Rashes in Private Parts

Why do other people get rashes in their private parts? Is one of the causes having many women? Sharif, Primary Six

Response from Parkhurst, Justin (D.Phil):
Dear Sharif
A health worker can tell you more about this; however, there can be many reasons for rashes in someone’s private parts. Some sexually transmitted infections can cause it, and if someone has sex with many women this will greatly increase the chances of catching one of those infections. Other non-sexual infections may also lead to this, so if you are concerned about a specific problem I would recommend you see a doctor or health worker about it.

Response from Dr.Brondi Luciana:

Dear Sharif,
There are different reasons for getting a rash in your genitals. One of the reasons could be having a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) since some STIs can produce rash in the genital area. People who have sex with more than one person can get STI more easily. If you or a friend developed a rash in the genital area, you should go to a clinic and get checked by a medical professional (doctor, nurse or medical officer) to exclude an STI.

STIs are usually easy to treat


23 responses to “Rashes in Private Parts

  1. i don’t have a rash on my clotiris but it is very swollen and irritated and itches very badly what is going on

  2. My clotiris is not ithy but the sides are ithy.

  3. you need to see a gynecologist to get proper diagnosis….

  4. I have redness on the shaft of my penis on the left side just below the Head in 2 spots. One is about the size of a dime and the other is much smaller. The skin around my testicles is red and sometimes feels irritated. No spots, bumps, or itching. Been treated for NGU and everything else is negative. Doctors/Dermatologists arent sure whats wrong. Tried products for yeast infection, dermatitis, and chaffing. What could this be? I received unprotected oral sex 6 months ago and this is what I was left with. It is painful most days of the week. She had a BF shortly after our time that night and he was fine.

  5. thz iz the most horrible thing i can every here eof in my life, come now people with aids scary

  6. Pennicilin cream is best solve for rashes

  7. Plz help me i have dis small iching rush inside mi virgina n its so irritating,i nvr had sumting like dis bfr.

  8. i have rash in my privert part.what is the cause and what should i do?coz its irritating.

  9. pliz help l have this small rush on my vigina it iching and iritating sometimes

  10. What happen when it pet rashes in a privatd part every time

  11. I Once Had Sex But Am Havin Rush Its Itching & Irritating Plz Help Me

  12. What are the symptoms of HIV?

  13. i have iching in my varginity and it seems like i will have rash. i tried several times to be treated at the clinic but it will vanish 2 or 3 months then come again now i don”t know what is the couse of this thing?and where can i find help.

  14. rash under private part is caused by sharing sharp instruments.,am judex

  15. Lubowa Muhammed

    i have rashes on my private parts and it itches me badly what can be the best treatment for me please doctor prescribe for me because am feeling alot of pain.

  16. my problem is that after i. have shaved my private part (viganah )i gt this kind of pimples so i did all the test to check the problem so the answer that i gt it says that they say is natural to us wonen coz we are using panty liners n pads so the problem it might be them

  17. i have rash in private part and it really itches and I last slept with a guy on January

  18. I have rashes on my genitals which are so itchy irritative.sometime they appear like ringworms and they tend to make my private parts ashy or soapy roughness.pliz advise me what this sickness could be and the best medication.

  19. Gud day pages I like to ask dis “if ur parter she fill irritate on a private parts like rashes what should we do in inoder to prevent dat ”

  20. I have a rash inside of my Virginia a it hurts

  21. My girlfriend also get that rash on her private parts,and I also had a drop last month what can be the cause of it. To clarify myself I don’t sleep around


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