HIV/AIDS and animals: Can they catch it?

Why do people get HIV/AIDS but not animals yet their also play sex? BUKYABUBI ABBEY FROM MUSITA P/S

Response from Parkhurst, Justin (D.Phil)
Dear Bukyabubi Abbey,

Animals and Humans get different diseases sometimes; there are some that we have which they do not, and some which they get which we do not.
HIV stands for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (notice the first word, Human). Viruses are very specific sometimes, and will adapt to the specific type of animal they infect. HIV is therefore a human virus.
Some animal viruses are similar to HIV, however. Some primates (like monkeys or chimpanzees) can get a virus called SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) – that virus is similar to HIV, but specifically adapted for those animals. So just because an animal plays sex does not mean it gets HIV/AIDS – there has to be a specific type of virus affecting that specific type of animal for it to be possible.

Response from Dr.Luciana:

One of the theories about the origins of HIV suggests that the virus was transmitted to humans by animals. Exposure of humans to blood when hunting or butchering meat from animals could be a possible transmission route. According to this theory, monkeys and chimpanzees were the first animals to be contaminated with a virus similar to HIV but specific to primates (monkeys, chimpanzes, etc). This virus is called SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) and according to this theory after infecting humans several times it managed to give origin to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The SIV virus was transmitted between primates through sex as well.


54 responses to “HIV/AIDS and animals: Can they catch it?

  1. If the Immunodeficiency Virus adapts to its host Human and Animal alike. Can it be passed from human to animal by way of blood?? and is there research to support??

    • what is meaning of the word immuno,deficiency and virus

    • It cant. Yes. Hiv is a code. Not a living organism. Like this messege, it was written to adapt to humans. And that code is very strict. When it enters another host, the temperature and environment affect it so much, that it just deletes itself. It doesnt continue writing more codes or virus.

      • I thoroughly enjoyed your explanation to why HIV is a “human disease”. especialy where you say:HIV is a code, Like this message, it was written to adapt to humans”. Beautiful.
        Thank you.

  2. if animal can’t contact HIV/AIDS and that means there is a cure that can cure this disease but the problem is that here in Nigeria they are no good facility for this cause firstly is know as Human Immunodeficiency Virus but there are some animal that have the same capability with human e.g rabbit cause most cases before any drugs are been uses it usually been tested with this animal
    am suggesting if this disease or virus affected human organ or blood and scared of animal so am very such there is an anti anti cure for the virus
    (a virus is a disease to another virus)

  3. Thank you D.Phil and Dr.Luciana

  4. I believe that one day we are going to get prevention. Around the glob there are people who are conducting clinicals triel about the methods of prevention. We need to pray for those people and the participats who are taking part in those triels.


  6. solomon clement okpara

    thank God for the gift of life and i know that whatever that has a beginning must have an end and the end has come for this devil called HIV/AIDS.

  7. Thank you for the informative reading, just one comment see the following extract “Chimpanzees are the only nonhuman animals with a healthy immune system who can be infected with HIV-1, the cause of most cases of AIDS. Of approximately a hundred chimpanzees infected with HIV-1 over a ten year period, only two have become sick. The experimenters have thus far failed to inform the public how closely the disease states of these two chimpanzees resemble human AIDS.”
    Which statement is correct?


  9. hello
    i want to know details on HIV as I am working with NGO who gives the awareness on cancer and hiv. so i need details of it so that i can give the proper guideline to the students to save our future generation.
    thanks and regards

  10. Why cant mosquito transfer HIV & AID

    • Eventhough hiv is strong and very adaptable to its host, it cannot survive for long outside the body or a 98° degree envirnoment. Itll quickly delete itself. Since it isnt alive, its nothing more than a code, sort to say, it cant rewrite itself to be in harsh tempratures.

  11. Only Monkey family can get HIV? yes? but why? Didn’t HIV come from an animal in southern Africa? Isn”t that how It came too america????????!!??

    • Uhm. No. Actualy every family in the animal kindom has its own anti immunity virus, animals cant get your hiv, because hiv isnt alive, its a code, thats why its a virus like the ones on your computer. The way to cure it is for it to delete itself. And no it didnt come on animal, noone knows where it came from. And given the information i gave you, its highly unlikely for it to be transfered from animal to human. And thats why the cure is so hard to find.

  12. Why haven’t scientists found a cure for hiv? I mean they discovered lots of things like this computer I am Typeing on so why can’t they find some kind of medication to help people with HIV????????:0

    • I have the same question at times too. I am hiv positive, and well ive studied the virus most of my for fear getting it and well some jerk gave it to me anyway. And well to answer your question, the cure is there. They plan on exposing it in 2015, becaues they are doing testings to see if itll delete every type of hiv adaptable to human. So it just one cure, not many like hiv medication.

  13. I so much love the information and awareness given so far.Since it possible to get SIV from animals transformed to HIV in human,then,there should be solution from other animals. Some animals have stronger immune system than humans.

  14. If that is true why don’t we cought by Aids when we were eating meat from animals directly without cooking?

    • No. Because the virus dies if what youre eating is cold. When you die, when an animal dies, when anything dies, they become 37‘ farenheit, or below. So the virus will die.

  15. My dog has never had sex before and a female dog was brought for him and he refused sex with her, so i was trying to force him on her, i ave done it 3times now and I been touching his sperm. Please tell me is there any chance of me being infected.

    • Does your dog have CIV? And if you havent read, humans cant get canine immunity virus. You are not a canine.

  16. But y wait 4 2015 when pple r dying?

    • You know, I ask myself the same question. And my conclusion always is, its because the government would rather see people pay for meds, than get cured. Bullshit no?

      • But meds are free for people with hiv, so i’m sure if their is a tested cure out there it would cost the government less than the lots of diff meds hiv suffer’s have to take now

      • The government doesnt pay for meds, organizations do. Adap, and behiv. And all of those organizations you hear about do. The government doesnt pay shit. It doesnt care for the people. The government only cares for money.

  17. It is true that animals do not have rhesus factor that is why they cant contract hiv?


    hiii friend its funny when i am reading this comments
    i am happy i dont get aids through eating animals ,because we kill them so virus will die.and i want say one thing some scientist implements or find some medicine to cure for HIV evry one will happy but after there will be secure for womens in some places .so think twice and decide to give the medicine to people.

    sorry in above i said some wrong as be secure this is wrong it is not be secure for womens in some countries . thankyou

  20. does human & monkey cd4 system is similar

  21. is hiv virus live in buffallows

  22. i’m from Nigeria and i believe i can make a cure for HIV since it can’t affects animal there must be something in their cells that makes them immune to it

    • Dear Hallaleye Olusanya,

      Animals can’t get HIV, because they’re not human. It’s called, Human Immunity-deficiency Virus, so it had nothing to do with animals, they’re not the answer to the cure or the spread.


      • That wasnt her point. Her point was the fact that hiv does not survive in animals there must be something in the animals immune system that kills the hiv virus. So knowing what exactly in the animals body that kills hiv will lead to a cure.
        And yes animals do get hiv if injected into them but the animals antibodies kills the hiv thats why it doesnt survive in animals.

  23. Ay person screwed with a monkey and its as simple as that. WAKE UP!

  24. The hiv viruse cannot live in other animal apart from human. This is because the cells that they live on for survival can only ber found in human. This cell is called red blood cell . So now ask yourself can human live at place where there is no food ? Probably no. How then is it possible for viruse to live in an organism that they will not get food to eat, its impossible.

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  27. Why did not HIV/AIDS catch to human but not animals

  28. No…

  29. is there not any method of blocking its reproducing path by using a drugs?

  30. Very good description on aids and how it is not affective on animals but science is a unbelievable thing and if the aids virus evolves well animals my be exposed.

  31. Soundara Pandiyan

    If a man sex with a cow 2 or 3 times, it will spread hiv virus?

  32. Can people is infected by cow sex

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