Can I get HIV/AIDS by sharing of clothes with an infected person?

Why it that AIDS is not spread through sharing clothes? (MUGABIRE GERLAD)

Response from Parkhurt Justin (D. Phil)

Dear Mugabire Gerlad

The HIV virus spreads through only a few specific ways. It is present in particular body fluids, including blood and fluids related to sex for men and women. It can also only be obtained with direct contact of these fluids, and not through skin contact. As such, clothing will not have the risk fluids on them, and even if a small amount does exist (if there is a small amount of blood, for example), it would probably not spread through the skin. This is why sharing clothing (and sharing other items) is not seen to be risky.

Response from Dr. Brondi Luciana

Dear Gerlad,

The reason for that is because a few conditions need to be met before

HIV transmission occurs:

  • The HIV virus needs to be present in sufficient amounts in a person’s body fluid before it is transmitted. The concentration of HIV virus is very low in the sweat, tears, saliva and urine. The concentration is high in the blood or semen and in vaginal secretions, and breast milk. The virus concentration is medium in anal secretions.
  • The HIV virus needs to get into the bloodstream. If you just touch the infected fluid with your healthy unbroken skin, you will not get the infection. Your skin, when healthy and intact provides a very good barrier and stops the virus from entering your body. The HIV virus can only cross this barrier if you have an open cut or wound or if it crossed through your mucous membranes (example: mouth, eyes, genitals, anus, and rectum.)

22 responses to “Can I get HIV/AIDS by sharing of clothes with an infected person?

  1. Thank God for this Q&A. I am HIV positive with two young boys and I was so afraid of transmitting it to them through laundry and stuff like that, but thank God it is rare for that to happen.

  2. Hello everyone,
    The question that wories me, is that if i kiss a girl with HIV/AIDS will tha be detrimental my health or a risk to me?Because i have a friend whom i love with this virus, doing things together apart from having sex either prtective or none protective.I just want to make her happy,that’s why i am asking you to help me out.

  3. malime micheal

    Dear Joseph,kissing your girl friend who is HIV positive and has AIDS puts you at high risk of catching AIDS.This is because if that girlfriend develops signs of wounds on her mouth , you may stand a high chance.

    However you need also to go for an HIV test. This will help to know your status.

  4. My husband gave someone first aid at work. The person had falen and had a cut on their forehead. My husband did not touch the open wound without gloves. He did however touch the person’s shoulder. When the person informed my husband that they are HIV positive, he took his gloves off and noticed that he had gotten blood on his finger (the nail bed and cuticle). He thinks that the blood may have gotten there when he touched the person’s shoulder. I was wondering what the chances are that transmission has occurred.
    He is scared that transmission may have occurred. Any inforamtion that you can provide would be greatly helpful.

  5. Hi friends,
    I have habit of masturbating by using someone else clothes(panty or bra) and by rubbing in my penis.Will i get HIV if the cloth is contains semen and its not dried.

  6. My second question is that if i rub panty of a women (containing semen and the semen has not dried) with my penis tip for ejaculation and sexual pleasure ,then will the AIDS virus go to my body from penis tip.

  7. Hi there! I am joey and i have a girl Friend with the HIV virus. My question is she not having any wound around her mouth, what will happen if i kiss her? We both have be having romance together but i am just afraid to kiss her and she always want a kiss from me each time we do the romance. I have never kissed her for over this years she conterminated the deases. Please help before i get into trouble. N.B she is not having any cut or wounds around her lips. Thank You.

  8. hi one person(male) masturbated to me if he had aids what is the possibility of coming aids to me.He did not do any oral sex.only masturbation.He touched starting of my penis with his finger.
    please give me the answer

  9. No rohith.u wont get aids.avoid such acts in the min of pleasure may risk ur life ..good luck

  10. do i get infected by HIV if a girl throw up a banana from her pussy and the banana touches my jeans ?

  11. My girlfriend is affected. Can i get that HIV via kiss and romance?

  12. If a man masturbated on a Womans pants & he ejaculated & seman got on the womans pants & I masturbated on that same womans pants about 45 minutes later & the hole of my penis touches that mans dry seman can I get H.I.V?

  13. If a man masturbated on a Womans pants while she was wearing it & he ejaculated & seman got on the womans pants & I masturbated on that same womans pants about 45 minutes later & the hole of my penis touches that mans dry seman can I get H.I.V?

  14. yeah probably you will die, sorry man.

  15. who knows, some say fucking aids dies after being outside human body ,and most of people believes that, but with all these fucking diseases evolving all the time, who can tell if the virus has started to become thougher and maybe stays alive more time outside the body. just go and check your health with a medic, period.

  16. Its very sad to see how people write comments that are so rude and hurtful to ones that have HIV. This is a mature matter and not some joke to ask such stupid questions and others reply in very ignorantly!

    • If there any risk my gf get hiv virus if someone by mistake cum in her jeans ( he have hiv positive ) and she wear it after 1 min . Plz help me and thx

  17. i went to barber shop for shaving of my head and spa, after shaving, there was bleeding from some spot, during spa he used some cream, to wipe off the cream, he used foam (which is used for making sofa, what are chances of getting infection with this method ?

  18. Pls answer me if some one touch her vagina and finger inside and rightafter she started to give masterbation with the same fingers then in this case hiv transmitted.

    Awaiting ur immediate response.


  19. can we get HIV through superficial cuts?? (example- cuts due to nail biting)

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