ago with a woman like an idiot. I have been freaking out worried if I cn be exposed to HIV. She claims to be std free . Today I get a sore throat, dry eyes and hot and cold flashes. I am even more freaked out. You read on line and it lists those as possible symtoms.It as vaginal and she gave me oral, Idid not give her oral. What are my chances of being exposed or is this just a cold?

  277. Well wouldnt consider those symptoms personally.The risk is 1 in 200,000 per exposure..Could be just a cold if ur worried get tested..Why dont u believe when she says she’s clean?Sucks everbody seems to have aids phobia and if they get a blow job,hand job,or sex everone always thinks the worse and they have aids.Just wear a condom in the future maybe call the chick back and get seconds.Just saying..

  278. Hi Chris, Jonesy here,
    After 3 long months! I tested negative. Definitely learnt my lesson. Thanks for the support Chris,really appreciate it. And for everyone else here: always keep spare rubber.

  279. Great Jonesy thanks for getting back.So happy to hear your ok..

  280. hey chris its me again, i have been having protected sex wit my hiv positive partner and everythings fine until the condom broke yesterday and i didnt notice it until i had already ejaculated in her…im freakin out here! any chance i caught the virus?

  281. Well knowing her status helps.Meaning she’s on meds and her viral count is probably lower etc.With that said some risk always when having sex with an infected partner.I would get tested to be sure.You can go to er room and they have drugs to use if it’s within 48 hours and say it was a possible exposure..Best of luck sorry to hear it broke.But thats what I would do..

  282. i have ulcer under my tongue, and headache is it a symptom of hiv

  283. Dont wana use my parents medical aid…are there any over the counter medication i can buy? or is my anxiety making me feel so sick…help

  284. Ok Shaun I know they treat hiv exposure etc with vitamin c it boosts the immune system.Why dont u want to use ur folks medical??If u have it use it not worth the risk.Also u are always at risk having sex with an hiv infected partner evan with a condom.Nothing is a 100%.As u saw condom broke or can come off etc.I would go to er and ask for the meds for a 48 hour poss. exposure.But it’s obviously ur choice.Best of luck mate..Chris

  285. James could be just stress related hard to say whats going on.Always if in doubt see your health care provider.Best of luck..Chris

  286. chris is been 6 weeks and i took the pcr dna blood test and it came back negative and they said i dnt have to test again is it true

  287. Yes James well having it negative is great news.But yes usually the say 60-90 days etc.But now a days from the info i am told at 30-45 days if you were positive it come back inconclusive because u are develpoing the antibodies so a negative is great.But they want to just be sure.Take care..Chris.

  288. chris the reason y i dont wana use my parents medical aid is because i dont want them to ask questions…..arent the statistics for female to male exposure low? i knw i gotta wait for 30 days to get testd and this happend monday so i gues the windows closed……chris the reason y i dont wana use my parents medical aid is because i dont want them to ask questions…..arent the statistics for female to male exposure low? i knw i gotta wait for 30 days to get testd and this happend monday so i gues the windows closed……

  289. hello sir,
    I had protected sex on 3rd of july 2011. Intercourse was maximum for 3 minutes. Am very much worried now. I have no other option than committing suicide.pls help me. After 8 days in my mouth thing which hangs inside mouth has become little big. But it is painless. Am feeling little tired also. Wat are my chances of getting hiv. Am little confident that my condom didnt break. Pls help me. After 15 minutes again i protecteds had sex wit her but this time my penis was not fully erect and this time i didnt ejaculated inside her. Am i safe.

  290. Hello min2 first off suicide is not an option dont evan consider it or dwell on it any further.With that said I urge you if your still feeling this way to seek medical attention immediately.Now what i will have to say is this.This is not a significant exposure and is more of aidsphobia .Which is understandable many have this including myself but can be just as unhealthy and dangerous etc.Your symptoms could be just the common cold or flu.So if you still feel anxious get tested..But you need to see a health care prof anyway.Good luck and dont give up.Praying for you..Chris..

  291. Thanks alot chris for praying for me really thanks alot. Today i went to doctor and i told him about my problem. Doctor said that i have some cold infection. He gave me medicines and one injection also. Am little feeling better now. But still the fear of getting hiv is still there inside me. I ll never repeat this mistake again in my life. This was my first and last mistakes ever done. Chris can you pls tell me wat are my chances of getting hiv. I had sex wit her only for 3 minutes and i ejaculated inside her. While taking off my condom i didnt saw any thing coming out of it. Condom was fine. After that she gave me blow job for 15 seconds. On the whole i was wit her only for 10 mins. After that i came out of room.

  292. Well hard to say for sure.But sounds like you practiced relatively safe sex.It’s like 1 in 200,000 for vaginal sex and thats unprotected sex.So it would be vary low risk since you used a condom.Studies have been down about oral sex and it’s evan lower than that.Look at older posts and info on this site and google it for more info.Glad you went to Dr, and feel better.Blessings.Chris.

  293. thanks chris,
    I ll get tested next month 16th (45 days after exposure) is 45 day result is conclusive. Sorry for asking soo many question, but i would like to know answer for few question
    1. Is it true that condom has pores in it through which hiv virus can pass.
    2. How much is is advisable to have sex wit condom, how safe it is.
    3. I have heard that hiv can be spread only if sufficient amount of virus is transmitted from infected body to healthy body.

  294. Well never heard of condoms having pores etc,Nothing is 100%but it’s awful close..I wouldnt worry too much about.Just be safer i think ur ok..good luck mate..

  295. Im a male & yesterday when my boyfriend & i were having anal sex.. The condom broke & did not realized that it was after sex (i came inside him).. Btw we got tested like 2-3 months ago & were both negative.. What are our chances into getting Std?

  296. Well LALA glad to hear your practicing safe sex and know your partners status.It’s hard to say on a std statisticly,but if either one of you did have an std the chance would be high.Because of the sensitivity of the anus etc.I always say it’s one of risky behaviors.Not saying because your gay straight people who perform anal sex are at equal risk.You and I can both agree that it is upsetting to hear that hiv is a gay disease.Just that anal sex in generael is the risk.So with all that said I would continue to perform safe sex.If your concerned of an std get tested.I know a few years back syphlis made a huge come back.But with treatment of antibiotics early on will cure it.Hope this helps and again glad you are you partner are being responsible and are both involved in safe sex practices.God bless…Chris..

  297. i had sex with my ex boyfriend for about 2 minutes didn’t have full penetration neither did he ejaculate i made him stop because i got scared however i asked him if he had hiv and he said no and that he got tested the week after we had sex and he was negative…i got tested 6 weeks after that am i safe or should i be worried?

  298. I wouldnt be too concerned about it kiki just be safer in the future….

  299. thanks chris…i will be safer next time

  300. is been 2 months now and i took the pcr dna and the antibodies test today. if they come back negative does it mean i’m hiv free. because when i took the pcr at 6 weeks the said i only have to wait 7-14 days after the espouse….please help should i take this off my head

  301. Well would just do one again at 120 day but would say looks good mate.

  302. they came back should i take it off my head

  303. Yes good to hear James..Now keep away from that risky behavior..Take care…God Bless…

  304. hi,
    I had sex with a hooker on roadside witout a condom 6 yrs baCK (purpose of hooker was to rob me an she was suceeded also). i ejaculated though mine was not even errected and was completely dry. i was in doubt that is it was sex or not. i askesd her later then she told me that it wasnt inserted as it was not erected. after two years i had sex with a house wife with condoms on. i was so concious about the condom that i havent had it properly. after the so called sex i tested the condom also for any leakege but it was ok. once i had rubbed my penis against her vagina (or thigh i dont know) for few sec say 30 in 2006-07. in 2009, while on tracking i developed candidiasis which lasted for less than a week but after few months it was returned when i was aving a viral fever and again lasted for less than a week.

    in 2010 i had a protected sex with a unknown girl.

    in april 2011 i again had a protected sex with a housewife twice, again checked the condom for leakage but this time i inserted my penis without condom just once i.e in and out.

    in july 2011 i again had a feverish condition and the candidiasis returns and again lasted for 6 days.

    i doesnt have sore or patch in my mouth or on my penis at anytime, the ladies arent bleeding, condoms was ok all the time, none of the lady has any other std.

    what are my chances of getting affected, please help m tensed.
    i m from india.

  305. Hi,tensed sorry to hear about your worries etc.Due to the high number of hiv rate in India etc.I would recommend testing for hiv and std’s.You can do it yourself with kits available at pharmacy’s or online and are completely anonomous.It sounds your talking about thrush oral infection.I would get tested to be certain.Best of whishes..Chris…

  306. hey chris,
    i dont have any STD,
    candidiasis is fungal infection.
    i’ll go for test but i just want to know what are my chances which such condition.
    is it possible to have HIV with one insertion (not single encounter) for 30 sec.

    no of hiv rate here is 0.3%

    these are the only time i had sex.

  307. Ok tensed i heard that hiv was high in India.But a 30 second exposure etc is low risk but carries some risk..I was more concerned about the sex you said you had with sex worker six years ago..

  308. thanks chris for your concern,
    but as i have told that it wasn’t erected and was completly dry, i doubted that is it really inserted. she confess it wasnt.

    Please help and sorry for so many question.

    also please tell me where are the risk is 1 in 2,00,000 and where the risk is 1 in 2000.

  309. No prob.Well some give the stats of 1 in 200,000 for a circumcised male for vaginal intercourse.And one in 100,000 for woman so from that woman are twicw at risk.I’ve heard some at 1 in 2,000 but thats way high.It goes alot riskier if you have anal sex..Like 1 in 43.Just would recomend the test to trule it out.I know it’s stressfull..Take care God Bless…

    • so why there are different stats…
      how much can a hiv person live while have medication.
      have seen a study on internet which says that hiv is not an std.
      it only transmit if you have sores or patch or any other blood exposure.

  310. How accurate is the DNA PCR and the antibodies test after two months. And they said that I have herpes 1 and I dont see anything on my mouth I just see blisters on my finger… How many types of herpes there is

  311. What are the chances of getting infected if the male is not circumcised……?

  312. if i have to go for hiv test, which test should i opt.
    is Elisa gives accurate result after six years of exposure.

    also i’ve been living healthy life with no serious illness.
    only ill ness i catch ones in a year is fever which last for 3-4 days and sore throught. no weighloss no lymph nodes. no oral thrush.

  313. Yes the Elisa test is best the gold standard in the industry.You cant go by symptoms alone since some dont develop any.I believe your ok but you need the test to confirm and let your mind at ease.Next time wear a condom and practice safer sex..Best whishes to you and India..Chris..

  314. thanks chris,

  315. Hi Chris, why best wishes to India? 🙂

  316. Thats where tensed is from..Who posted the questions/comments..

  317. How accruate PCR DNA and the antibodies test after two months

  318. James honestly they are accurate.Usually they say 90 days but i would just test and see.The tests are accurate and 60 days is usually long enough to test for antibodies but they usually suggest 90 days but it’s your choice..

  319. I had brief unprotected sex with a sex worker 12 days ago and am worried sick, I had lost my erection so took condom off to help myself get hard again with ky. Then tried to reinsert into her anus but only got it in for about 5 seconds and she said we should switch to vaginal, we did vag for about 10 seconds and I began to ejaculate so pulled out but I believe I might have spilled a little inside her also. I know, what was I thinking… I wasn’t. Midlife crisis I guess. She was Chinese and spoke very little English so I really couldn’t communicate with her. I would like to know what you think my probability of getting hiv is. Please send me an email.

    Please help

  320. Well hard to say exactly but an exposure none the less..I would get tested to be certain..

  321. hey i recently had unprotected sex with a girl last weekend and she texted me and said she had gotten chlamydia and gonorrhea is is postible she had hiv? she has an iud implant and says she gets check every 2 months last check she was clean but she recently found out her bf cheated on her a month back before they broke freaking out does this mean i have hiv? i already got tested and its negative and got cured for chlamydia and gonorrhea. do having these mean shes more likely to have hiv?

  322. Well no it does it mean she had hiv.Clamydia/gon is easily caught and luckily easily treated with antibiotic.I would do a test at 90 days and just be safer in future..

  323. she got her hiv and syphilis test and they came back negative its been about a month she had sex with her bf. should i be worrying?

  324. Well it’s a good start looks good but follow up at 90 days and be safe..

  325. 10 weeks antibody test and came back negative should I still worry

  326. I am a 28 year old female who had unprotected sex with a guy that i know but don’t know well I was drunk and really don’t remember what happend I do know that we had normal vaginal sex but i don’t remember if in the heat of the moment he went into the wrong hole.know… I know he didn’t cum inside me at all we didn’t finish but im emotional mess over it all Im very scared bc I never do that with a person I barely know never have and never will again. I asked him a day after if he was tested recenetly and he said he gets tested at least once a year and just recently got tested and he came up clean and when I wrote I told him I was nervous to ask him and he told me I shouldn’t be nervous to ask a question like that bc its my life….I have a appointment on Sept 20th to get tested. This just happened Aug 7th it will be 6 weeks after what happened that I get tested is that a good amount of time??…this one happened once but like I said I don’t know if we had anal sex or not..I can’t sleep all i want to do is cry 😦

  327. I am a 27 year old female who had unprotected sex with someone I don’t know very well this happened on Aug 7th and I was drunk I know we had normal vaginal sex but I don’t remember if he went into the wrong hole or not at all I know that we didn’t finish we just stopped and this only happened once. The next day I asked if he was recently tested and he said that he gets tested at least once a year and just got recently tested and his test came back that he was clean I told him I was nervous and shy to ask him that question and told me that I shouldn’t be shy or nervous to askaa question like that bc its my life…Im a mess over this I have been crying and barely sleeping bc of this …Im going to get tested Sept 20th is 6 weeks after we had unprotected sex is that enought time to get tested??? I really don’t know how many people he has slept with but I’m sure since he is good looking its enough. And reading about how anal sex puts you at higher risk scares me even more…what if you have anal sex and he didn’t cum in you only one time?

  328. Well still always some risk.Next time be safe but def get tested to be certain..Yes anal sex is risky but you would know you would have a sore bottom and discomfort..Relax and get tested stress is def not good..Hope all is well..

  329. I personally wouldnt but drs. health care workers always say 90 days..Good luck James great news..

  330. Hi Celac,

    something tells me that you did have anal sex and you liked it. Anyways good luck with the tests!!!. Just make sure he wears rubber next time!!!

  331. Hello, i live in a country that has a pretty high infection rate (it’s in the top 5 i think), and currently living in one of the worst areas. I had regular unprotected sex with a steady partner. I am still friends with her, she is recently engaged, and is also carrying a child, but it it not from the fiance, and yes he does know this. She recently got a test done and found she was positive, he has also taken a test (yes they have had unprotected sex), but his test is negative, and he knows he has to wait a few more weeks. She is currently chasing up medication to help protect the baby, and as you cant catch it with just one act, (unsure of how many times they did it unprotected), he is sweating it out, waiting for time to pass by. Anyway, I was with her, some years back, having unprotected sex, then we broke up. Sometime after she took a test, came back negative. A year or a bit more later we got back together, sex was less frequent, but always with a condom. The last time we had sex, it would have been 2 1/2 – 3 years ago, since then we have been friends ONLY. She had a hard time telling me about it, and i can fully understand that. I was only told about it this afternoon, and i’m absolutly terrified. I felt my chest turn to stone as soon as i heard those 3 letters followed by the word positive, i still cant even say the whole phrase i’m sorry to say, becasue of how scared i am. I’ve been searching on the net for a good 5 or 6 hours now, reading up on the disease and how you can live a good life, thats all good and well. One of the biggest problems i face is my current carreer requires me to have certain mdeical standards, and i’m worried that if i see a doctor that he will be obliged to pass my name onto the relevent authorities, and there ends my carreer. I know my life or carreer, simple choice there. I have some rather important things coming up soon. A major examination that i need to pass to continue my work, thats in about 2 weeks, then my only brothers wedding in about 2 months. If it comes back positive, i wont be able to focus on work, and i just couldnt tell family just before my bros wedding. Its just helping to unload this here. Anyone have any comments or advice it would be great to hear.

  332. Sorry to hear Matro about your troubles.Well she could of got infected during the 2-3 yrs after your encounter etc.They do have online testing kits that are confidential.If you can get one suggest that.But maybe find out how many partners she had in that window period etc.The only way to be sure is to test.Best of whishes ..

  333. hey i had sex with a girl 2 days ago i wore a condom the whole time up until like 10 min before i came i took it off and i didnt come in her so the next day i get a phone call saying her mom died of full blown aids and they tested her but they dont know yet so should i be worried and whats my chances i have aids or hiv

  334. hey i had sex with a girl 2 days ago i wore a condom the whole time up until like 10 min before i came i took it off and i didnt cum in her so the next day i get a phone call saying her mom died of full blown aids and they tested the girl i had sex with for aids and hiv and they said she got tested 2 weeks ago but they dont know yet so should i be worried and whats my chances i have aids or hiv and im scared i didnt cum in her and it was only for a lil while without a comdom

  335. Well would follow up on testing hopefully daughter is ok.Well evan if so the risk is like 1 in thousands..But remeber to wear a condom and get tested hope you hear good news.

    • thanks chris i will they said she hasnt got a call back yet so i guess that means shes ok im just worried but i have no symptoms or anything and everything will be ok

    • so help me out one one time let me get this right if her mom had full blown aids and shes in high school if she didnt get sick or something by now and its been 16 years she probley is dine right and i have nothing to worrie about

  336. Yeah i understand what your saying and yesyour right.But get tested to be sure..

  337. i am sure am hiv positive although not confirmed by test, i had 5 months unprotected sex with ma fiance, i cudnt beleive when she tested positive, as we did take the test together, i just broke, and jumped. i know am in window period, chances of being uninfected minimal although i turned out negative on that day, the dr. said it may be discordant, but all i know am positive now, is there chances to escape?

  338. Well sometimes if you are inconclusive it could mean ur developing antibodies.So a negative is a great sign follow up with testing and have protected sex.I am sorry to hear about ur situation.I saw a married couple who was pregnant and wife was positive and husband tested negatice.It was aired on 60 minutes prob could google program.Unfortanately it’s easier for woman to get the disease than man.1 in 100,000 vs man 1 in 200,000 so woman are twice at risk.Evan riskier is anal sex at 1in 34..My prayers are with u….Dont give up have hope u could be ok.Or if you are than medical science is always improving..Chris..

  339. Howdy Chris,

    Please correct me here if I am wrong but I think, the only way HIV/AIDS is transmitted is via passage of body fluids e.g. blood/vaginal secretions/semen/from mom to child during child birth or rarely via intense kissing(saliva). So the chances of the girl having contracted the illness from the mother are pretty remote unless of course we are going by the adage “like mother like child” which would be rather unfair evaluation of the situation.

  340. Well good comment and or question.Some say (experts) saliva could be tramsmitted but vary unlikely.Really low low risk maybe bleeding in gums and partners etc.But no was refering to age birth or possibly how households may share razors etc.So safe to just get the test done to rule out any possibilities etc.Ty..Chris.

  341. I took the test at 3 months and it came back negative. Now I got cold and sore throut Is that symptoms of HIV or I’m I HIV free

  342. Well if ur neg at 90 days think ur ok.Cold and sore throat could just be a common cold/flu..

  343. well,mi gal got her test result today,and she is positive,and the shit is freaking me out since we had unprotected sex like 4 times before,and she told me she tested few days ago and she was negative,i tested a month ago and mi result were negative,she lives in another country most of the tym,and now we meet and did tests together,and her test is positive and mine the want me to re do the test again,the reason being the blood got ”grossly hamolysed. i believe in GOD

  344. Sorry to hear about your situation.Recomened testing and counseling if available from red cross etc in ur country.Again doesnt mean automaticlly you have it and a death sentence.I’ll pray it will be ok..Chris..

  345. hi, i had unprotected vaginal intercourse for a min without ejaculating in her a week ago with a girl who claim that she does not have hiv and she said that she was gonna show me her results this week. I don’t have a fever nor do i have lymph nodes. But i have a cold, i think a friend passed it on to me and i also have two small red rash spots. i heard that the hiv rash occurs after 2 or 3 weeks but that not my case. Please help me, do u think i have hiv?? i am gettin crazy ..pls

  346. Well doesnt sound significant.But i know how it’s just a cold or flu.Just try and to relax and talk to her if she has her results to show u etc than it sounds ok to me.Take care..Chris

    • she is not picking up her phone, she looked a bit afraid of getting hiv from me after our episode and even if she has hiv what do you think my chances are of having it too? if you can, tell me in percentages, thanks chris

  347. it’s hard to say exactly but doesnt sound like a significant risk or exposure.its like 1 in 20,000 per exposure so some risk.Next time wear a condom.Chris


  349. some say some risk some say not at all.I gues if u had a cut and so did ur partner some risk.Hiv lives vary shortly outside the body..

  350. hey chris i had unprotected sex about 5 weeks back with a girl who tested positive with clymadia and gonorrhea and she says shes HIV negative and her boyfriend that had it was negative to but now im starting to feel my lymph nodes under my arm and groin area starting to bother me. im so worried is that a sign of HIV or am i just worring to much, can anxiety cause this to?? i also got a sore throat that keeps coming back but no flu tho. I keep thinking about it but she told me not to worry about it but i dont trust her.

  351. i had protected sex 4 times with a man and later had rumours that he is hiv positive what are the chances of me catching the virus please help i am so scared

  352. Well if you have protected sex it’s like 99.9% effective if used properly.Nothing is 100 % effective so if your still worried get tested.

  353. Yes it could be from the ghonerea/aka clap.Go to DR. it’s easily treated with antibiotics those types of std’s are making a comeback.So get tested to be sure..

  354. chris, i have a question… do hiv early symptom rashes itch, can they appear and disappear like the next morning and are they always accompanied by fever, headaches, body aches, and fatigue?

  355. can the symptoms appear after a week of exposure and do they last?
    sorry for asking all of these question

  356. No a week is too soon and not all develop symptoms.Could be a number of other things and just pshych your self out.Maybe got to clinic and do the std testing.Ur local health dept and services provide these for frrr if you dont have medical ins.Butf it’s an easy infection treated with antiobiotics like penacillin.

  357. thanks if i have any other questions, i will post, you have been very helpful

  358. should i start having sex with my wife after a 14 weeks hiv antibody test or should i wait…and i been told that 3 months is conclusive

  359. Well would wear a condom to be safe they say to wait until 6 month usually but thats your call bro.But everything sounds good..

  360. My girlfriend is HIV+ we have been dating for over a year now.We usually have unprotected sex. Only last week i came to discover that She is HIV+. Does this mean that I have contracted the virus? Though at the moment I still tested HIV-.

  361. i have unprotected sex 2 times with HIV women about 2 weeks ago, after sex the next 3 days i took blood test, 2 times, but negative. hows probability i get infected.

  362. i had unprotected sex with a prostitute. 7days after exposure, i went for PCR test which came out after 5days. I PCR test 7days after exposure conclusive?

  363. i have unprotected sex for like 5min and i also lick her too…I am very worry

  364. how risky is it if you touch blood of someone who is hiv positive?

  365. Hi Chris,
    I had a one night stand with a random girl was quite drunk did not know her name and doubt i will see her again can not remember everything i know i went down on her and she gave me a blowjob can not be sure if we had full sex its possible would have only been a couple of minutes if we did as i remember everything else. The next day my penis was tingerling and 3 days later i have a horrid cold.

    And now my penis feels like it has urine in it most of the time slight burning its been 7 days now and am so worried think i may have a slight redness round my foreskin aswell. I had a shower and cleaned myself after about 4 hours have i caught something can symptons show up this fast?

    am going to have a dose of Azithromycin 1g and Cefixime 400 mg. am not sure if my sysmptons are just brought on by anxity phobia like you said.

    I keep imagining the worst and i swear all this thinking is giving me more symptons.

    So glad i found your blog have read most of it but i still felt the need to post

  366. Hi,I had unprotected sex with a woman that I don’n know if she has HIV or not about two years ago,I’m concerned so bad.I took a HIV test today.The sex was two nights and each night was like four times.I heard that the chance of getting infected by females are lower that woman by man.Is that true?

  367. yes woman are twice as likely as men during vaginal sex but anal sex is extremely high risk.So the odds are some where like 1 in 100,000 for girl 1 in 200,000 for male.And 1 in 34 for anal sex…so wrap it!!! get tested and wear a condom in future encounters..Best of luck mate..

  368. hi im kinda serial dater…i slept with 11 guys this year alone since my last test and i was negative…but i used condoms on 3 only …..the rest are still in contact with me and reassure me they don’t have it,but they have not been tested…but all circumcised and we still remain friends and they don’t seem to have less then 10 partners each since they have had sex ,so i know their not trying to pull a hit and run….i have an episotomy wound which ripped opened after i gave birth but had sex six months after surgery …does that up my chances of contracting..if it was not fully healed ?am i going crazy?i haven’t been able to sleep ..i want to get tested but the last time i has sex was in end of august is it too early?please help me

    • On your question about your post surgery?The answer would be some increased risk,I would get tested to be certain and no it’s not too early.I would recomend having protected sex though.Not just hiv but hpv,herpes etc with multiple partners.Woman are twice at risk than men statisticlly..Why risk it not worth the problems..Right?.Good luck..So 11 guys in 1 year is almost one new guy a month.Just play it safe and settle down some find yourself a nice guy..Take care..

  369. thx for the reply will do :)ill keep you posted

  370. Dear sir/madam,
    i had sex unprotected for first time…so do i get infected with std and hiv if she is having?

    i highly appreciate if you could answer as soon as possible, so that i could get checked up for any presence of std.

    thank you

    • Well dont stress out too much..I would just get a reg check up[ for std’s.Next time wear a condom..Chris..Good luck..

  371. Hi Chris, I have had a unprotected sex with a sex worker in singapore two days ago. I don’t know she is positive or not.. I had penetrated her viagna less than 5 mins but it did not come inside. I didnt see any bloods on my penis. We did kiss around and I kissed her viagna.. Do you think I will get infect HIV? I am so worry please help!!! Thanks

    • Well some risk if she was infected with hiv.Some Dr.’s say no risk through oral sex some say minimal vary low risk.But the penetration is a risk like 1 in 20,000 some say others say 1 in 200,000.So Irecomend getting tested to be certain and wear a condom to protect your self and others.So there is some risk but not absolute.You didnt climax etc.Just try and calm down and see a health care professional..Good luck and blessings..Chris..

      • Thanks Chris
        I don’t feel well at the moment, and starting coughing.. Is it a symptom of HIV? What type of test I can do now??if she is HIV positive, is that mean I am absulate infected by HIV???
        Please advise.. I didn’t sleep in the last two days!! So worry!!

      • Well understand stressing out.But your symptoms are probably from stress and no sleep etc.You can get a test done at your med clinic or Dr.If she has hiv than you could be at risk for infection.But the risk level is 1 in thousands on first exposure.You just need to get through this and get the test done to be sure.It’s hard to say for sure what your chances are but some risk definitely.Maybe also check for all stds you could have syphlis,gonareah,etc.Std’s are common among sex workers and specially in Asia,latin American countries.But try and calm down and go to the Dr..God Bless…Chris

      • Hi Chris
        I just took STD and HIV tests. However, the doc said the results won’t be accurate and I need to wait 2 weeks for STD and 6 weeks for HIV. Is that true? The doc said I am at low risk due to I penetrate to the viagnal and not ejaculation.. Is that right?
        I try to relax I hope… But it is hard..

      • Yes,that is correct in the timelines.Yes since you didnt cum inside her and penetration was brief it greatly reduces your risk..But some risk is there.So follow up with testing..Take care..

      • Hi Chris
        I have feel uncomfortable on both two sides of my upper neck about few days!!! Is it lymph node??? I have searched this is a symptom of HIV, is it true?? But I only exposured to HIV about 4 days?? Is it possible ? Other than that I feel normal!! But still not sleep well because of worry!!! Plse advise!!!!

      • Well it could be from ur birth control? Having sex regulary could lead to the discharge mentioned.I would suggest douching or using vagisil prouducts..If it doesnt stop than go to the clinic for a std check or papsmere..Chris

      • Well too soon for lymphnode flu symptoms etc.But would go to Dr. and get examed.If you believe you had an hiv exposure the er staff have a shot to help prevent transmission but i believe it’s usually within 72 hours.Good luck and God bless..

      • Hi Chris
        I have done the STD test and the results are cleared. I am going to do HIV test in 2 weeks after.
        What is the chance I got infected HIV as my STD results are negative?

      • Well thats great news..Well usually it’s a good sign hiv+ have higher risk for other diseases since immune system is low.Good luck with your test..Blessings

      • Hi Chris
        Hope you well
        I have 2 mouth ulcers, one on my tongue and one on the lip.. Are they the symptom of HIV infected? I have no fever, no sore throat etc. just normal.
        I have had spicy food two days ago and not sleep well. STD tested and show cleared
        What do you think?

      • No but hard to say for sure.Could be just a flu or cold.My step daughter had mouth ulcers and it was from her asthma and flu.If you say had thrush and had no diabeties etc.Than could be a symptom as always get tested to be sure.ty blessings Chris.

      • Hi Chris
        Thanks for your reply.
        I don’t have any thrush in my mouth. no flu and no cold…
        Do you think I am ok?

      • Only two white spots, one on tongue and one on lip.. I feel pain when eat or drink.. Apart from that. I feel like normal…
        What do you think?
        Thanks Chris

      • Well could be mouth ulcer from viral infection etc.Maybe go to Dr. and have it examined.Most likely prescribe some antibiotics..Blessings..chris..

      • Hi Chris
        I had HIV test at 6 weeks after exposure!! My result came back and it is cleared. Is that mean I don’t infect HIV? Do you think I need to test again at 3 months time after exposure?? What is the chance I wil get HIV positive??

  372. No one in particular

    I have a question. I wasin a relationship with a woman back in 2004-2005. We had unprotected sex several times. The conversations of aids and hiv never came up because we were in a relationship. After our relationship ended due to infidelity on her part and lying about being pregnant (early stages). We broke up. I then went back to having protected sex. For the most part i’ve been very carefull, ive had a moderate number of sexual partners, but only had 4 unprotected “relationships”. In 2005-2006 I started an unprotected monogomous relationship with a woman who is now my wife, we have a child together and she tested negative for hiv in 2008 which was her last test. I have not been tested since the relationship with that questionable woman those many years ago. Its been 7 years and I am average health, lol im even slightly overweight for my age. So here is the stupid question: since me and my wife have been in a monogomous relationship for the last 5-6 years and she is hiv negative, can I assume that I am too?

    • Well the answer is both yes and no..Well I have heard in countries like Africa where the woman was infected with hiv and was pregnant and her husband was negative.But your baby is from your semen and since semen contains hiv.The chances are most likely your not +.Woman are twice as likely to get hiv than man.To be certain u could get tested.But if I was you wouldnt loose any sleeep over it.Feel lucky you found the right woman and are not monogomous.Good luck with your new family..God Bless.Chris..

  373. HELP!!! i’m 21 and in a livein relationship from past 2 years…and m having sex like 6-7 times a month.the guy is non-hiv affected. and me too.he do sex always without condoms.i’m afraid if it leads to hiv or some other severe now a days my vaginal discharge is heavy.i ‘m having dull abdominal pain.and irregular periods.

  374. hello i had sex with a sex worker, she told me she gets tested once a month. We had sex and the first condom i use was okay and i ejacuated inside of her with the condom on. But she she wanted to have sex again and this time the condom broke, i didn’t know at first and we had like for 3-5 or something like that i’m not sure. what made me notice the condom break was i heard a werid noise like a air bullon pop, and i removed my penis and seen that the condom was off, i freak out and she gave me an handjob. But know i’m sick. That was like a month ago, i had a fever and know i have a swollen throat and sightly swollen lympon nods should i be extremely worried. Please can someone respone to my post i’m worried all the time, but reading this blog i suppose helps me out a bit, i when to the doctor and he told me i got tonsilltis but still i’m worried. I will get tested tomorrow. Please someone reponsed.

    • Well I understand your concern worried.I would get tested but sounds like your Dr. is on top of it.Sorry to hear about your experience but hopefully your ok.Statisticlly odds are in your favor but some risk involved.God Bless..Chris..

  375. i mean for like 3 to 5 minutes with the condom broking

  376. Thanks chris, i will get tested tomorrow, and wow thanks for the fast response. god bless you.

    • Yes,your welcome worried was thinking about ur incident a little more.So on the second go at it the condom fell off inside her.You didnt cum inside and she finished you off by masterbating you.So you didnt cum directly inside of her.So that greatly reduces your exposure.Thats a good thing because she is at high risk as a sex worker.I believe your ok and you’ll get through this. Maybe stay away from them it’s just not worth the risk.Take care..Chris.

  377. Yeah your right for know on i’m only going to be with a girl i love. But the reason i’m worried is because of getting sick a month later and i still have swollen tonsils, but i don’t have a fever had one for 2 days and i was spitting out alot of mucus. I also i was dealing with alot mucus in my nose. But like 2 days before i ate some kind of fruit i didn’t see before and my throat started itch and felt like there was something in it. So i’m just worried because this all started 1 month after sex with that sex worker.

  378. hi Chris,
    just found out my gf hiv+, if i unprotected 2 times, 1 time cum inside, 1 time no cum, i’m getting really worry lately, need sir advise, exposure already 6 weeks, take test now or wait till 3 months? some said 6 weeks possible to detect. Things turn upside down lately. Pls if someone can explain. Appreciate it

    • Hello advise sorry to hear she is hiv+.I would get the test done.Well so two possible to exposure.The rate is 1 in 100,000 so odds are in your favor.Only have protected sex until you know your status and your partners.Sorry to hear will keep you guys in my prayers..Best whishes..Chris.

      • thanks a lot, so it means 6 week I can get results,I try ask nearest doctor, I’m still in dilemma lately, just lost my gf, separated for both parties n own path. God bless all

  379. Hello Chris,
    I had a sort of live in girlfriend in from mid October 2010 – Late november 2010. In that period we had some protected and some unprotected sex a few times. I heard about her bad sexual history later and took a test in mid February this year which was negative. I have never had any symptoms and have been ok. I recently started hearing rumours of her being infected. I don’t know if this happened before or after I left her last November. I would go for another test soon but I’m really worried..

  380. Well sounds she might of got infected afetr your relationship.But would get tested asap to be sure.Be sure to have protected sex until you know for sure..Best of luck.Sorry to hear about ur ex too.Blessings..Chris

    • I would. Suprisingly enough, she was the only person i ever had unprotected sex with. I’ve always made sure I did and the few times it wasn’t was just with the heat of the moment. I spoke to her and she said that she wasn’t and that she was ok but its very hard to believe her since she used to lie a lot and she claims that people are jealous n all. I pray, hope and believe I’m fine. The rumour is unconfirmed and may just be people talking but as we know there’s usually no smoke without fire..

  381. I would. Suprisingly enough, she was the only person i ever had unprotected sex with. I’ve always made sure I did and the few times it wasn’t was just with the heat of the moment. I spoke to her and she said that she wasn’t and that she was ok but its very hard to believe her since she used to lie a lot and she claims that people are jealous n all. I pray, hope and believe I’m fine. The rumour is unconfirmed and may just be people talking but as we know there’s usually no smoke without fire..

  382. christ reply me please i had sex recently the condom brook i did cum in her but it was just one tme couple days after i heard she is hiv possitive wat u tink is my chances an how long should i wait before geting tested im so going do mad tings

    • Most say 4- 6 weeks for testing.Just look at the statiscyics chances are you are not.But some risk is there.Best whishes..Chris..

      • Hello cris, I am going to ask this hopefully you reply quickly.
        I am freaking out over here.
        I’d say maybe in april I was really drunk and had sex with a male, this was anal, i was the insertive partner. I received oral sex first, then i inserted and proceeded to do anal, it lasted for a minute at most after that i continued to get oral sex. If the receiver was infected what are the chances of me getting infected under these circumstances.

      • Well for the isnsertive it’s like 1 in 43 for the receptive it drops to 1 in 34.Anal sex is the riskiest behavior.Always wear or have ur partner wear a condom until u know theirs and yours status.I would recomend testing asap.Best of whishes..

      • sum risk is there men im so going be sucidal i went an get an test today an it came hiv – but that was nine days after i did the test christ u tink that result accurate or not yet i so scared reply me

      • Well so it was a little late but maybe still effective.Sounds like a low exposure 3 minutes etc.Just have to continue the pills and get tested.Chances are you are ok best of whishes..

      • Well 9 days is early but sometimes it would be inconclusive.So a negative is always a good sign.Get some counseling for depression and suicidal thoughts if you still feel this heavyness.I pray you’ll get through this difficult time..Blessings..

  383. hi chris….i was unfortunate to hve unprotectd sex with a whore. it wasnt erect neither i cummed on her. later i masturbated myself….i m in the risk of getting infectd might b from her fluids or the person who cummd at her earlier.
    i m so stressd !! i dnt wanna die of aids….its wasnt my purpose of life. i had bigger plans. i cnt even kill myself. i love my mom a lot…
    any suggestions chris ??? what are my chances..?? i have to wait for 3 mths to get the results…m burning frm inside…:(

    • Hi,Ap sorry to hear.I would wait 4-6 weeks and test.Seek counseling if you feel overwhelmed and have suicidal thoughts.Your getting all worked before you know your status.Some risk having unprotectes sex with a worker.Protect your self until you know your and your partners status.I whish you the best Chris..


  384. thanx chris…
    all of a sudden i lost appetite,i cant concentrate in anythng else. i feel extremely guilty…..i hope the statistics u mentioned falls in my favour…

  385. is 1 to 200000 as u mentiond a universal or just in the united states ???

  386. chris i had no erections after the encounter…are these the symptoms. i dnt feel like eating too…w

  387. Hello,

    I slept with an HIV+ woman we did it once & for about 3 minutes. Went to the hospital & was given post Exposure Prohylaxis Pills. I have been taking them daily for the past 24 days.

    What are my chances?? please help? has anyone been through such?


  388. Sorry forgot to mention that i started taking the pills after 62 hours.

  389. Hi Chris,
    Jus wanted you to know.. I got my test results and I’m fine. It was a bit scary going up to collect it but like you said whatever happened to her probaably happened after i stopped seeing her cos its about a year now and I haven’t had any exposure since then.

    • Thanks for the follow up Eugene.I bet you are so glad to hear the wonderful news.Now you know for sure your status.Just remember to stay safe so you dont have to go through this event again.Best of whishes..Hopefully your ex is ok and just a rumor or something..

      • Hi Chris,

        I would really appreciate if you can explain this – why is it that the stats for transmission are always low? e.g 1 in 1000 or 1 in 300 whichever way. If thats the case then why is it that there are millions of people suffering from this disease? i don’t believe any of those people slept with more than say 100 partners. Please help me & explain. Thanks a lot!

  390. dear chris,
    After reading this news an fear to make a sex with my friend, i Have one doubt my relation

    am 20 years old and her age is 21,she married right now and also she done with her husband, now she asking me for sex.. what should i do ? i think she is not infected with HIV , actually how this HIV origin ? can i do something with that girl ? am waiting for your reply

  391. hola quiero saber si cunado estube con un hombre por primera vez y me penetro sin condon menos d eun minuto pude haber tenido riesgos de tener sida

  392. can someone help me? i wana know how long do you have to be infected to get a cd4 count of 200? in other words how many years would it take a person to get a cd4 count of 200

  393. Im on ARV’s and i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend i dont know his status but he claims that he is negative and also circumsize. Is the any possebility for him to get infected by me?

    • Hi After my exposure to the virus (once of unprotected viginal sex), I was put on nPEP for 4 weeks which I adhered to.

      5 weeks post exposure I went to get tested Elisa, & the result was negative.

      Please confirm – from your experience how often do these results change?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Well the Elisa test is the gold standered by medical professionals.So a negative is good news.Usually if someone is positive during the early stages the test will be inconclusive.So great news and follow up with another test in a few weeks and be safe.Blessings..

    • Yes if you have hiv he would have some risk with one exposure of unprotected sex.Having been circumcised lowers the risk and if your if your viral count is lower etc.lowers the risk but he need to get tested.Have protected sex now on..Best of luck..

      • HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

        In 2005, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States recommended a 28-day HIV drug regimen for those that have been exposed to HIV (HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis [PEP]).[22] The WHO recommendations on treatment are that the minimum that should be used is dual NRTIs for 28 days, with triple therapy (dual NRTIs plus a boosted PI) being offered where there is a risk of resistance.[23] The effectiveness of this intervention has never been precisely ascertained,[citation needed] but postexposure prophylaxis is most effective when administered sooner, though not believed to be effective if given 72 hours after exposure.[23]

      • I had an encounter with a girl I met and I tried to have sex with her. I didn’t put a condom on so I entered her and got two strokes before she jump up and Said she has something thats not curable. This was over a month ago amen I am showing symptoms; severe bowl movement (4days),night sweats(2days), and headache everyday. What are the chances I got something

      • Yeah well sounds like she has something she would consider embarasing like herpes,warts,possibly hiv but seems see would of been more serious about it.You may just have a simple cold unrelated.But if your still worried get a hiv test done and maybe an std check too.Just look for any sores bumps etc.Wear a condom in the future.Bets whishes..Chris..

  394. I’m 20 years old and I have had 4 exs iv had sex with all of them but used no protection have I caught anything? Because my 1st ex I was only 17 but she was a virgin an da 2nd 1 I was 19 but she was also a virgin and the third 1 she wernt but we did it and nor was the 4th 1 but she used protection with her exs but not with me so should I b worried?

    • No unless you suspect something.Recommend testing if your still worried.Be safe wear a condom ubtil you know theirs and your status..Blessings.

  395. my girl friend doesn’t have hiv, we had sex together without any precaution.and i too doesn’t have any hiv problems-is there any chances of that attacking hiv to us .

  396. i dont have any hiv positive and i’m not sure abt my girl friend.we had sex together and i inserted for only 10secs is there any problem of attack if she has hiv.and moreover my sperms didn’t eject into her.

  397. i had protected sex with a girl who is hiv positive but the condom got burst during the action. i immediately stopped the sex and i had not yet reached orgasm. does this mean that i automatically aquired the hiv virus? thank you

  398. I have been celibate for the last 7 years but I still sometimes worry about 2 unprotected encounters I had right before my celibacy. I have had the flu a few times and pneumonia once but other than that I am in good health. Should I still be worried about 2 unprotected encounters 7 years ago? I don’t know why but I sometimes still worry and it eats at me but I’m terrified to get tested. I keep telling myself it is irrational to think I even have it but I don’t know……..

  399. I am so worried, i messed up, wasn’t thinking, i was drunk. Ended up having unprotected sex 😦 i asked him if he’s been tested, he said yes 2 mths ago, although i know people lie which is bugging me. I’ve been tested before and its been negative after 3mths and 6 mths so i know the drill. But now im really anxious i cant get this out of my head, i repeatedly asked him if he got tested he said yes… i wish there was a sooner test. I’m on this blog because i feel stressed without anyone to talk to about this. I will go after 25days, and 3mths and 6 mths. I’m just really scared like everyone else here i guess. I asked him to go get a test now so i can see that he’s really neg because i know for sure that i am, and he said he’;s been for one 2 mths ago so dont worry plus it’ll take time, then i told him it’s short, then he said if he has time he’ll go, dont worry 😦 and that’s a red flag to me, because if he were certain it wont be a problem right?! But i guess it’s up to me now, i really hope i didnt eff up this time.
    Just wanting some support, i cant even breathe thinking about this.
    i’d love it if someone replies 🙂

    • Well sorry to hear about your incident.I would first like to say it sounds like you have aids phobia a common condition obsessed with worry of hiv/aids.I have it too so I understand and lets face it now a days sex can be a matter of life and death.But it sounds like he’s straight forward about his status.Next time be sure to wear a condom,but sounds like he’s negative unless you have reason to doubt him.If your still worried get the test done but dont stress out too much about it.I hope this helps,blessings..Chris..

  400. thanks chris i guess i do have a phobia of some sort 😦 it’s scary to think of it. I will get tested, and pray to God that everything is okay, i cant even imagine what’ll happen if it isn’t. & thanks for replying.

    • I believe your ok.Statisticly for a woman it’s like in 100,000 and 1 in 200,000 for men.So as you can see a woman is twice as likely.But if you have anal sex it;s 1 in 34 for receptive and 1 in 43 for insertive.So not saying not to worry about unprotected vaginal sex but as you can see anal sex is far more risky..Blessings and pray for a calm spirit and ok.I believe your fine and just kind of panicking etc..Chris..

  401. Chris if you could respond I would really appreciate it. I haven’t had sex with anyone other than my husband for 6+ years. We have both been healthy despite the yearly cold and flu. I don’t even usually take antibiotics when I am sick either. Anyway, I have been planning to get pregnant and I noticed the hiv test is an important test to take before I conceive. After I saw that I became terrified. I’ve been tested for everything else and am clear but have been afraid to get an hiv test. I know 6 years is a long time but this worry has become an obsession very quickly in the last week and I am terrified. Now I am second guessing every stupid mistake I made in college 6 years ago. I’ve never used drugs but I have had unprotected sex 3 times with guys I no longer have any contact with and don’t know their status. Should I really be as scared as I am? I really appreciate any support, I know a test could alleviate all of this but I am scared. Thanks you.

    • Well doesnt sound too risky if you do the math.Your in a commited relationship and monogomous with na few brief encounters in college.I say enjoy your new life and have a family and not to get anxiety about it.But you could get the test done if you still are worried.Blessings..Chris

      • Thanks Chris, you have made me feel better about it. I know it is highly unlikely. You do a great service to people by answering questions here, thanks again.

      • TY I appreciate it.Yeah it just seem’s like just a few times and some time ago.After six years etc you would have some signs etc..I believe..

      • Yeah that is what my husband and friends keep telling me but then I start to google and get myself panicked again that it is dormant. I really don’t have any of the signs and rationally I believe I am ok but I think I am going to get tested anyway sometime soon just to alleviate the anxiety it is causing. I don’t even know why it is coming up after all these years. I have friends that were far more promiscuous and rarely careful and they just aren’t worried about 6 years ago. Thinking about the future is just freaking me out I guess.

      • Yeah I understand been through it myself.U can evan do the test anonomous at ur local pharmacy get the hiv test kit.I recomend it vs visiting some of the judgmental Dr.’s and it’s vary accurate 99.9 and private.Thats how i get mine done..they run like 50-60 bucks..

      • Thank you, I know I am being crazy after 6 years but its scary.

      • Chris I just wanted to say thank you for your encouragement and for answering my questions. I took a drugstore test like you recommended and my results were negative!!!! I knew in my heart they would be after 6 years but that nagging feeling in the back of my head wouldn’t go away. To anyone who might be afraid, it is very scary, but if I can get through it and take the test, than you can too. Peace of mind is invaluable. Thanks!

      • That’s great news congrats.I know the huge relief you know feel been there myself.I highly recommend the home testing kits convenient,fast,sffordable most important reliable.I am glad you now have some closure..Blessings..Chris..

  402. Also results in like 72 hours just do it at home and mail it off and call the line vary convenient..

  403. I had sex dayz ago bt in d process d condom broke dis hapened 3lce am at risk

  404. Yeah yeah, I met up with my old man, we had sex then he told me he was HIV. Whats my chance? I need to test but am too nervous, will it be positive or is once safe, I didn’t cum too much. thanks

  405. hey chris…
    i went for my hiv test today. it was non reactive. its 4 weeks 3 days aftr exposer. they say elisa is outdated n did a blotter( i dnt knw,thy took a syringe of blood. results cme aftr 2 hrs) . thy tld me to cme 1 and half mth later. they also told me that my chancs are less. any idea brother.?!

    • Well most say the elisa test is the gold standard to use.Unless something has changed that i am unaware of.But having a negative test is great news..Follow up at 45 days like they recommend it sounds great and believe your ok..Blessings,,

  406. Pls I v unprotected sex with my girl friend twice within 2 weeks, I now took her to d hospital for a test and she tested positive. Our relationship is not up to 2 months.I went for a test and mine show negative 9 days after my contacts with her. I m very worry and started taken PEP after 12 days with high dose of supplement. Pls what can I do.

    • Well sorry to hear about your girlfriend.But you only mentioned two exposures and puts it at 1 in 200,000 per exposure.So chances are your ok.Obvious factors if your circumcised and others help too.Usually the pep med are within the first 3 days of exposures but couldnt hurt any.Take vitamin c and eat healthy.Chances are your ok.Having a negative test result is a good sign sometimes it would be inconclusive if your develeping the antibiodies. But 90 days test follow up would be ideal.Continue to have protected sex until you know your and any partners status.I pray your be ok..Blessing Chris..

  407. pep is effective before 72 hrs….
    dnt knw if ur taking pep on ur own or ur doc’s advice.
    and abt the fact of ur intercouse…its depends of lots of circumstance. u might end up lucky. dude hve faith in god an avoid unprotectd sexual cntacts with other people.

  408. hi im an idiot.she is around 37 and im still young. first i had oral sex then i started having anal sex with my maid who is the mother of a child.i had unprotected oral and anal sex several times. now im getting scared cause i didnt know that anal and oral sex can cause hiv. whats my risk ive had no symptoms like flu or swelling but there is a small resh on my lower chest which is getting me scared.

    • Well oral amd anal sex dont cause hiv.But anal sex is the riskiest behavior to put you at risk for hiv.Some experts say oral sex carries low to no risk.If you feel she has hiv than get tetsted.A rash on chest is probably just that.Just wear a condom in the future specially when doing anal sex.Best of whishes…Chris..

  409. hey i had unprotected sex with an hiv pos woman some week ago. I lasted 20 mins in her. I immediately went to wash my penis. The woman has been taking arvs since 2007 and within 24 hours i took post exposure prophlaxis…i want to know what are my chances i got hiv?

    • Well some risk but low since you took exposure meds and treatment.But some risk still exisits just get tested at 90 days and than follow up at 120.But you did good on getting the PEP meds.Just have protected sex until you know your status.Happy Thanksgiving..Blessings

      • Hey still after 2 weeks i havent seen any symptoms such as diarrehea, lympnodes, rash, night sweta…..except that my nose gets blocked at times…i checked the medical files for the woman and she has viral load of 50/ml and cd4 of 285 as of May this year. Does that help in any way?

  410. Hi, Me and my girlfriend wants to have a baby. Neither Me nor She is HIV infected. The problem is that she has been married to a other guy but they both didn’t have any physical contact as of now. So, i wanted to know if she accepts his husband and then me and she have sex without condoms to have a baby, are there any chances of getting HIV infected. i repeat that None of us is infected as of now. So, my basic question is can having sex with a non-infected partner lead to HIV infection?

    • No you have to sex or contact with an infected partner or come in contact with bodily fluids,blood,semen,vaginal fluid etc.Ie infected needles,infected bloof from transfusion,surgery.I wouldnt worry unless you suspect het other partners is infected.But short answer is no.Best of whishes.Happy Thanksgiving..Blessings from US..

  411. hi, i dont think she has hiv but she was a mother of a child. does that increase the chance??? ive lost a bit of my appetite. and the rash was very less and its healing i guess.

  412. Having unprotected sex with hiv person for the first time you not at high risk,the answer is no bt my question is having sex with a person who hav aids for the first time is it the same as hiv person r you also not at a high risk bacause someone who has aids can only give you hiv,so is the risks the same?

  413. i feel im safe now cause i didnt have any symptoms and its been 2 and half weeks since last time i had unprotected sex with her. im completely normal but i get a little pain in the part just above my p###s when i do pushups.

  414. hey i had unprotected sex with an hiv pos woman some week ago. I lasted 20 mins in her. I immediately went to wash my penis. The woman has been taking arvs since 2007 and within 24 hours i took post exposure prophlaxis…i want to know what are my chances i got hiv? Hey still after 2 weeks i havent seen any symptoms such as diarrehea, lympnodes, rash, night sweta…..except that my nose gets blocked at times…i checked the medical files for the woman and she has viral load of 50/ml and cd4 of 285 as of May this year. Does that help in any way? What are my chances?

  415. Me and my friend have sex with a girl at same time. we had use protection while having sex. my friend and that girl had sex before this 2 times. but i was having sex for the first time.i’m really scared. what are my chances that i got HIV ??

  416. can you have sex three times in a day using condom. will you be affected with HIV/AIDS?


  417. Me and my friend have sex with a girl at same time. we had use protection while having sex. my friend and that girl had sex before this 2 times. but i was having sex for the first time.i’m really scared. what are my chances that i got HIV ??

  418. Dear All,
    I just slept with a whore. She was aged 28. She was well organized. i mean she was looking fine to me in terms of body, beauty and etc. This was my first time having unprotect sex with a whore, however i had anal sex with my girl friend. I’m sure. i’m not infected because it happened in a country where the risk of HIV is very low. 7 million population but 4000 infected with HIV

    • Well you should get tested to be sure and wear a condom when having anal sex it’s so risky behavior.Best of whishes..

  419. hie i am taking post exposure prophylaxis..after sexual exposure to hiv with an hiv positive person. This is my second week and i have developed mild tingling of the hands and feet at times. Could this be a sign of acute infection or side effects of the PEP? This is the only symptom i am having so far..please help what are the chances that i am going through seroconversion??

    • Yeah most likely the meds and stress.Hiv symptoms take a while to show and never everyone develops them.I pray your ok.Taking the peps meds greatly helps reduce the risks.I whish the best for and pray you’ll get through this with a negative test results..Blessings Chris..

  420. Hi,
    Is it necessary to wear condom while having anal sex with some one who is even not infected with any kind of disease.


  421. Ey man 3 days ago had sex with a prostitute 1st time it was safe sex the 2nd time when i was banging her the head of the condom was slipped i dont know how she told me that theres something wrong with the condom so directly i pulled my dick off then she asked me if i have any viruses or something i said no thn i asked her she answered the same and yea no annal sex and yes im scared to take the test can somebody plz hlep me and reply + i cant sleep at nights im thinking about it all night long and today i woked up i was sweated a little bid i readed on the web thats related tot he hiv but is it 100% sure?? cz i only sweated a little bit plz reply asap

    • Well Jacob sorry to hear on your worries and exp.Well sounds a little risk but some with a sex worker.Sounds like she is somewhat careful and concerned about you and her health as well.I bet your ok and get the test done you will feel much better..I believe your ok and keep in mind always some risk with condom failure or slippage..You can try the peps meds that can greatly reduce your risk.As far as nightsweats etc probably just stress and lack of sleep etc.Too soon to develop symptoms.Anyways best whishes blessings..Chris.

  422. thnk you so much chris ive been reading this blog for over 2 hours im reading everything on it man u dont want to see me im like shacking scared before i read this blog i was google ing about hiv and they make me lose my mind like they are saying if you are having sex with a hiv pers. automatically ull get one etc… and i sow the post that 1/200000 gets one i think and the Circumcised thingy mine is Circumcised so my risk is low??? im scared taking the rsik and im panicing and yes i have phobia on hiv/aids cz u only get it once and u destroy ur life… my friends they are telling me to relax and nothing is wrong with me plus i called the x co-owner of the place he told me the girls are all clean and they take the test once every 3 day so what do u think i should do next??? take the test?? thnk you so much u dont know how much u made me relaxed thnx chris u made my day

  423. Hi,
    Is it necessary to wear condom while having anal sex with some one who is even not infected with any kind of disease?

    • In short no,but you can still spread hepatitus if someone performs oral after anal sex.Just have to still be cautious like wash up and clean penis area before having partner perform oral sex.

  424. I had unprotected sex with a black woman lastnight and it is freaking me out!! I knew that i should not have done it but I was so horny now I feel messed up!! Now I am really scared!! I am going and take a test to see if I caught any STD, if the results are negative i will never have sex with a woman I just met. In addition, I will get to know the person then we are going to go and get tested together before i have sex with a woman ever again!!

  425. Hi Chris! I’m from the Philippines. I had sex with my girlfriend a week ago, first we did it with a condom, and the next round we did it without. But the sex without the condom was only for about 3 min. coz she came already and i did not. Now I’m a bit worried because I know she used to have sex with her former bf and I don’t know if they were protected sex. I did not know what came over me and I did it without protection.

    Is it possible for me to get hiv, i’m circumcised by the way. she also says she’s clean. But then again she can be unaware.

    and one more thing, I have read here that you were asking if there was ejaculation. why is ejaculation a factor?

    • If anybody can shed light, On week 2 since my last sexual contact with my girl and I have been feeling something. I don’t know if it is from the stress or I’m infected with something.

      I have felt pain when passing urine but that only lasted for 2 days. I had this feeling before when I’m infected with UTI and I also might have some prostate problems so symptoms are confusing.

      Just now I noticed a cold sore on the side of my lips, This worries me a lot coz looking back I remembered noticing a pimple like figure just beside the lip of my gf. when I asked her she said it was a pimple. Had oral from her during our last encounter. Now im afraid i might have gotten genetile herpes, although no signs or symptoms yet. Hopefully there would be none.

      What are my chances of catching hiv or any other std from this one time unprotected 3 min. vaginal sex?

      Please help im freaking out here.

      Oh and I have not asked her if she has HIV because knowing her this will offend her. waiting for 12 weeks is like hell.

  426. Hello,
    What are the early symptoms of HIV after having sex with HIV +? I mean how long it’d take?


  427. had sex with a guy a few months ago and now i heard that he has been leaving with HIV for some years what are the chances of me having it i had sex with him twice now


    • probably infected… screening every 3 month..

  428. Dear sir/madam i had receive an oral sex from a gay which i even know well. He put on condom to me n i m not quiet sure was it perfect or not. It was dark. Can i be infected by hiv/aids on oral sex which last for 2 min. Only. Please suggest me i scared…

  429. Appreciate sir advise, just found out my gf hiv+, her viral load 450.
    We did 2 times unprotected, what is the chances? exposure 1 month.

  430. I had unprotected sex with another male. I put my penis in him for 5 secs and stroke like 3 times and went soft… Did not ejaculate. He put his penis in me for like 5 secs. He did not ejaculate. I sucked his penis for a lil bit. Now I found out his is positive… Im scared to get a test. I have had symptoms like malaise and a hand rash and I think I got a lymph node swollen… I don’t know what to do…. Ive never been so scared in my life. God please tell me its not HIV!!! I cant focus on anything… IM GOIN CRAZY.. .crying all day and cant sleep at night.

  431. Someone… anyone.. .PLEASE REPLY!!

  432. You are infected with HIV, i’m feeling so sad. You know anal sex is very dangerous. You should get tested to know it.

    • Do you really think so? I still haven’t gotten tested. I have been taking Colloidal Silver and about to start the Blood Electrification for 6 months then get tested. I went to get what I thought was a lymph node checked and it wasn’t. I got an STD check up.. all clear.. still scared to test for HIV. There is possibility that I don’t have it!!!

  433. Hi Chris,
    Appreciate if sir able to advise. Have 2 times unprotected sex with my gf & found out HIV+, after 100days exposure, getting results from doc negative, what is the chances until 6month if get tested. I’m in dilemma. TQ

    • Well having a negativd result at 100 days is a good sighn.I say chances are u ok because that early usually yields a inconclusive result.Sorry to heatr best of whishes Happy holidays..

  434. i had sex with many prostitutes with a condom and with one prostitute without a condom what are my chances of hiv

  435. What if a girl has sexual intercourse without condom only thrice with 3 different boys who are not HIV infected. will that girl be infected?

    • No lily only if exposed to the virus with an infected person.Ie semen,blood,needles etc.Make them boys wrap that penis if they want to sleep with venus.LOL.Take care,,Chris..

  436. sidharth choudhary

    Can We Do Sex With Many Girls Without Using Condoms.

  437. Hi,
    I have one question if one person who is not affected with HIV positive, having sex with hundred women or thousand women and all women have also not affected with HIV positive. Then what is chance of getting HIV positive.


  438. Hi,Khan if no one is affected with hiv it would be 0%.But could get other std’s so wear a condom until you know or in a monogomous relationship..Happy New Year..

  439. thamsanqa vilanculas

    i had sex with a girl & im not sure of her status, whilst having sex the condom broke, i m circumzised what wories me is that the virus may also enter via the urethra into my system, though im praying that it dd not happen.

  440. hi, im a boy, and i had anal sex with a guy on 31st december without a condom and i think he got his precum inside me :s im really worried coz i dont no his hiv status – what should i do, and what are my chances of getting hiv, like odds? thankyouu

    • Well the risk experts say would be 1 in 34 if he’s hiv+.I would get tested and if you believe your exposed go to er for paps drugs it will greatly reduce ur risk.But need to do it asap. it’s like 48-72 hour window!! Best whishes..

  441. one of my patient had intercourse with hiv +ve lady, one month back with out condom for 15 minutes, after 28 days he came to know she is hiv+ve. he has tested him self for hiv tridot, hiv duo antigen antibodies, hiv dna pcr quatification, hiv p24 antigen, all are negative. again after one weak he has repeated hiv tridot, hiv duo antigen antibodies, hiv p24 antigen again all are negative. kindly tell me how much risk he is facing. how much chances are there to his wife, she is also tested for above all test and found negative, kindly tell me the truth.
    kindly tell me what

    • your patient is HIV negative.

      if he was positive the antigen & PCR DNA, would have picked it up.

      Was the sex protected or unprotected?

  442. javeed mohammed

    respected sir i had sex with out condom . but the girl is philipino she is al ready married his husband married another girl and she have a boy frnd last 2 year before . the girl she need a job to wrk and she came to dubai she passed in medial test after 8 months ihad sex with girl with out condam she told me iam safe dnt wrry iam clean dnt ask me this type of questons can u give me replay

  443. I have unprotected sex with a lady who tested HIV positive a week after , does it mean i am also Positive two months after?

  444. have unprotected sex with a lady who tested HIV positive a week after , does it mean i am also Positive two months after?

  445. i had sex with some1 once and after i heard that she was hiv p we didnt use any condom am i at risk of catching it

    • Gosh, i am so sorry to hear that, you are at risk for having HIV,but that doesnt mean you may actually have it. to ease your mind go get tested at 6 weeks post then again at 3 weeks later then again 3 then again 3 weeks later. just to make sure then again at 6 months post =) but i hope the best for you. Pray on it. God Bless

  446. i was tested hiv possitive a year ago n i had multiply partners i never knew n now they r all blamin me am i at fault n i dont even know who i got it from

  447. bob: i had unprotected sex with a girl. and the girl had sex with 2 guys before. get any chance to infected by hiv or any other sexual diseases

  448. Had Un protected sex with a girl who looked very healthy to me twice same week.second time we went for a blood test in two different medical centers,it appeared the girl was positive.I saw doctor and was given medicine that can help prevent HIV.It costed me expensively.It costed me around 80 you think i could be infected?Please advise.Mail me at

  449. Hi i had unprotected sex in 2009 with a boy i shouldnt hav trust and it was my first time having sex. i was so worried about it and i was not my self i cryed every day thinkin i was hiv positive because the guy had multiple sex partners. i was so worried i didnt even wanted to go and get a check up well now its 2012 and im in a strong, loving and serious relationship and i cheated on my boyfriend with someone who i once love but was never with that person. i told him that i didnt wanted to have unprotected sex becuase what i been through in the pass the frist time i and sex and said to my that he is clean and this is his second time having sex and his first unprotected, he is 21 years old and its hard to believe him at the age his is now,i didnt wanted to have unprotected sex wit him but he said his is allergic to condoms so we went along i know i mad a big mistake and im so worried i dont wanna put my boyfriend at risk and i be at risk for hiv…. so worried

    • hi kim, im not a doctor or anything, and i know people make mistakes, and you know there are condoms for ppl who are allergic to latex, but any who, i would sustain from having sex with your boyfriend for at least 6 week after possible exposure to get tested. and if and when it comes back neg. you should probably tell him. that;s just my opinion. i hope everything goes the way you want it and ill pray. God Bless you

  450. Hi i had sex with a married women on 25th jan 2010 at 2pm… , she is 30 years old, she didnt told me about she had sex with her husband last night and she did sex with her husband without condomn she gone through one operation on 2008 to remove her gland coz not to pregnent again with her husband … i got this information next day when i asked her …. coz i got sever fever and high shivering… is there any chance of hiv …. i did sex unfortunately without condemn … plz let me know as soon as possible!!! till now i didnt do any test or check up and she too!!!

  451. hi,
    recently i have an unprotected sex with my friend,s sister.She is having sex with two more partners.Am i at a risk of hiv?


    • yes especially if its unprotected, if your going to have sex be smart and protect yourself, because you never know what the other person is doing. God Bless =)

  452. am in a relationship with a married women we use to have sex 2 times in a month(without condoms) aside she also have sex with her husband… but i never had sex with anyone before,is there chances for HIV… she done a family planning…..she and her husband are healthy (no HIV) …can i get any chance of HIV (or) std’s…

  453. Dear Doc,
    I did something completely stupid. In my life time I have only had 3 partners, the 3rd being my wife. I am 36 years old, never had STD’s or HIV, as previously tested before marriage. Recently while on a holiday to Phuket, Thailand, I was at the bar next door, had about 6 beers and I was somewhat drunk…. I was enticed into a message by the Bar Girl. The message turned into I giving the girl a message (with plenty of message oil used), and then I fingered her. One thing let to another, and I stupidly gave her oral sex. I sucked her clit and licked the outside of her virgina. I do remember swealing one mouth full of fluid, mixed with the massage oil I accumulated while sucking her clit. I did not have any penetrative penis sex. After I realised how stupid I was, I immediately washed my mouth, face, and drank beer to kill the bacteria in my mouth.
    Within two days, the guilt, anxiety, and stress started to destroy me. I became weak, very tired, had hot & cold flushes, felt like fainting, had muscle aches, and my tongue turned white, I started seeing blood blisters under the skin in my mouth, which went away the day after. I read the net and I started panicking. For respect to my wife, I have sought forgiveness, and I have restrained from any sexual activity with her until the 3 month tests return negative.
    10 days after the event, I had all the tests, STD’s, HAP, HIV, all came back negative. Thank God!! I will test again in 6 weeks and 3 months.
    I have re-evaluated my life, my self, and the blessings God has given me.
    • Does baby message oil in mouth act as a killer to bacteria or virus, or a stimulant for easier transfer?
    • I read that Thai street workers have a new type of HIV which is easier to infect, transmit (more contagious), etc…
    • If the Thai working girl had HIV, what is my likely chance to exposure, given the message oil in mouth, and oral sex I gave her?
    In faith I know that I am free of any virus, my life has changed for ever, and for the better. Please continue to pray for my wife and I.
    Guys, stay sober, stay focused, one moment of so called lust, could be a life time of regret.

  454. I need some help i had sex with a prostitute about two months ago, i coudnt get a hard on, so i take out my condon and i was like 30 seconds inside of her vagina, im so scared!! please help what are my chances? im circumsized and i dont cum inside her vagina.

  455. one of my patient had intercourse with hiv +ve lady, one month back with out condom for 15 minutes, after 28 days he came to know she is hiv+ve. he has tested him self for hiv tridot, hiv duo antigen antibodies, hiv dna pcr quatification, hiv p24 antigen, all are negative. again after two weak he has repeated hiv tridot, hiv duo antigen antibodies, hiv p24 antigen again all are negative. kindly tell me how much risk he is facing. how much chances are there to his wife, she is also tested for above all test and found negative, and repeated test hiv duo after 2 month of exposure and found negative. kindly tell me the truth.
    kindly tell me what are chances getting infection

  456. Hopefully someone can help, I was soo stupid to have recently picked up a prostitute. She performed unprotected oral sex on me and before I orgasm she stoped and I noticed bloody saliva around the base of my penis. Not the top, only the front side base. I said “your bleeding!” she said ohno… Then she said “I don’t have aids”… I had no cuts or soars on me…But I am scared to the point where I am loosing sleep. My question is (asuming she is HIV positive) … Will this make me infected???? I

  457. hi, i had unprotected sex going on 4 weeks ago, for about 20 seconds, i pushed him out and we proceeded with a condom. how much am i at risk of getting HIV assuming he is positive. Please respond kind of scared. i am going to get tested at week 6 just to ease my mind because i so paranoid.

  458. Dear Doc,
    I did something completely stupid. In my life time I have only had 3 partners, the 3rd being my wife. I am 36 years old, never had STD’s or HIV, as previously tested before marriage. Recently while on a holiday to Phuket, Thailand, I was at the bar next door, had about 6 beers and I was somewhat drunk…. I was enticed into a message by the Bar Girl. The message turned into I giving the girl a message (with plenty of message oil used), and then I fingered her. One thing let to another, and I stupidly gave her oral sex. I sucked her clit and licked the outside of her virgina. I do remember swealing one mouth full of fluid, mixed with the massage oil I accumulated while sucking her clit. I did not have any penetrative penis sex. After I realised how stupid I was, I immediately washed my mouth, face, and drank beer to kill the bacteria in my mouth.
    Within two days, the guilt, anxiety, and stress started to destroy me. I became weak, very tired, had hot & cold flushes, felt like fainting, had muscle aches, and my tongue turned white, I started seeing blood blisters under the skin in my mouth, which went away the day after. I read the net and I started panicking. For respect to my wife, I have sought forgiveness, and I have restrained from any sexual activity with her until the 3 month tests return negative.
    10 days after the event, I had all the tests, STD’s, HAP, HIV, all came back negative. Thank God!! I will test again in 6 weeks and 3 months.
    I have re-evaluated my life, my self, and the blessings God has given me.
    • Does baby message oil in mouth act as a killer to bacteria or virus, or a stimulant for easier transfer?
    • I read that Thai street workers have a new type of HIV which is easier to infect, transmit (more contagious), etc…
    • If the Thai working girl had HIV, what is my likely chance to exposure, given the message oil in mouth, and oral sex I gave her?
    In faith I know that I am free of any virus, my life has changed for ever, and for the better. Please continue to pray for my wife and I.
    Guys, stay sober, stay focused, one moment of so called lust, could be a life time of regret.

  459. My question is this, ,,,how can someone that has HIV thinks it’s ok not telling their partner they have it. Is their any justice for this act please do tell. Cat

  460. A scared and terrified young woman

    Im 24 years old and I recently found out I had unprotected sex wit someone who has the aids virus. We used a condom at first then he took it off for a second but we stopped before he ejaculated, does this mean I hav aids?

  461. Can you contact any infection from a lady during unprotected sex when it is the man that is on top of her?

  462. I had anal sex and then after removing from anus i had masturbated and then cleaned my hands and then my pennies to. At starting i had tingling like thing inside the pennies then after that burning like sensation and now i doubt some bumps on the tip of the pennies. Can i know weather I have any SDT or I am at risk of HIV??

  463. I had unprotected vaginal sex about 3 times with a guy. Now I am kind of scared to get tested for HIV. I recently was sick and after I checked all the signs for HIV and they included flu like symptoms and blisters in the mouth (which I have had before).I went to the doctor and she said I had a ear infectio, but now I have pain in my neck. I think I am looking too much into it but does anyone know if this sounds like HIV? I also tested positive for chlamydia during one doctors visit and a week later a diff doctor tested me and it was negative, I had not taken the pills yet. I find this to be weird I can use any help I can get thanks.

  464. hello,
    i met a girl on a telephone chatline. she said she was really wanting to have sex because shed not had it in a year and a half. on our first round i tried using a condom but it was too small so i pulled out. i was reluctant to go for a second round but when i asked her was she clean she reassured me she was and said shed gotten a clean bill of health during her wellwomen exam in december so i proceeded to have intercourse with her for about 4 min and then i came on her stomach…..the third time in that same night i had intercourse with her and i came in her….since that night she has avoided me and when i finally got her on the phone i asked her about her status again and about the possibility of her being pregnant…as for the possibility of her being pregnant she said shes been sleeping aot and eating alot so she might be pregnant…the problem i have with her possibility of being pregnant is that she said her job was about to move her to new jersey so if she was pregnant i wouldnt be able to see the child plus i not sure if this is just a lie for me to back off since come to find out all she wanted was sex or i didnt please her so shes giving me the cold shoulder….as for her status when i asked her was she infected she hastingly said no and she wasnt to convincing…long story short im nervous about how to handle this whole situation…..the question i have is what is the absolute earliest i ca get screened for hiv?

  465. Just had sex wit my gf and da condom broke, it was for less than 10 min and i didnt ejaculate, shes hiv positive….plz help me…anybody, am i in danger?

    • Please rush to the doctor and ask for Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

      It works. you wont get the virus, but you need to take the medicine withing 72hours of the incident

  466. hi..i had unprotected sex about 10 days ago..girl is having sex with difrent guys in these days..i didnt ejaculated inside her..i washed my penis with anti bacterial soap..girl told me she is not effected with any thing..i am not feeling any fever back ache or any thing like i infected with hiv or not or i am at low risk?plz help me.

  467. if i have been having unprotected sex for four years wit somone that never knew they was hiv positive until now. what is the chance of my results being negative?

    • Assumed you did that 100 times in 4 years, and those years are that person first 4 years having HIV. You have about 50% or higher.

      If those years are about to be that person final years, or she is starting to get sick. You just have 1% being negative.

  468. am married and recently had sex other person without safety
    is their any chances of getting hiv ?

  469. i had unprotected sex with my girl frnd, and she used i.pill, and now she is fine but can she have unprotected sex with the other boy ? does she will suffer from any diseases if she had unprotected sex with other guy

  470. i had unprotected sex with my girl frnd, and she used i.pill, now she is fine, but now can she have unprotected sex with other boy ? does she will suffer from any diseases,

  471. Last year june 2012 I had unsafe sex twice with someone, we broke up because I found out he had many gfz, then in November he got very ill and I found out it was because he is HIV positive….2weeks after him being ill he passed away, I wanna know what my chances are of being infected, I am very afraid 2 go for a HIV test because I don’t know how I will react to the situation.

  472. Last year june 2012 I had unsafe sex twice with someone, we broke up because I found out he had many gfz, then in November he got very ill and I found out it was because he is HIV positive….2weeks after him being ill he passed away, I wanna know what my chances are of being infected, I am very afraid 2 go for a HIV test because I don’t know how I will react to the situation. I have never had an STD or any odd illness yet besides flu


      I estimate you have 5% chance to get the disease because he had too much HIV in his blood and this led him to death. The virus Load in his blood affects the rate. Just hope that he died because he was weak in nature and couldn’t stand much attack from viruses. If this is the case, you barely have just 1% to get HIV.


    i had oral sex with a virgin girl . How much are my chances to get infected with hiv ? Please reply . Tension is killing me .

    • Being virgin has nothing to do with the chance you get HIV !

      Chances getting HIV is almost controlled by the amount of virus in blood. Start from the date of infection, in week 6-8, by sexual way, one person has higher chance to infect others. The virus load then decreases and starts to slowly increase till year 8-10. I believe the chances range from 0.5-10%.

      • hey can u delete that post which is having my id please
        its coming in google search so having somme issues . kindly do that as early as possible

    • hey delete my id from here ! plz

  474. i had oral sex with a virgin girl . How much are my chances to get infected with hiv ? Please reply . Tension is killing me .

  475. my name is ade, im 30 years old, i met this woman and we are so in love, and asked her about her status and she told me shes free but she said, the man that got her pregnanted then is now hiv positive and the man left same night she told him she was pregnant, but she was tested negative b4 she had,the child now is 8 months so what do you think ?

  476. For 97% correctness, the test needs to be conducted 3 months after suspected infection date. To get 100% chance correctness, because of some weird bodies, this takes 6 months.

    Assuming you use antibody test.

  477. Hi,
    I was recently told i was hiv+ by my doctor. I have been in a relationship with another MALE for about 4 months and constantly having sex. What are the chances of My partner having hiv? Do you think they most likely will have it? we have had anal and oral plenty of times. Please respond to my

  478. Having anal sex have higher chance of infection than “normal” way. It was estimated to be about 1-1.5% per act. So let’s say you do it 100 times, you will DEFINITELY succeed infecting the other. Being circumcised and using condom will reduce the chances greatly.

    In your case, he mostly may have it. But not 100% sure.

  479. Please help me out of this …I am a 19 years old girl.I had sex with 5 guys out of which two where already married. They all had licked my pussy and i had given blow job to all of them. I was totally in a dream girl as my parents were dead leaving me a lot of money. But now i know how foolish i was . Now my relatives are planning to find a guy for me…I am afraid will i get aids if i do sexual intercourse with my husband as i already had done with many. Please advice like what should i do and care in the future

  480. I im 26,i am really really worried.i have a boyfriend ive been dating for a year. A mnth ago i had a one nite stand with my ex which i heard afterwads has aids. 3weeks after the encounter i went 4 a test and obviously it showed negative,im just reali worried.i had sex with my boyfriend twice after that.feel like taking my life already,dont know what to do,please pleas help. Anon55

  481. I was exposed bout 2months ago and took a test after 3weeks of the encounter.this guy is my ex but slept with him only this once after we broke up.i have a boyfriend and i slept with him twice after this encounter which is very irresponsible,im scared to go for my 3month test.please pleas help me.i lost weight but dont know if its because ive been stressing so much about it cant concentrate and hardly eat the way im worried bout my current boyfriend aswell. Thank you in advance

  482. who can give advise on my problem. i and my fiance had been dating for over a year and a month now, i came to discover from her test that her ex sent her that he was HIV positive and that she should go for her test. on hearing this i was not happy knowing that i few days before i discovered she was positive i had a cut in my penis and we had had sex like thrice, though we have been having Sex for over a year now. i went for HIV screening and my result came out Negative, her was positive. i have gone for the test twice and the result still came out negative. but my fear is am having all this symptoms that is making me scared, symptoms like weakness, headache, sore throat, fever, burning sensation on my genital and shaking in my inside, though i don’t no if these are due to the antibiotics am taking to treat other ailment. i have gone for a CD4 count and waiting for the result on monday. am dead worried cause the chance is slim if am not infected. i still have another test in 6 month. who have any advise?

  483. i have had unprotected sexual intercourse with someone who i don’t their status in February but since last weak i hv been experiencing loss of appetite,weight loss some thrush in my mouth together with some weakness and fever like symptoms…….i hav been too stressed over these to the extent that i have been experiencing some sleeplessness….

  484. Shalom christopher

    I had sex wit a guy i dont know too well for about 5minutes but he didnt release inside so scared,is there any possibility of me getting infected with Hiv.i need help.

  485. hi. i had unprotected sex with the same girl at the same time as my mate who had just come back from bali last week that slept with 9 different women from all over the world. if he was to have caught hiv from over there, how likely is it that he could have passed it to the girl’s vagina then i catch it because we both had unprotected sex with her? he hadn’t cum in her either. please help as im very woried

  486. hi. i had unprotected sex with the same girl at the same time as my mate who had just come back from bali last week that slept with 9 different women from all over the world. if he was to have caught hiv from over there, how likely is it that he could have passed it to the girl’s vagina then i catch it because we both had unprotected sex with her? he hadn’t cum in her either. please help as im very worried

  487. I really lyk this site for the information it provides. I wil inform my fellow friends about this.

  488. i slept with a girl during sexaul intercourse the condom broke up we never noticed till the end of it…the next day i was feeling sick…i dnt know if it could lead to hiv….course i went to the hospital and doctor said i was having high typhoid…am scared and i need answers

  489. Hi chris i would really like a reply from you please!

  490. i have been meaning to have sex with a girl who is a non virgin..i am a virgin….she only had unprotected sex with one guy before me… but almost countless times for a year…. till he cheated her and they broke up…

    now she and me are engaged……

    I need to know if i can have unprotected sex with her for the rest of my life without problems….she and me never got any sexual diseases & she is in great shape…….

    Pls HELP ME…..i dont like using condoms……..and will it pain when i have sex first time???? my skin below my foreskin on my penis is very sensitive and pains if i touch it…. i am not circumcised…….i wont be able to circumcise either…..PLS HELP ITS my life’s question…….i really wanna have sex with my girl….but not with fear and doubts in my mind about our health…..

  491. Oh and i’m 21 and she is 24……..

  492. I am a 19 year old female who had unprotected vaginal/oral intercourse with a black male in San Francisco who I found out is bi-sexual. I am very worried and was wondering if anyone had some kind of statistic on the chances of contracting HIV. Thanks

  493. hey I just wana check how many guys who wrote here where really infected??
    My situation that ” I always did unprotected sex with my gf but from about 2 weeks ago i started using condoms and there’s only a one time i did without a condom for about 10 sec and it was during here periodd.Can you tell me a fact about my situation??

  494. If you had sex with a guy twice and say he has the virus can I get infected even though he didn’t came inside me?

  495. Ii recently had sex with a girl and I am afriad because I was stroking her and the condom broke but I pulled out very quickly am I. At risk of hiv or stds of some sort because I pulled out super quick

  496. I had unprotected sex with a girl but immediately after sex i felt like we should test, i sweet talked her and managed to go for testing in one hour after the act. She was positive and i was negative, but am really scared to the extent that i no onger sleep. Please advise me, thank you

  497. Sir main agar ek hi women ke saath sex karta hu our use hiv nahi hai uska husbend bhi usi sex sex kare to kya hiv ke chance jayada hai pahle unprotected sex kiye hai par ab nahi karta..plz reply me plz..plz

  498. Sorry i could not understand your language

  499. i have been meaning to have sex with a girl who is a non virgin..i am a virgin….she only had unprotected sex with one guy before me… but almost countless times for a year…. till he cheated her and they broke up…

    now she and me are engaged……

    I need to know if i can have unprotected sex with her for the rest of my life without problems….she and me never got any sexual diseases & she is in great shape…….

    Pls HELP ME…..i dont like using condoms……..and will it pain when i have sex first time???? my skin below my foreskin on my penis is very sensitive and pains if i touch it…. i am not circumcised…….i wont be able to circumcise either…..PLS HELP ITS my life’s question…….i really wanna have sex with my girl….but not with fear and doubts in my mind about our health…..Oh and i’m 21 and she is 24….someone pls answer…..









  501. I had sex with a guy bareback he didnt do me but I did him. I asked him if he was hiv pos and he said NOOO but later I found out through a friend he is how can I find out if he is or not? What are my chances in getting hiv?

  502. Ihave sex with a guy a week ago and the condom break it was my first time having sex with him•do u think I may be hiv positive if he is•

  503. Even thought he didn’t came in me

  504. hi what a person’s chances of getting HIV if they had unprotected sex with 6 different person over the last three years???

  505. I had a sexual relationship with 3 different girls, and all have been done unprotected sex, the girls were not infected. nor I. my 1st sex was done with my 1st girlfriend, in April 2009, n I continued with her, till Dec 2009, there was some gaps too. then, we broke up. In 2011, I have a relationship with a married women, I have sex with her only once, unprotected. And At last, I have a relationship with my new girlfriend. I have sex with her only once too in March, 2012. I was also unprotected sex. So, plz tell me, what is the chances of getting infected. And i know, i’ve done this foolishly. Bt i will never done this again in my life. But I will marry one day. so, another question is dat, will i ever have a good sexual life with my wife? and If we need kids, we have to do unprotected sex. so, is it safe? plz tell me

  506. Hi. I am going to have sex with a guy I just met over a social network, we are going to have unprotected sex , and he says his clean, I know I am clean! I want to know what will happen if he cums in and I then after suck the remain sperm of his dick, what’s the risk?

    Please help

    • Tommy Lee, and anyone else considering unprotected sex with anyone other than a committed monogamous partner. I have a wonderful girlfriend of over 1 year, who I recently cheated on with a very risky streetwalker. This was after a long night and day of drinking heavily. For a brief moment I utterly lost my mind and decided to take off the condom because it would “feel” better, after which i put the condom back on thinking my risk would be low. Now I am infected and have infected my fiance….This was less than 3 weeks ago, and am awaiting a confirming Western blot after getting a positive ELISA. She is currently going through several classic symptoms and all I feel is a deep sadness and shame, coupled with some fatigue and thrush.
      I let my guard down and now I will have to pay for it for the rest of my life, worse of it all is knowing how badly it will hurt my girl. The anxiety of the last 2 weeks has been so draining, my PCR test results will be in soon and I honestly feel resigned to a life of HIV. Maybe me and my girl can have some kind of life together after this, if some how she finds a way to forgive me I hope to be everything to her I am capable of. Practice safe sex please.

  507. Eish this is very difficult .im worried so much with this topic

  508. I had unprotected sex with a guy six years ago around the same time i started having sex with my girlfriend. She had a baby and an HIV test during the baby and another test about two years ago. What are the chances that I have HIV?

  509. umar | May 17, 2012 at 7:49 am | Reply

    I had unprotected sex with a girl but immediately after sex i felt like we should test, i sweet talked her and managed to go for testing in one hour after the act. She was positive and i was negative, but am really scared to the extent that i no onger sleep. Please advise me, thank you
    I am reallly worried because the kind of Flue i have is abnormal, its water that comes out of my nose. Is that the kind of flue for HIV and AIDS?

  510. i had sex with 3 guys with and without a days i’m having lot of discharge n some times etching.i want to know weather is it a symptom of HIV/AIDS???plzzzz reply me

  511. i had sex with an hiv positive person and as i took my penis out the condom was left inside her vigina. what are the chances of me being hiv positive as her is on medication

  512. if i have sex with a girl who is having a period can i be infactted with hiv aiids

  513. im a 20yo straigh male in a long term relationship, the other night after too much drinking i ended up having sex with a 27 yo male i dont know , this is the first time ive ever had sex with a male , i stupidly dident wear a condom.
    I am streessss Wayy out and need some peace of mind,
    i have been feeling sick , and have been sweating alot latly since it happend
    also i have some pain/discomfert in my penis i am TERRIFIED that i may have contracted Hiv or another life threatening disese.I went to get checked today they only took a pee sample so idk what to do im a mess right now.
    i also live with my longterm girlfriend so im even more stressed when shes around me because nto only am i keepin a secret from her but i may also have somthing that would deffinitly effect our relationship for the worse. I neeeeeed helppp pleaseee!

  514. i m 35/m married,from last 2 years i m having affair with married woman whose husband is working abroad.Unfortunately last week i met my ex girlfriend and had unprotected sex.Again last week i met unknown girl and had protected sex.After which i m still having unprotected sex with both my wife and girlfriend.Recently isome rashes have appeared on my penis which is not painfull and it is not itching too, but both my girlfriend and my wife are complaining me that they are also having similar kind of rashes in there vagina but it is itching on it the sign of aids or do we have chance of getting aids.plz advice me

  515. I have sex with an escort, protected sex with latex condom since the begging actually the sexual act only involve 1 position for 4 min and all the sudden we stop a felt liquid, i thought it was her cum, but it wasn’t, it was blood probably her period came so immediately abort the mission and went to wash my hands cause the palm of my hands had some blood, didn’t have any cuts on it, then clean around my penis with water before to remove the condom, the condom was on all the way to the base of the penis, when done cleaning around my penis finally removed the condom and left. The condom never broke or slip out at all, but the palm of my hands have some blood, would be a good idea to start a prophylactic treatment before 36 hrs of exposure, I don’t know if this girl has HIV or not? should i start prophylactic treatment?????????????

  516. Omg! Aids is real!

  517. From reading all these stories, we can all learn one thing…. WRAP YOUR TOOL! Just look at how everyone is freaking out when it could’ve been avoided. Much Love!

  518. I slept with an hiv women many times she recently found out she’s positive, so should I be certain that I am positive and how big are the chances of me getting infected?

  519. i met someone who gave me crystal meth and it made me wonna have sex with him. i didnt know anyhting about him except that he was a meth addict then we went to my house we did more meth and had 5 hours of unprotected sex, unprotected oral and he came inside of me because i did have no logic during that time. he then left and i have asthma and i was breathing heavily and thought it was my astham cause i smoked a lot of cigarettes then i experienced one panic attack felt like my body froze and i was having a heart attack and my insidess were gonna explode and all my face was numb! i was screaming! the severe chest pain stopped for 30 minutes and i called someone to take me to hospital and then it happened again at hospital (first time i use meth i didnt even know what it was i live in a small city in a small island ). i told them i had excessive alcohol and my asthma got worse and also i had a panic attack… they put me something to calm me down but it didnt work. they then injected me with a relaxing agent i dont know what it was but they told me they werent supposed to give it to me. then my palms stopped their involuntarily bending and my breathing became bettter. anyway 3 days after i developed fever aroun 37.5 extreme fatigue and then in the 4th day anal fissure with extreme pain and broken glass feeling when passing stool. my fever is here for 4 days and my groin lymph nodes are swollen and painful if i add pressure. the pain in my ass is unbearable and i went to a pediatric cause its a weekend and i didnt know anyone but i ddint tell them anything about having sex or crystal meth i just told them i had strong stool that caused me to have extreme pain after the panic attack… anyway he told me its an infection iin the bowels but could this be hiv infection or is it because i have a bleeding that allows bacteria to enter ? please help me…. im so confused… my symptoms started 2 days after exposure and its been 4 days now and the anal fissure pain started on the 4th day but the thing is im afraid that the panic attacks stopped my immune system and i was quickly infected by hiv or any other virus.. he said he was chacked in january and he was clear but i know he is a crystal meth addict and now that i know what thiat is im really scared since it makes you have unprotected sex all the time!

  520. Ma frend had unprotected sex with a prostitute last night. I wana know that what are the chances of him getting hiv and since he had sex last nyt, and its not yet 24hrs, is there any kind of medication to act fast so that he doesn’t gets infected?

  521. hi, i been dating a guy for 3 months and we been having anal sex, i only just discovered he has had hiv for 3 years and never told me about this, went for a test and it came back -ve, then i was put on anti retroviral for 30days, as we had sex the night before. i am so scared as we had sex about 8 times in this period, i am cut and it was insertive. what are the chances i might have the virus in me?

  522. Hi, I had sex with prostitute with condom for 20 minutes and later while i was ejecting i put my penis inside the prostitute for 5 to 10 seconds without condom but i realised and then masturbated on her and then took shower and peed. I know i made mistake Can any one please let me know what are my chances. After 3 days my left foot started ticklish in continued for a week. And now yesterday(after 8 days of exposure) my upper body is acing and felt restless. I am very much worried and most of the office time i spend searching on HIV and possible way of transmission. Now i plan to go for Gonorrhea,Chlamydia and Syphilis after 14 days of exposure this Saturday. My question if my test results comes -ve for the STDs can i assume I am moving on right directions. please help.

    • firstly i am sorry to hear ,whats going on u. are u sure if she was an hiv infected or not?? if yes,viral load on her,ur hygienic condition..etc depends whether u r going to be infected or not.if she is in her meditation than the chances of geeting is rare.i think u r not affected by the scenario u described … symptoms do not occur so fast within 3 or 10 days … may rather due to some other factors than hiv…have checked n be happy

  523. When do they count the three months, is it exactly on the 90days or during the elapse of three months to the fourth months. I was exposed and i tested negative on exact day of my Three Months.

  524. can an infected person cause you hiv when u have open wounds and not have sex?

  525. hiii
    actually i want to know this thing tht i have made a sex with an unknwn girl but suddenely my condom breakdown bt i havent released my sperm than i m in a risk of having HIV

  526. I have a question, i had unprotected sex with my partner but only twice the same night. Am I at great risk of having hiv. however this is the only time i ever had unprotected sex.

  527. please reply

    • yeah it is possible……… if she is surely infected with hiv but also may many factor may depend on u to be infected such as her viral load ,ur health condition,also may other

    • yeah u may be at the risk of hiv if she is surely an hiv infected……but it also depend on viral load on her,health condition of both of the partners

  528. Is it possible dat the women has no AIDS.IN one night two men went to have sex with dat women.the first men who had HIV positive has done sex with dat women. At the same time second men with no AIDS HAS ALSO done sex with dat same now my question is is it sure the second men with no AIDS will get infected.

  529. I have sex with condom though the comdom did not cover the whole penis and after some days i begin to feel havy around man srotals and uper part of the penis it a sign of any infaction including HIV

  530. I had done a sex with a african black girl without condom.I had sex with her 24 August 2012 after 4 days.She went to checkup her HIV status.The result came HIV Negative 1/2.That’s means she will not be HIP deceased.May I would be safe from HIV.please help me.

  531. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for a year. I found out 3 months ago he had been cheating on me with several women. What are the chances I could have contracted HIV from him?

  532. i have sex with my wife so many times i dnt use condom….. so is it risky for both of us?????

  533. Hey my name is Harris. I had sex with a widow of two kids, which I later found out. Prior to this I never had sex before barring an oral from a prostitute in Germany with a condom on. I was healthy before this encounter and she claimed that all her health checks were done and she was not infected. I did had sex with her, without a condom, but ejaculated on her breasts after vaginal intercourse for about 2 minutes. Since I had intercourse I have been feeling extremely guilty and and have had an itchy throat, sore eyes and lack of energy, the very next day that I got up. My question is, can you get HIV from someone who is not infected when you yourself do not carry the virus, and if yes, then how is it possible? I just want to assess as to whether what happened a couple of days ago was safe or not. ( For the most part, we kissed, and I sucked her breasts ferociously and fingered her. Vaginal intercourse lasted for only 2 minutes maximum, before I ejaculated on her tits)

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  536. Can i catch HIV from a threesome? It was unprotected, are the chances high? I did nothing with him.

  537. I slept with an hiv positive lady who s viral load is undetectable 6 times and I have a cut on my pennis so can she infect me ?

  538. hi chris,
    about 6 weeks ago i had unprotected sex on a drunken one night stand with some girl, the day after she was angry at what had happened and left so i presume she had an STD and didnt tell me. That day i had redness under my foreskin, smelt fishy and sticky mucus appeared. Since then i have had many symptoms like nausea tiredness and im worried sick! started to get pain in my ribs now which is making me worry even more havent slept and just wondered if having all these symptoms is a sign i have caught HIV? thanks


    Hi Chris
    I feel like I wanna die now. I am in a very tricky situation.I ave been dating this girl for 1and half years we have never had sex and wasnt aware of her positive status.On the 16th of december 2012 we went out and at first i ejaculated outside.i inSERTED my penis and ejaculate just after about 30 seconds.I later wore a condom then we lasted about 3 minutes.She is a girlfriend…………. and listen I have a wife.After about 5 days she called me and told me she was positive.I went for tests on the 31st of december and was negative.i didnt have the guts to tell my wife but was lucky to use protection till she had her contraception ready.Iam stressed because i might have infected my wife and my nursing son in the process.I am waiting for final tests in April..Believe me Iam so so so much stressed.I wish I die.

  540. I only put my pennis and removed it it possible to be infected that way?

  541. can any body tell me if me and my patner ar in relation and cn do oral sex only she and me every tym without usind barrier is it risky plss tell me becozz i like it very much

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  543. I had no wounds on my penis,im also uncircumcised i had two unprotected sex with a person i later discovered that is H.I.V positive ,i dont know now is it possible for me to get infected by the H.i.v virius

  544. i have sex with 2 girls….in last 2 years without condom……but neither of us having HIV…… are there is any chance of getting infection of HIV?….plz answer……i m in great dilemma


    ANNONYMOUS -ZIMBABWE | January 7, 2013 at 1:50 pm | Reply

    Hi Chris
    I feel like I wanna die now. I am in a very tricky situation.I ave been dating this girl for 1and half years we have never had sex and wasnt aware of her positive status.On the 16th of december 2012 we went out and at first i ejaculated outside.i inSERTED my penis and ejaculate just after about 30 seconds.I later wore a condom then we lasted about 3 minutes.She is a girlfriend…………. and listen I have a wife.After about 5 days she called me and told me she was positive.I went for tests on the 31st of december and was negative.i didnt have the guts to tell my wife but was lucky to use protection till she had her contraception ready.Iam stressed because i might have infected my wife and my nursing son in the process.I am waiting for final tests in April..Believe me Iam so so so much stressed.I wish I die.


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  549. Am afraid am dating a hiv aids positive guy but whom i luv so not sure of my future please help.

  550. Hi,

    I met this gal some months back n we decided to do it. We romanced for a while and in the course of trying it, she resisted, though my genital had touched hers n I could feel some wetness while having her pants on, but I didn’t penetrate. Later she stopped me n confess she was HIV positive. I bcame scared n asked her if she wanted to scare me away wit such news, but she proved she was serious. We had to stop.

    I bcame so worried, thinking I’ve caught d Virus, through kissing/romance. Also, d following day, I started feeling some sensations/itches around my testes.

    1. Does this mean I’ve contracted d virus or could it be STDs.
    2. Can kissing/exchange of saliva lead to it?
    2. What do u suggest I do?

  551. Mind u, I wasn’t using a condom….

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  553. Trouble

    Hi , i am very much afraid , i just visited Japan , i met a girl in a club she was good looking and very much attracted toward me , we had couple of beers together and then she ask me to take to my hotel , i took and then i removed her cloths she said me without condom she will not have sex as she was drunk and even me , i just inserted and in about 30 second i cum on her stomach , then i had another round which last ffor 2 mins i guess yeah even that i did not cum inside her .

    Now i dont know anything abt the girl , am really afraid about STD or AIDS please help me , no flu , no skin rash , no symptom now 4 week had passed .

    My question is that i never had sex she was the first girl i ever had , allso i dont knw abt her so is there any chances for HIV or AIDS please afriad i ll commit suicide if i came to know that i am infected .. please help me

  554. I had unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman, for the first day I did just once, next time she came to my room and we did sex for the whole night using condoms and I washed my penis every trip, but the last action she suckled my penis for sitimulation before doing sex whereby I wore the condom as well. I conviced her to have HIV tes but she worried a lot and when I took her blood for hiv test, she was infected! It pained me a lot. Is there any possibility that she didn’t infect me?